Stimulus money flies out the Unweatherized Window. Obama’s stimulus money has created a corrupt, incompetent, wasteful program that is supposed to help the poor weatherize their home.  Instead clients have had expensive hardware installed with taxpayers money, leaving basic repairs undone.  The prior Program Manager Ken Davis (Now retired from his $62,000 per year job)  also managed to find a contractor that employed his son for many of the jobs.  From the News Journal:
“The cash grab that went on was just amazing,” said Allen Luzak, a weatherization expert with the Delaware Energy Office. Auditors — trained under Delaware’s revamped Weatherization Assistance Program — have begun revisiting more than 1,000 of those homes to check the quality of work, look for billing issues and decide what remediation needs to be done. Last year, inspectors visited about 400 other homes that had been left uninspected when a damning federal audit prompted the state to suspend the program. The inspections and subsequent repairs will eat into the $7.5 million remaining from $13.7 million of federal stimulus money the state received in 2009. All of the money must be spent by March.
Josephine Young of Wilmington (see video linked above)  had a project that cost over $20,0000 when the national average is $6,500.  Despite the infusion of over $20,000 taxpayer dollars in her home, Ms Young is paying more for energy than she was before her “weatherization”! (Do check out how the contractors recommended by a state official left Ms. Young’s home.)  Remember how stimulus money was going to put people to work with shovel ready projects?  In fact money went to people who had the right connections with government officials.  This is just one project in one small state.  Just think of how much waste, corruption, and incompetence one can find in a state full of corrupt politicians such as Illinois. Read the entire article with all the sordid details here:|topnews|text|Home   

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  1. The one to target on this is Lt. Gov. Matt Denn, who was tasked with overseeing stimulus spending. He’s Markell’s heir apparent, and 2016 represents the GOP’s next realistic chance of taking the governor’s office.

    But feel free to ignore advice from a liberal. As Mr. Moseley notes in another thread, we’re not to be trusted to want what’s best for the GOP.

  2. Geezer, don’t confuse Moseley as one who speaks for anyone other than himself. His ignorance of Delaware Politics and History is evident every time he hits a key. One of the negatives surrounding Christine O’Donnell is the tendency to bring in carpetbaggers. Going back to the days of Addicks this has never been a good idea.

    Regarding your suggestion let me think about that. Markell has been changing the subject successfully on his incompetent administration. I am not so sure that giving him another break when he is the guy at the top is the best strategy overall.

  3. Out the window with bad ideas. Hmm, kinda like TW’s constant rants and whining. TW speaks for no one with an IQ above house paint. So, what is the GOP answer to all of this. Help the oil companies I guess.
    Matt Denn is not the next Dem in 2016 it will be Chip Flowers write it down unless carney decides he does not like DC anymore. Denn is a non factor in everything.

  4. TW #2
    Christine O’Donnell has changed the political landscape of the republican party and brought conservative values to the forefront. Your continuous ranting against the candidate that won the Republican Senatorial Primary is shallow and never-ending.
    A conservative revolution has been started in Delaware and has taken hold whether you like it or not. Your rantings only act to reinforce what will be a positive change in Delaware’s Republican Party.
    Mosley is only stating facts the way he sees it, as is everybody’s right.

  5. A conservative revolution has been started in Delaware and has taken hold whether you like it or not.

    Yeah — it’s taken hold a’ight, and made the First State bluer than it’s ever been.

    Thanks for nuthin’.

  6. Yes, Hube but the Republican vote actually went up. Sorry we didn’t magically turn around an 18 year trend in one fell swoop. I am excited about what is happening. Do not despise the day of small beginnings, but in one election we gained great ground in Sussex, and reclaimed Kent county.

    I am not oblivious to the fact that more work needs to be done. It won’t be done in a year or two or even four, but we are finally going in the right direction.

  7. “Yes, Hube but the Republican vote actually went up.”

