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Sons Of The American Revolution Unveil Patriots Plaque.

Delaware Society, Sons Of The American Revolution unveiled a memorial Plaque honoring the forty-eight patriots who are buried at Wilmington and Brandywine Cemetery. A ceremony Sunday of the Major Peter Jaquett Chapter of the Delaware Society Sons of the American Revolutions met at Wilmington and Brandywine Cemetery to honor the forty-eight patriots who fought in the Revolutionary War and are buried here. A dedication ceremony was also held for past President of the Delaware Society, Sons of the American Revolution, Mr. Kevin Charles Rolph for the dedication necessary to completing the research for this plaque. Mr. Rolph was very active in the organization, where he was past president, treasurer, and historian of the Major Peter Jaquett Chapter, as well as the historian of the Patriot Graves Committee Chair, for the state society. He personally researched over 150 patriot graves Read more