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GOP Primary US Senate Candidates Discuss Issues

BY: Wolfgang von Baumgart, Staff Writer Delaware's Republican primary US Senate candidates, Rob Arlett and Gene Truono discussed issues last night at the Georgetown CHEER Center in an event sponsored by the Sussex County GOP, moderated by WGMD 92.7 FM morning talk show host, Mike Bradley. “Tom Carper is the major reason why we need term limits. I am running to put courage back in the U.S. Senate. Congress is not doing its job,” said candidate Rob Arlett in his opening statement. Candidate Gene Truono stated that it is important to focus on the issues: tax reform leading to economic growth, nomination of constitutionalists to the U.S. Supreme Court and final repeal of Obamacare. He further stated that he should give the Democrat candidates a copy of “Economics 101” in reference to their fiscal policies. Both candidates agreed that to support Supreme Court nominees who Read more

I’m A So-Called RINO…BITE ME!

I'm fed-up with the purists that have stolen my party. I'm fed-up with those in MY party accusing people like me of being morally bankrupt. I am indeed fiscally-conservative, hence I am a Republican. I am very much socially-CONSCIOUS, making me, in my mind, centered. That last sentence above makes me the bane of existence for the purists that want people like me expunged. YOU use the term RINO in a derogatory way in a BLATANT attempt to discourage our participation. NO, I will NOT become an independent. NO, I will NOT leave. I grew up in this party and I know what this party used to be! I was a part of it. I am a part of it. I WILL be a part of it! If you are so rigid that you can't accept people like me, then no matter. The pressure coming soon, going up against your rigidity will cause you to crack and crumble into a pile of dust. The winds of change are coming and your pile Read more