This is a challenge for all intelligent life to post constructive, effective sustainable and constitutional university level solutions to the institutionalized problem of illegal immigration.

A more advanced cerebral systematic virtual think tank approach is required, ab initio.

The scope is not limited to the territorial confines United States, so international comments are welcome.


TRASH comments will be deleted. This is NOT a forum for personal attack, racism and ethnic hated.

20 thoughts on “Take the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION Challenge”

  1. Wolf

    Taking this comment to a more global level is simple, if we take in the last few years and consider the Muslim assault on Europe by mostly Muslim men who are still dead set on conquering Europe as a new Muslim Caliphate. This was and still is a Trojan Horse invasion of major proportions.
    The Central American Caravans on America are also an invasion and just as intrusive. To call it anything but an Invasion is utter folly.

  2. The problem of illegal immigration is basically a Limits to Growth type dynamic modelling problem. Rather than reinvent the wheel, the first step is to search the internet for existing models.

  3. I believe America needs immigration. Immigration keeps us younger, more vibrant, it keeps us having people who do not take America for granted. Many small businesses are started by immigrants. Many innovations are by people who would be disregarded by their old cultures.

  4. While immigration should be valued, no culture can long survive an open borders society. You have to control immigration for the mutual benefit of immigrants and Americans. That means we need legal immigration. Illegal immigration undermines the benefits of immigration. We cannot control illegal immigration’s results. Legal immigration allows us to treat illnesses, prevent epidemics, keep criminals out, and protect against terrorism.

  5. Wolf – I now know I cannot take you seriously. You posted this:

    “This is NOT a forum for personal attack, racism and ethnic hated.”

    Then Don Ayotte posted this:

    ” consider the Muslim assault on Europe by mostly Muslim men who are still dead set on conquering Europe as a new Muslim Caliphate. This was and still is a Trojan Horse invasion of major proportions.”

    You do not stand by your word and do not hold people accountable.

  6. Jimmy,

    Right back at you….

    I am not responsible for anyone eles’s posts but mine, as we are independent writers with diverse opinions.

    Consequently, I cannot take you seriously.

  7. Wolf,

    You were the one who laid down the law and did not enforce it.

    Are you a child spouting “I know you are, but what about me?”

    Just remember this – this is one progressive that was willing to reach across the aisle and you denigrated any attempts I made.

    Have fun being politically irrelevant – it seems it suits you well. By the way – here is a review link about your wonderful website.

  8. @JimmyfromDelaware

    That’s fine JimmyfromDelaware, nobody here on the site takes you seriously.
    But darn, you’re fun to have around to laugh at.

  9. Jimmy:

    If you really wanted to work with me, you would have posted constructive ideas in accordance with the original purpose of the post, so I am not buying any of your progressive victomology.

    If larger burueaucracy at increased public expense, more PC thought control via an increasingly dumbed down educational system coupled with increased collectivism, less individual freedom and diminshed economic oppottunity is progressivism, you can have it.

    David and Don do not censor my comments and I do not censor theirs.
    Tough luck if it wasn’t PC enough for you, like the pseudoelite Delaware leftist blogs.

    I seriously doubt that you have the insight and analytical bility to work with me on planning a menu, let alone comprehensive immigration reform.

    Also, I really don’t give a damn what you (and the rest of the pack) think about the IPoD website, judging by the cretanic level of the comments from punks who can’t design their way out of a cardboard box.

  10. On second thought folks – just please keep doing what you have been doing. It’s worked out so well for you in state wide races.

    If anyone tries to get you to change just remember they suck and you must stay the course. Ignore those RINO’s

  11. You are merely trolling and I am not impressed. I doubt that you have the intellectual ability to write a coherent guest post on immigration reform or any other subject (other than internet trolling) to save your life.

    The time that you spend trolling is time that you could spend on formulating a solution the problem.

    The next problem is to get it past our ideologically driven pro-sanctuary state congressional delegation and their special interest patrons (Big Chicken for one).





  13. @NO ESCAPE

    Your comment is so entertaining that I don’t have the heart to delete it as a personal attack.
    However, keep on drinking 100% grain alcohol, so you can come up with these wonderful comments.
    BTW, which planet did you originate from?

  14. In my opinion, undocumented immigration will continue so long as people have the ability to earn more somewhere else than they do at home.

    If we seriously wish to address this problem, we must punish the people who employ undocumented migrants and ignore existing laws and taxes.

    Only after businesses realize that hiring undocumented people will cost them more than legal residents will this problem be addressed.

  15. Removing economic incentives to illegal immigration is a crucial element of the solution.

    This requires greater federal/state coordination, however, this will not happen in Delaware under the
    current political regeime.

    Ergo, a modus vivendi is highly improbable within the status qou.

    Accordingly, a political paradigm shift is a sine qua non .

  16. @ ur mom

    I don’t have the figures for bodies, but I was recently furnished a price range for brains.

    Steven Hawking’s brain: $100.00

    Immigration lawyer’s brain: $1000.00

    Politician’s brain: $10,000.00

    You are probably wondering why the last brain listed is so expensive.

    That’s because it’s never been used…


    P.S.: If you think that anyone actually believes that you are what you purport to be, I have a bridge in Brooklyn.

  17. Hey very nice that David’s original comment was deleted and replaced.

    Your only problem is the internet archive machine knows what you have been up to.

    Care to comment Wolf or David – or do you want to take my Pepsi challenge?

  18. Who knows?

    Russian interference? Iranian Hacking? … Blame it on Dick Cheyney while your at it.

    As for your Pepsi challenge:

    Insufficient carbonation coupled with excessive high fructose corn syrup.

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