Ted Cruzes to Tea Party Victory

Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz won the Texas primary so did Ron Paul’s handpicked successor State Representative Randy Weber in what proved to be a night of Tea time across Texas. All across the Midwest and South the rise of the tea party continues.
Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz pulls off a historic victory! Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer said, “We could not be more proud of this historic tea party victory tonight against the Texas establishment. This is probably the most significant upset Texas has seen since Perry defeated Hightower in 1990, and it comes at the hands of the tea party. “What we saw in Ted Cruz and this Senate race was threefold: we saw an unquestionably strong and bold tea party conservative in Cruz; we saw Dewhurst as the anointed Austin politician that was exactly what we have been working to rid Washington of; and finally we saw the passion in the Texas tea party activists that could set the stage for this historic victory. . . The excitement is palpable tonight inside the Cruz victory party “The false narrative continues to be written that the tea party is dead, and 2012 will not be like 2010. However, every month we see a strong example to the contrary. In May, Tea Party Express-endorsed Richard Mourdock beat 36-year incumbent Senator Dick Lugar. In June, Tea Party Express-supported Governor Scott Walker defeated a national union-led campaign to recall him. Now, in July, we have witnessed a monumental accomplishment with Ted Cruz securing the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate in Texas. “Tonight we sent a message that should shake Obama’s Chicago headquarters: Texas not only is going to be staying a red state, but the tea party is alive and ready to own 2012,” Kremer concluded.

4 thoughts on “Ted Cruzes to Tea Party Victory”

  1. Cruz is an up-and-coming political star. The Socialist-Democrats have misread Hispanics; many are of an entrepreneurial bent, and are disinterested in becoming wards of the state. They are interested in lower taxes and decreased regulation. Contrary to ‘liberal’ jibberish, the S-D’s do not ‘own’ the Hispanic vote.

    The Socialist-Democrats, being the party of handouts, will own the lazy, criminal inner-city Latino vote, just like they own the urban black vote. Of course, most Socialist-Democrat-run major cities are teetering on bankruptcy, suffer from horrible schools and are dangerous. Like in Little Wilmidelphia, typical urban voters keep making the same mistakes and expect different results, so are thus SOS- stuck-on-stupid.

    “‘Rev.’ Farakkhan, will you save us from ourselves?”


  2. Rick: One reason they keep electing Democrats in cities is that Republicans have abandoned any effort at competing there. Philadelphia, for example, had a thriving Republican Party presence up until the middle ’60s. White flight is an enormous part of what made these cities Democratic Party strongholds.

  3. The relative strength of the Republican Party in Philadelphia in fact is what drove Arlen Specter to abandon his quest for the Democratic nomination for District Attorney in 1966 and switch to the Republican Party, where the ballot slot was available. That strength is long gone now, having left for the suburbs a long time ago. Now we’re even seeing white flight from many Philly area suburbs for rural areas.

  4. “Now we’re even seeing white flight from many Philly area suburbs for rural areas.”

    While at the same time the city’s population actually increased for the first time in 50 years.

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