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Trump Asks Questions re: FBI’s Failure in Hilary Clinton E-mail Investigation

From: TRUMP 2016 WHAT IS HILLARY CLINTON HIDING? As FBI Director James Comey let Clinton off the hook for her "extremely careless" actions, the fix was final. The Obama Administration's anointed successor has had an indictment removed from her path, and will now be able to glide to the rigged Democrat nomination. As we move toward November, the question now becomes, "what is Hillary hiding?" WHAT WE KNOW Bill Clinton's Speaking Fees Went Up As Clinton Was Secretary Of State After Hillary Became Secretary Of State, Bill Clinton "Began To Collect Speaking Fees That Often Doubled Or Tripled What He Had Been Charging Earlier In His Post White House Years." "After his wife became Secretary of State, former President Bill Clinton began to collect speaking fees that often doubled or tripled what he had been charging earlier in his post White House years, bringing in millions of Read more