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Trump And The Mechanics Of His Campaign

New Folk Hero And Political Savior Everyone I know, whether they support "The Donald" or not, would agree that he is a persuasive successful businessman, and that his charismatic convincing manner of campaigning has won the support of a wide range of political ideologists. Trump offers a very important ingredient to the recently oppressed American citizenry. "HOPE" Hope, once given and accepted, gains the complete loyalty of a wide range of beliefs. Trump is not a master manipulator as many think, instead he totally believes that, because of his proven ability to lead the pack, he can perform and deliver what he has said he can, and the people believe him. There is much to be said about a person who will not be defeated, that people admire whether you agree with him or not. One of the many things that makes Trump successful, even when he appears to be losing is the fact that Read more