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Let’s Get To Work With FairTax: Guest Post

FairTax  is a fundamentally different way for the Federal government to raise its revenue. FairTax is revenue neutral. It is neither a tax increase nor a tax decrease on the American nation. It is just a very simple and fair way for the Federal government to collect its needed revenue. It is also sweeping in its impact on America; her jobs, her prosperity and her future. FairTax is not a fringe idea. It is presently before Congress as House Bill HR 25 and Senate Bill S 1025. There are over 50 cosponsors today in the House and Senate. Hearings are scheduled this week in the House Ways and Means Committee. Representative John Linder was for a longtime a lone voice in support of FairTax. He is no longer alone. In detail, FairTax replaces all federal income and payroll based taxes with an integrated approach including a progressive national retail sales tax with a monthly cash prebate Read more