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IPoD Breaks Registration Record Again

The Independent Party of Delaware (IPoD) has announced that it has surpassed its monthly voter registration for the second consecutive month. For the month of October, 606 voters joined its ranks, topping September's record high of 263. "Virtually all of this growth was organic and voter-initiated -- not the result of party-sponsored voting registration efforts, according to a party spokesman. "This figure was especially significant considering that voting registration for the 2016 general election closed on October 15. We have excellent chances to elect candidates on November 8.", he said. The majority of the expansion took place in New Castle County, followed by good numbers in Sussex and Kent counties. Further information is available at the IPoD website: independentpartyofdelaware.com Read more

Don Ayotte Files for State Reprensentative

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer 20th District is a 3-way Contest Donald Raleigh Ayotte has officially filed as an Independent party of Delaware candidate for the office of 20th District State Representative, currently held by former DSP Trooper, Steven Smyk. Mr. Ayotte's decision to run was made in response to numerous citizens requests and inquiries. He also faces Democrat, Barbara Vaughn a former Lewes City Councilwowan and member of the Lewes Historical Commission. “I believe we need real leadership and representation in the 20th District. If elected, I will closely monitor the concerns of not only the 20th District but those of all of Delaware. I will write and introduce legislation that will enhance our lives and invigorate our economy,” said Ayotte. “Representing the People and public interest is a full time job,” said Ayotte, “I will fully read all bills Read more

IPoD DRAFTS Polling Place Demarcation Bill

IPoD Legislative (the legislative arm of the Independent Party of Delaware) in response to faint demarcation of the 50-foot exclusion zone at various Delaware poling places, has drafted remedial legislation in the public interest as follows: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sponsor: HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 149TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY: House Bill No ____ AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 15 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO THE 50-FOOT EXCLUSION ZONE AT . POLLING PLACES IN THE STATE OF DELAWARE. BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF DELAWARE: 1 Title 15, Chapter 49, Subchapter Read more


By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer Steven Washington has officially filed as the Independent Party of Delaware (IPoD) Wilmington Mayoral candidate. He was unanimously nominated at the IPoD State Convention, held in Dover on March 12, 2016. Incumbent Dennis Williams faces a contentious Democratic primary with five other candidates Steven Washington Files as IPoD Wilmington Mayoral Candidate 3/23/2016 Mr. Washington's campaign theme is "Education, Appreciation and Communication", aimed at building a broad coalition across many sectors and including more creative and proactive community involvement in city government in the greater public interest. So far, he is receiving increasing positive feedback as more citizens seek an independent alternative of machine politics as usual. Mr. Washington warmly welcomes community input, active participation and assistance in his grass Read more

IPoD Convention is OPEN

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

The Independent Party of Delaware (IPoD) 2016 State Nominating Convention, held in Dover earlier today is legally open until the state statutory candidate filing deadline of August 1. Persons desiring to run for various federal, state and local offices on the IPoD ticket should contact IPoD State Chairman, Don Ayotte at (302) 344-3344 or e-mail: pencilsedge@yahoo.com .

IPoD Nominates Washington

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer The Independent Party of Delaware has nominated Steven Washington as its 2016 candidate for Mayor of Wilmington. Mr. Washngton is a special educator in the Brandywine School District and holds an (M Ed.) degree. He is the Founder and President of Norfolk State University Alumni Association Delaware Chapter, Inc. and Founder and Chairman of the HBCU Delaware Coalition, Inc. Steven Washington has long been concerned with a wide variety of issues and problems facing the people and city of Wilmington and is looking forward to serving the people of Wilmington as the city's first Independent Mayor. In contrast to incumbent Dennis Williams, who faces a contentious Democratic primary with five other candidates, Mr. Washington welcomes the opportunity to discuss community issues in the scheduled public debates. Steven Washington is featured on CH Read more

Keynote Speech of the 2016 IPoD State Convention

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Secretary General of the Independent Party of Delaware The INDEPENDENT Alternative On August 29, 2000 in the City of Wilmington, a new post-political force was born to challenge the corrupt closed-loop special interest controlled two-party monopoly currently misruling the First State. WE are not called the INDEPENDENT PARTY of DELAWARE for nothing. Our mission is to help the People of Delaware restore the American Spirit --- the Spirit of Freedom, the Spirit of Liberty, the Spirit of INDEPENDENCE, the Spirit of Creativity, the Spirit of Innovation, the Spirit of Prosperity, the Spirit of the Spirit of Exploration, The Spirit of Adventure and the Spirit of Action. Even a passing look at the shape that America is currently in tells us that we have a lot of work to do. The so-called “two-party” system has failed as it limited our options and narrowed our Read more

Join the Independent Alternative

OPINION: By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer With the current internal conflict and disarray in the Republican Party and increasing frustration of the American People, national politics is at a critical turning point. The GOP “establishment” is desperate to stop “insurgent” Donald Trump at all costs. Rumors and disinformation abound in a sea of tumult, personal attack and carefully crafted negative advertising instead of substantive debate on constructive solutions to the array of complex problems facing the American People in an unstable economic environment in the face of a massive national debt. On the Democratic Party side of the presidential equation, the voters have an essential choice between a long-time Socialist and a former First Lady facing FBI investigation and possible indictment on serious national security charges. We are approaching a critical psychological Read more

IPoD State Convention

The Independent Party of Delaware (IPoD) will hold its 2016 State Nominating Convention and annual general membership meeting on Saturday, March 12 in the Capital Room of Grotto Pizza on North 1159 DuPont Highway, in Dover, DE from 1 to 3 PM. Qualified persons, seeking IPoD nominations as candidates for federal, state, county and local public office should first contact the IPoD State Chairman, Don Ayotte for consideration at (302) 344-4433. Potential candidates must meet federal, state or local constitutional and / or local requirements for office. Candidates will be given equal time to address the convention. Registered IPoD members desiring to serve in various party state, county and local leadership positions or as delegates should also contact the Office of Read more

He (Possibly) Blames IPoD

It's official.  It appears that no one will win Dave's contest of what or who will Protack blame for his loss on Tuesday. Even my guess of "The voting booths committed perjury" fails to capture a prize. Why? Because nobody picked IPoD as his excuse (thanks to Dana G for posting this and making it easy to find the reference in the WNJ): Protack said his nomination by the Independent Party probably hurt him in the GOP primary. He thought it would be a good thing, he said, but now believes voters saw him as trying to play both sides. Well, there you go.  IPoD probably hurt him.  Looks to me his ultimate payback is remaining on the ballot as their committee-head, non-member endorsed candidate for Governor. Waiting for Pol Pot Pilot to provide commentary... Read more

IPoD Circus Coming To Town – Just Try to Find It First

The News Journal just posted to delawareonline.com perhaps one of the most damning chapters in the latest of IPoD's saga of 2008.  Please, read the story, but quick highlights:  Convention is "CLOSED" (to the press) Published address of convention can't be found on maps The convention is scheduled for Wednesday, 6 to 9 p.m., at 32248 Bayshore Blvd. in Long Neck in Sussex County, party officials said. But no Bayshore Boulevard could be found on several Sussex County maps checked by The News Journal. (from above-linked delawareonline article) Protack wouldn't do it that way (see below)... but offers ZERO OBJECTION to the secrecy of the procedings (you are their top candidate, Mikey P...you ARE their public face right now...heeelllooooo???).  He gives one of the most oh well-"What - me worry" responses since Alfred E Neuman. Protack said he wouldn’t choose to close such a meeting, but Read more