Tax Payer Advocate Ron Poliquin takes on Carney Backroom Deal

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 20, 2009 DOVER — Taxpayer advocate Ron Poliquin questions the Delaware Economic Development Office (“DEDO”) and Secretary Alan Levin’s acts of “deny and delay” in response to his October 20th Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) request seeking details into DelaWind, LLC, executive vice president and Democratic U.S. Congress candidate John Carney’s application for state money. “Today’s announcement is completely the opposite of Secretary Levin’s representations,” said Poliquin. The FOIA request sought details about the application, the process used to scrutinize the application, and whether Carney was given preferential treatment or not. In an email, Levin initially denied Poliquin’s inquiry stating “…the principals of DelaWind have withdrawn their request for funding…” and “…since this application is no longer part of the public record, we will not be complying with your FOIA request.” “The Administration’s misleading reply and failure to promptly comply with the public’s right to know what’s happening with their money increases the suspicion surrounding this application.” said Poliquin. Unsatisfied with Levin’s initial denial, Poliquin sent a follow-up request on November 3, 2009 which was forwarded to the Attorney General’s office. The office replied it would satisfy the request by November 18. As of today, no response has been received. “It is a disservice to taxpayers anytime State Officials withhold information, especially when it involves a politician running for office seeking public funds,” said Poliquin. “Anytime such a large amount of taxpayer money is at stake, it should receive the most utmost scrutiny. Backroom deals cloaked in secrecy have no place in Delaware.” For more information please contact Ron Poliquin at ##

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  1. That’s a crock. The application and other documentation are still public records. It doesn’t matter if the application is pending or not.

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