The big winner on Super Tuesday Was Clinton

The Democratic Primary produced a clear delegate lead for Clinton who by some counts is almost half way to the nomination unlike the GOP which went to Trump but less overwhelmingly. It is all about delegates. Trump supporters were hoping that he would have a third of what he needed so they could claim inevitability. He is strong. I expect when the counting is in that he will have more than 300 of the 1236 which is a very good position. Cruz out performed and will have between 180 and 200. Rubio kept it close and won MN. He seems to be around 100 which means he needs to do well this weekend or surely win Florida. He is rising in the tracking polls there and may win unless Trump and Christie can pull a Scott endorsement. The Republicans who are not Trump supporters have to be frustrated because no clear alternative emerged. Cruz may have won 3 states if Alaska joins Texas and Oklahoma. He should have won Arkansas, but the bad blood his campaign engendered between Huckabee loyalists may have cost him the couple of points that he needed. Still delegate wise he did well there. Rubio will no longer be dogged about winning somewhere. He got 16 VA delegates to Trumps 17. Won Minnesota. Was strong in every region and every state. Cruz is now in second, but Rubio is second in more states with an easier path to consolidation. That is bad news for non Trump supporters because it keeps both in. Kasich understandably wants to win Ohio. His presence hurts Rubio who polling shows would gain Kasich’s votes 95 to 3. Not having Kasich would have tipped 3 states at a minimum to Rubio over Trump and made him very close in the delegate race for the night elsewhere.

The Democrats shift to areas more friendly to Sanders. Sanders cannot win anywhere in the deep south. He did win in a border state OK. He lost MA which was big psychologically though the delegate count was close. Sanders did win most of the other states not in the South which bodes well for him as the race shifts. He won VT with 86% of the vote. Clinton won several states with over 70%. She came out of Super Tuesday with at least a 200 delegate padding which will be difficult for him to overcome due to the proportional system they use even if he won 3 of 5 states from here on out.

Donald Trump knows he needs to start unifying the party. Mr. Trump knows that he is in the lead but has yet to put it away. He is trying to shift gears.

Donald Trump is adjusting his tone. He sounded Presidential. He struck the economic themes that fuel people toward his candidacy. No common core, no abortion funding, and rebuilding the military. He attacks Rubio and congratulates Cruz.. We will build the wall. Tariff talk? We are going to stop drugs.

Trump knows is he is in a strong position but not a winning position. He is trying to convince people that he can be the man. The job creator is his strongest suit along with defender of the silent majority. It was a solid performance to assure the 59% that polling is showing do not want him as the nominee and the 61% of the general electorate who are skeptical. He is starting his general election makeover. It was a smart move by a smart man and nicely executed. Critics won’t buy it, the question is will the public? He is within striking distance of Clinton and needs to show that like the others, he too can beat her.

3 thoughts on “The big winner on Super Tuesday Was Clinton”

  1. That is bad news for non Trump supporters because it keeps both in.

    Your analysis is flawed. The best news for non-Trump supporters is that “both” (Cruz and Kasich) remain in, simply because while Rubio will indeed get the majority of Kasich voters, Trump will get the majority of Cruz voters, and there are a lot more Cruz voters than Kasich voters.

    If Cruz were to withdraw, Trump would easily get the delegates needed to win the nomination. Even Sen. One Percent said that the “establishment” must probably unite behind Cruz if they want to stop Trump.

    Rubio somehow lost Virginia- if he can’t win there, he can’t win much of anywhere.

    Rubio trails by double-digits in IL, NC, MI and his home state of Florida. He can’t win the nomination even if McConnell and Co. get the brokered convention they want, simply because Cruz delegates will go with Trump over Rubio, or vice-versa.

  2. Cruz’ partial win and Rubio’s almost win in Virginia will spur them on to stay in the race. This will make it easier for Trump to take the nomination.
    The only question is, will their vitriolic rhetoric about Trump’s hand and penis size and bad tan continue to make the whole GOP lineup look like third grade schoolyard bullies arguing about penis size?
    It is time for Carson and Kaisich to bow out, but if they stay in, it enhances Trumps ability to win the nomination.
    The rhetoric that Rubio and Cruz are throwing out to the public give fuel to Clinton.s campaign!

  3. This will make it easier for Trump to take the nomination.

    How does having Cruz in the race help Trump.? It doesn’t. This is because if Cruz wasn’t in the race, at least 75% of his followers would switch to Trump. Sure, Rubio would get Kasich voters, but if you add Trump and Cruz’ percentages, they dwarf the Rubio/Kasich percentages.

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