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Bernie Sanders Statement on Democratic Primary Results

The Bernie Sanders Press Office has issued the following Statement on the 4/26/2016 Primary Elections: “I congratulate Secretary Clinton on her victories tonight, and I look forward to issue-oriented campaigns in the 14 contests to come. “I am proud that we were able to win a resounding victory tonight in Rhode Island, the one state with an open primary where independents had a say in the outcome. Democrats should recognize that the ticket with the best chance of winning this November must attract support from independents as well as Democrats. I am proud of my campaign’s record in that regard. “The people in every state in this country should have the right to determine who they want as president and what the agenda of the Democratic Party should be. That’s why we are in this race until the last vote is cast. That is why this campaign is going to the Democratic National Read more

TRUMP Declares Himself as Presumptive GOP Presidential Nominee

*** BREAKING *** “Speaking at his Northeast Primary Election gathering at the Trump Tower in New York City, Donald Trump has declared himself as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, citing his major primary victories in CT,DE,MD,PA and RI.

He also said that Senator Bernie Sanders “would do great as an Independent candidate”.