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Will CA fall to bullying?

Marriage started as an institution to bond the sexes. A renegade court tried to change it and in spite of bullies and politically correct mobs, the voters stood strong. Some extremists would like to turn CA into third world mobocracy. The mob leaders form an enemies list and instead of accepting defeat, they target those with a different point of view. They issue threats against the churches. They disparage members. They attempt to pit one group of citizens against another. Hispanics are ignorant. Mormons are called every name in the book and told they had no right to free expression. Evangelicals are bigots. The Catholic Church is disparaged. Blacks are even called the "N" word. All of these examples come from the left who would teach the rest of us tolerance. I can respect those who disagree with me on issues. I can not respect people who act like third world leftists when they lose an Read more