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America And Russia Agree To Work On Critical International Issues

U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov met in Moscow today in the Trump Administration's first diplomatic visit to Russia. A meeting had not been planned between Tillerson and Vladimir Putin but circumstances changed and the two met for a discussion lasting two hours. Tillerson and Lavrov spoke on several issues concerning Global and regional security. Tillerson said during the press conference in Moscow, “clearly the reign of al-Assad is coming to an end. There is no role for al-Assad or the Assad Family in the future of Syria." Both Tillerson and Lavrov agreed Syria must be stabilized, Korea must be de-nuclearized and work needs to be done toward solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They also agreed for the need of more talks to work out details for substantive solutions to the many issues. In the first hundred days of Read more

The Future T.S. Fay?

Ruh-roh, Reorge.  It's still way early, but a storm may be a-comin' to the east coast! (Update: another entry by Guarino on the very-soon-to-be-named Fay) Want To Be A T.S./Hurricane WATCHER? Guarino is a weather NUT!  Click here. P.S.: Another shameless plug for myweatherlive.com.  As a weather nut, I totally love that site.  Plus, it was created (and currently owned) by Rob Guarino, arguably the best REAL meteorologist/TV Weatherman there was in Philly over the past several years.  Well, until Faux29 hired the worst station manager, e-v-e-r! Read more