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IPoD Featured on WXDE

Independent Party of Delaware State Chairman, Don Ayotte and Secretary General, Wolf von Baumgart were guests on the Jared Morris Program on WXDE Delaware 105.9 FM. They talked about Delaware's Independent alternative to the Democrat/Republican two-party system. In contrast to the Democratic and Republican parties, which charge exorbitant candidate filing fees, the Independent Party of Delaware offers free ballot access. Prospective candidates should contact the State Chairman at (302) 344-4433 for an interview. The IPoD is currently Delaware's third-largest political party and is steadily growing as increasing numbers of people seek a post-political alternative to Delaware's closed-loop political system. Further information about the IPoD is available by visiting independentpartyofdelaware.com , e-mailing ipodosc@yahoo.com, or calling (302) 344-4433. The IPoD will be Read more

IPoD State Convention

The Independent Party of Delaware (IPoD) will hold its 2016 State Nominating Convention and annual general membership meeting on Saturday, March 12 in the Capital Room of Grotto Pizza on North 1159 DuPont Highway, in Dover, DE from 1 to 3 PM. Qualified persons, seeking IPoD nominations as candidates for federal, state, county and local public office should first contact the IPoD State Chairman, Don Ayotte for consideration at (302) 344-4433. Potential candidates must meet federal, state or local constitutional and / or local requirements for office. Candidates will be given equal time to address the convention. Registered IPoD members desiring to serve in various party state, county and local leadership positions or as delegates should also contact the Office of Read more

Independent Party Ready For 2016 General Elections.

Reorganization and expansion were the topic of discussion in a meeting of The Independent Party of Delaware’s (IPoD) State Executive Committee. Board of Directors, as two new members of the party’s board were voted in. Don Ayotte, a former candidate for Sussex County Council and later for 20th District Representative seat was unanimously elected as IPoD’s new chairman, and Wolfgang von Baumgart was elected unanimously as Secretary General. Two new members were unanimously elected to IPoD’s Board of Directors. David C. Graham, is a former candidate for Delaware Attorney General and a C.P.A., working as a tax enforcement technical supervisor for business taxes. The second new board member is Steve Washington, M. ED, an educator, in the Brandywine Middle School Special Ed program. Mr. Washington intends to file as a candidate for Mayor of Wilmington as an Independent. Read more