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Update: Due to rain, the event has been moved to Saturday the 10th. rally In the last 10 years 1500 members of law enforcement lost their lives in service to the people. Yet, the hard left is targeting them with distortions and lies. It is a hallmark of the left to undermine the institutions of a nation. They have done so with marriage, family, the military in the Vietnam era, the CIA, business, the Church, and now is the time for law enforcement again. We stood up to them when the anti-war crowd had elements who wanted to be anti-troop. We need to do the same to the hate the cops and we want them dead crowd. We need to rally to show support for that thin blue line between order and disorder. I strongly support law enforcement, but I especially support local law enforcement that is accountable to the people themselves. That is why I support a constitutional sheriff, and that is why I consistently oppose changing the almost 100 year old Dover charter to take the police away from reporting to the elected Mayor. I believe the people need to be able to hold people to account for good behavior or bad. That is our protection from a police state. America has done very well though not perfectly with that ethos. Whether or not you agree with my philosophy of local law enforcement, most of you will agree that we need to support our men and women in blue during these troubled times. Law enforcement need not be perfect for us to support the good work done day in and day out. When we find bad apples, we need to remove them. The part that is often forgotten is that when we see good ones, we need to appreciate them. We have a cultural problem of taking people who do the right thing for granted. Sunday, January 4, 2015, we will no longer take the fine men and women of our local law enforcement community for granted. The 9-12 Delaware Patriots are sponsors of a rally to support the men and women in blue. This is not a 9/12 rally, it is a citizen rally. You do not need to be a member or supporter of that fine organization to participate. You just need to desire to support your local police. The rally will be across from the Dover Mall from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. You do not need to attend all three hours.

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  1. so, as the law enforcement officers we are to support and honor, thanks etc. are walking the beat in the bad weather, we must move our event of recognition because we don’t want to be inconvenienced or cold.

    i call BS. What if next week it’s going to snow, since it is the second week of January, then the following week is Championship Sunday, and we don’t want to miss our big game, then it’s the Super Bowl and before you know it, all the 9-12 rednecks will be wanting to watch the Daytona 500, then pitchers and catchers will be reporting and we will be into youth sports and dance again.

    when is it ever a good time to support our law enforcement…how about every fricking day, 24/7/365 just like they support us.

    Ed Rendell was right, we are becoming a nation of pussy’s!

  2. Maybe a better way to honor them would be not to pull politics into the equation. How about we honor and support them because they deserve it, not because we are conservative or Republican.

  3. Mr. Knotts, have you been paying attention to the world around you? It is the hard left that has launched an attack on law enforcement which is consistent with their coddle the criminal mentality. It is the radical dream. They have made it a political issue. The fuzzy middle must know that the silent majority still support law enforcement.

    Law enforcement is not always right, but unlike these radicals, we know that they are not always wrong.

    Frank Knotts the real deal is that everything with government is political. The question is on a given issue, who do you believe is mostly right and who is mostly wrong?

  4. Real Deal, my point is, that when announcing an event to support the police, instead of dividing people, maybe it would serve a larger goal to not make it “EVEN MORE” political. To announce it in this way only seems self serving for the so called patriots. Instead of healing, this only adds to the tension. Are you saying that you don’t want people who are liberal in many other aspects of their lives, but who are ardent supporters of law enforcement to show up and support the police? Because if your announcement makes it a left or right issue, then you limit those who will come. Of course it being a bean growers event it is already limited.

  5. David
    I agree with you that 99.5% of law enforcement officers are good and law abiding people that want to do the right thing. I also agree with you that law enforcement officers must do what they can to protect themselves, while enforcing the law.
    What I don’t agree with is the way some of them feel they are FAR above the law. NOBODY is above the law, except in Delaware and a few other places.
    The AG’s office will not charge their own police with offenses they commit while on duty. On my last post, I mentioned just one of those instances.
    I know that police officers around the country are on high alert, causing even more hysteria that could cause even more unjustified shootings.
    If a law enforcement officer breaks the law and violates the citizens civil rights, they should be aware that they can be charged but (not in Delaware), there must be exceptions to that rule. (LOL)
    It depends on the hype and hysteria taking place in the nation at the time, just how many civil rights we citizens actually have. Well the Constitution doesn’t work that way.

  6. Ed Rendell was right, we are becoming a nation of pussy’s!

    He ought to know, since he is one himself.

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