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Media Expelled From Delaware GOP Convention

Two reporters, one of them the President and Managing Editor of the Midlantic Dispatch were expelled from the 2016 Delaware GOP State Convention without cause. The reporters who were openly displaying press credentials and assigned to cover the news at the 2016 Delaware GOP State Convention, were approached by a Dewey Beach Police officer who asked the them to leave on the grounds they were not credentialed. They were sitting quietly either typing , writing or taking photographs as their trade requires, until the uniformed officer asked them to leave at 1:45pm. The reporters arrived and 12:30pm and were admitted to the convention center. There was no known problem until that time. The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States reads: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise of freedom of speech, Read more

Much Ado About Nothing

After a rescheduling and a last-minute location change, the Sussex County GOP monthly meeting got off to a hot start. However, the ‘hot’ start had more to do with the 450-plus persons who packed Room 529 in the Carter Partnership Building meeting site and the thermostat setting than it had to do with the high-drama and requisite acrimony that was expected but never materialized. With Chairman Ron Sams and Vice-Chair Bryan Shupe absent, Secretary Carol Bodine motioned to have a vote to see who would chair the meeting. Judge Bill Lee and District 5 County Councilman Vance Phillips were nominated to be the chairman pro tem with a secret ballot dispatched to see whom would lead the affair. At this point, more committeepersons (EDs and RDs) voted than the official roll call revealed; thus, a redo was required. The voting took at least 30 minutes (during this time, I was able to use Read more

My Take On Today

Uneventful (uncontested seats - wasn't bad, just routine). I got duped...or something changed. I will take some of both This is in reference to the two independent sources that told me that Mike Protack was going to be nominated from the floor for vice-chair.  One of those two is a committed-supporter of Mr Protack and for unknown reasons, thought I had remained so, until recently.  Apparently, the "dried gum on the bottom of my shoe"*** comment from Mike to me caused the clue to make it into the thinking-area of this person's brain.  The other source shrugged shoulders and said, "Oops."  Nice.  Kind of serves me right, though.  I should have verified, but I can't imagine Mike talking to a dried piece of gum on the bottom of his shoe.  If he did, he wouldn't be flying anymore, I'll tell you that.  BTW, why does he keep dried gum on the bottom of his shoe?  Anyway, the sexy Read more


Crossroads - Cream Live 1968 Standin' at the Crossroads. Everyone has a solution to my Party. Those at the switch for many years saw nothing wrong, yet here they are today, telling me what's wrong with the party, and they crow that it's not enough of them. When did T.O. come in (We need me a little more of me)? Standin' at the Crossroads. As I dare to care to make change, here I am once again, being told that I am not far-right enough to belong. Do I continue to fight, as my instinct and innate being tell me to do, or do I step off and let the whole thing complete it's impending implosion, as my logical reasoning is screaming to my brain? Standin' at the Crossroads. I really do need a break. It's politics, a mere game played chess-master wannabees that never seem to be able to find that final check-mate move (not the politicians, but the puppet masters and the puppets bound by the Read more

Gaping Open Positions (on the ballot)

12:35PM: What a terrible, anti-climatic deadline this year brought us.  2006, a non-prez year, was more exciting.  Just like in '06, Mike Matthew's Lady O'Donnell became ballot-qualified in the waning moments.  I wonder if he accompanied her to the COE? Only a couple unexpected items with this year's deadline: Steve Amick's open-seat in SD10 now features a Republican Primary to go up against BHL and her (soon to be past) RD8 political network.  The primary will be James David Weldin versus Andrea Daley. As mentioned before, the SD4 D's also have an unexpected primary of Michael S. Katz  versus Dee Durham. Mike Ramone (good on ya') will be running for the R's in RD21. Jesse Priester IV, R, will be the General Election opponent to D-Incumbent Terry L. Schooley in RD23. Constituency-popular Rep/Activist John Kowalko (D-RD25) has no opposition. Laura Brown is the LONE R candidate Read more