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Nation Awaits Indiana Primary Results

COMMENTARY: By: Wolf von Baumgart As the " winner-take-all" Indiana Primary is underway and the candidates are naturally exhausted from the rough and tumble of presidential campaign politics, some are are beginning to show signs of strain. As he "stares at the abyss", Ted Cruz's sputtering remarks about excessive media coverage for Donald Trump and "the Donald TRUMP Network are particularly indicative. It may be that the Trump insurgence, clearly shaking up the GOP establishment, is simply viewed as more "newsworthy" by managing editors. Trump's comment linking Cruz's father to Lee Harvey Oswald before he was shot also raised more than a few eyebrows. Psychologically, the pivotal GOP Primary nears a critical tipping point. An overwhelming TRUMP victory would (barring political chicanery at the convention) fatally wound the "STOP Trump" movement and give him the needed momentum to Read more