Surveillance or Sedition

Obama, Soros, Hillary Triad Attempts to Destroy or Overthrow Trump Administration

Trump and Obama
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A new insidious entity has risen from the ashes of the Clinton Presidential defeat. An organization misnamed “United To Protect Democracy,” funded largely by George Soros, (Gyorgy Schwartz) seeking to discredit or eventually destroy the Trump Administration in any way, they may deem effective.

This new organization headquartered in Obama’s multi-million dollar rental home in the nation’s capital is “the nerve center of the mounting insurgency against Trump,” one newspaper said. The organization is led by Ian Bassin, an attorney who worked at a Soros financed global activist group. Bassin also serve as Associate Counsel to the Obama White House, He also served on the Education Policy Working Group for Obama’s Presidential Team.

Keeping with their agenda, the organization filed fifty Freedom of Information acts(FOIA) almost immediately. The organization believes this will confirm their suspicions of maleficence on the part of the Trump Administration.

”When people hear concerns about democracies declining into authoritarianism, they expect that moment, to come in a singular thunderclap where everyone can see that this is the time,” Bassin told Politico. “In reality oftentimes democracies decline over a period of years that happen through a series of much smaller steps.”

United to Protect Democracy, draws their name from a line in President Obama’s farewell address that urged his supporters to pick up where he was leaving off, and has already raised a $1.5 million operating budget, hired five staffers and has plans to double that in the coming months, They’ve incorporated as both a 501(c) and 501 (c)4, allowing them to operate as a nonprofit but participate in some form of political advocacy as well, according to Politico.

According to other news copy, Bassin served as General Counsel and Campaign Director at Avaaz, which describes itself as a “global web movement to bring people-powered politics to decision making everywhere.”

Avaaz has been described as “the global counterpart of the George Soros-funded MoveOn,” and a “global ‘e-advocacy’ nonprofit organization whose chief function is to promote leftwing political agendas through web-based movement building and campaigns.”

According to Politico, This new organization, United to Protect Democracy is coming with a huge network of support from other Obama lawyers, as well a partner organizations like the Brennan Center. The Brennen Center for Justice is located at NYU School of Law, and is heavily financed by Soros’s Open Society Foundations and is the recipient of numerous Open Society grants.

“Obama’s goal, according to a close family friend, is to oust Trump from the presidency either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment,” according to the Daily Mail.

It is unprecedented for an outgoing president to leave office, stay in Washington DC, and undermine an incoming president that has been elected on an agenda, which the American elected him for. This is not just a case of “Extreme Sore Losers,” instead something much more evil is taking place with Obama and his cohorts who would seek to install a global social government, while attempting to discredit and overthrow a Constitutional Republic.

4 thoughts on “Surveillance or Sedition”

  1. Great post with some real facts. What’s Obama doin, sticking around and sabotaging the next president. I think they are trying to keep him busy so he can’t complete his campaign promises.
    The dems are t he party of no. Trump is to smart to let them get away with this kind of crap.

  2. Writing good stuff. This is exactly the situation that will start trouble and riots. Obama was a community organizer way before he became a senator. He had people like Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers as models for this type of revolutionary warfare, and he’s good at it. He won’t leave Trump alone. The DOJ will have to indict him for sedition.

  3. It is my and many other’s opinion that this new power group, “United to Protect Democracy” is little more than a band of seditionists that will attempt the fall of or overthrow of Trumps legal presidency.
    Watching the evolution of Obama as a president, falling to the status of a sophisticated thug was not only expected but instead inevitable. I am certain Trump and his legal staff has also seen this coming, however they must wait until a crime has actually been committed until action is taken.
    The conclusion that Obama did not leave Washington as he stated before he left office gave the impression that he would become a burr in Trump’s backside, but this organization formed by Obama suggests far more serious, even criminal involvement has probably been planned by the group. This suggests conspiracy on the part of many people that work in that office.

  4. We’re watching this American President from across the pond also. I wouldn’t think you Yanks would allow a former president meddling in current business of government.

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