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DE Governor’s Weekly Address 4/29/2016

Expanding Opportunities to Promote Homeownership By: Delaware Governor, Jack A. Markell Owning a home is part of the American Dream. Homeownership strengthens neighborhood stability and for many Delawareans their home is their biggest investment and a primary source of financial security. Promoting homeownership is a good way to improve peoples’ lives, and the Delaware State Housing Authority has led our effort to expand those opportunities through programs like our first-time homebuyer tax credit and the Home Again initiative for repeat homebuyers. Our Downtown Development Districts are providing incentives to developers to build near employment centers and close to public transportation, and we’ve increased homeownership opportunities for Delawareans across income levels. Through access to credit and down payment and settlement assistance, DSHA has helped more than 5,500 Delaware Read more

DE Governor’s Weekly Message 3/4/2016

Expanding Educational Opportunities to Ensure Future Student Success By: Delaware Governor, Jack Markell Giving our students the best chance to thrive means exposing them to great educational opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math–STEM. STEM jobs are increasing much faster than average, from computer system analysts and software developers to medical scientists and biomedical engineers. And preparing our students means collaboration among our school districts, our colleges and universities, and business leaders to align curriculum with the needs of the workplace. We are making great progress through initiatives like Pathways to Prosperity, through which thousands of students will graduate with workplace experience and college credit in areas like computer science, biomedical science, and engineering. We’re increasing the number of high school students enrolled Read more

DE Governor’s Weekly Message 2/19/2016

Improving Our Criminal Justice System to Create New Opportunities

By: Delaware Governor, Jack A. Markell

One of the ways we have worked to improve public safety and create opportunity for all Delawareans is through a smarter criminal justice system – a system that reserves limited prison space for violent criminals and emphasizes treatment and community supervision for low-level offenders whose needs outweigh their risks to the community. Together, these programs provide a range of services that simply aren’t available in prison and they show the potential to reduce recidivism and to transform lives for the better. And that will keep Delaware moving forward.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35c4VdoLTi4

DE Governor’s Weekly Address 1/15/2016

Investing in Our Students by Building on Dual Enrollment Progress By: Delaware Governor, Jack Markell We know that good-paying jobs increasingly require education or training beyond high school, and evidence shows that students who take a college course in high school are more likely to complete their post-secondary education. That’s why we have worked with our school districts and colleges to make dual-enrollment courses a priority, to ensure that students have the opportunity to take college-level courses and earn college credit. This past week, at POLYTECH High School, I announced that by the end of this academic year, we expect to have 2,700 students enrolled in 170 different dual enrollment courses. POLYTECH has doubled participation, to just about 150 just this past year and their partnerships with Delaware Tech and Wilmington University is enabling students to get a head Read more

DE Governor’s Weekly Message 10/16/2015

Protecting Our Economy by Promoting Online Safety By: Delaware Governor Jack A. Markell The Internet has transformed every aspect of our society, creating tremendous new opportunities for our people, fueling economic growth, and providing a wonderful resource for our students. But the growing importance of online activity also means we must increase our focus on safety and security. It’s why we’ve recognized October as Cyber Security Awareness Month for our state. It’s an effort to bring together government and industry to ensure we all use safe practices online. In Delaware, we face millions of cyber threats each day—hackers trying to pry into our system to gain access to personal information about our residents, businesses’ intellectual property, and other sensitive data. And our most critical infrastructure, from the power grid to our hospitals’ record-keeping systems Read more

DE Governor’s Weekly Message 9/4/15

Supporting our Workforce, Strengthening our Economy – Governor Jack A. Markell Weekly Message Labor Day has come to represent the end of the summer – a last chance for many to enjoy the season of the beach, pools, and barbeque. But as we celebrate the long weekend with friends and families, we shouldn’t forget the day’s original intent, which remains as important as ever. There’s a famous quote that says, “without labor, nothing prospers.” From the industrial revolution to the growth of high-tech companies, the prosperity of our state and nation have been built by the hard work, perseverance, and determination of working men and women. When Congress established Labor Day as a national holiday more than 100 years ago, it marked a seminal moment in the movement to establish the rights of all workers. Today, we have our own responsibilities to better serve working families. Read more