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Governor Markell Signs Locomotive Idling Regulation Bill

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

Delaware Governor, Jack Markell, has signed SB-135, a bill aimed at restricting nonessential locomotive idling into law, earlier this afternoon.

The Governor’s Press Secretary, Kelly M. Bachman, confirmred that the bill was enacted, but was not at liberty to comment further in light of Norfolk Southern’s federal challenge to the jursitiction, intent, scope and effect of the legislation.

Norfolk and Southern, a major interstate Class I railroad serving large portions of the South, Northeast and Midwest regions of the U.S., filed an acclelerated motion for declaratory judgement with the US Surface Transportation Board on August 4, 2015 contending that state and local regulations of raiload operations are explicitly precluded by the Interstate Commerce Commission Termination Act of 1995 (ICCTA).

The Next Economic Crisis?

It is widely assumed that the consumer credit card industry will be the next economic shoe to fall.  In an attempt to avert another bailout, I was wondering what could be done by the affected companies, consumers, or both, to avoid, or at least significantly soften, this oncoming blow.  This is what I think could temporarily help the consumer and the industry enough in the short term until a more viable environement evolves. Allow consumers to enter into a short period of interest-only payments, with conditions, as follows: Consumer can agree to three-, six-, 12-month programs Terms of account are frozen in place for this period (company can not change rates, except in cases of normal terms of spread + prime (or LIBOR). Credit line remains in place (but suspended for use) for this period Is NOT reportable as negative to credit bureaus Failure to pay on time by consumer unfreezes Read more

Holy Crap! Ba-LING BLING (redux)!

UPDATE on Friday, Sept 19th... These are numbers I pulled around 2:45PM...looks like the rebound is on, but I'm concerned it's built upon a foundation of straw. US Treasury Bonds Rates Maturity Yield Yesterday Last Week Last Month 3 Month  0.82    0.05      1.39      1.63 6 Month  1.37    0.61      1.74      1.84 2 Year   2.09    1.64      2.20      2.24 3 Year   1.99    1.55      2.06      2.10 UPDATE on Thursday, Sept 18th... These are numbers I pulled around 1:30PM....  US Treasury Bonds Rates Maturity Yield Yesterday Last Week Last Month 3 Month  0.01    0.01      1.55      1.72 6 Month  0.52    0.69      1.80      1.90 2 Year   1.33    1.56      2.21      2.29 3 Year   1.23    1.41      2.07      2.15 Look at those rates in the change periods from last week to yesterday Read more