    Went up from when? Not from 2008. Check the numbers. O’Donnell got 140,000 votes in 2008, 123,00 in 2010. Keep going up like that and you’ll finish behind the Libertarians eventually.

  8. TW: You’re living in a dream world. DelDOT is not a Markell problem, it’s a Minner/Democrat problem. In DemoWorld, Markell is an outsider; in case you’ve forgotten, the Demo machine wanted Carney. So Markell is our best bet for cleaning up DelDOT — or hadn’t you noticed that Republicans in Sussex are just as likely as Democrats to hand out government favors to cronies?

    At any rate, there is simply no way any Republican can overcome Markell’s high favorability at this stage of the game, and there’s no chance any Republican with a name or money will challenge him.

    Denn is another matter. His name recognition is fairly high, but I doubt most voters have a clear picture of him. If Republicans hope to win in 2016, they should start defining him now.

  9. The fact that we kept the vast majority of the 140,000 votes in a lower turnout election, turned around two counties, and increased our voter percentage substantially says the guys are right. We are on the right track and it would be sucidial insanity to all of a sudden go back to destruction.

    We only need one liberal party in this state. I am not giving my time, money, and life’s work to have two liberal parties. What is the point otherwise?

  10. Geezer may be right. Markell may be too tough to beat. We may be better off targeting other races. We will have our hands full with Senate, House, Insurance Commissioner, and Lt. Governor. I personally don’t write anyone off at this point. The civil rights scandal is a big opening. The radical social policy is another opening. The tax hikes offer another opportunity. The fact our jobs picture is stagnet even though a slow recovery is starting nationally is another.

    He has strengths though. Open government, Education, the fact that he is the first governor since du Pont to reduce spending, and the fact that he comes off centered and steady. Markell is a strong, competent leader whether you agree with him or not.

    In politics, 20 months is a very long time. Democrats can feel pretty good, but Republicans would be foolish and fatalistic not to see that they can make significant gains. I agree that it will take 5 years, but we can take the state back by 2016. 2012 is possible, but it would take factors beyond our control to make it happen.

  11. His ignorance of Delaware Politics and History is evident every time he hits a key…TW

    I bet he knows that Delaware elected a do-nothing moron to the US Senate six times. And another ‘liberal’ yes-man to the governorship twice and the Senate twice. And a tow-truck driver with a GED to the governorship twice.

    Yes, a fine conservative ‘history.’

  12. Don’t look for TNJ to ask tough questions of either Denn or Markell. You’ll notice that the weatherization story didn’t mention either, nor did it ask them for a comment about this program’s obvious failures. The editors there love them.

    Geezer’s right in that Markell has the chance to clean up the problems of the Minner era. But will he? Can he?

  13. Geezer, you persist in willful ignorance. 2008 was a PRESIDENTIAL year. Duh! Barack Obama spent 3/4’s of a BILLION dollars buying the White House, with all the excitement of a historic first Black candidacy.

    About 94,993 people voted in 2008 who did not vote in 2010, out of a total of 311,352 cast ballots in 2010.

    But even though many Presidential year voters do not vote in off-year elections, O’Donnell’s share of the electorate actually increased by over 13% from 2008 to 2010.

    Those 2008 voters who did not vote in 2010 were disproportionately DEMOCRATS and Independents. O’Donnell’s results improved from both 2006 and 2008 to 2010.

    Any one with the over-stuffed ego of Geezer who pretends to know something about politics would realize that you must compare COMPARABLE elections: Mid-term (2006) to mid-term (2010). You cannot compare a Presidential election year (2008) with an off-year midterm election.

    In 2006, 90,176 Republicans voted in the general election.
    In 2010, 102,225 Republicans voted in the general election.

    By every measure, the GOP’s results improved with O’Donnell heading the ticket running for US Senate compared with the candidates chosen by the old school establishment…. EVEN with the Republican cannibalism of the moderates at a fever pitch, the worst anyone has ever seen it. Imagine if the moderates had actually tried to win the US Senate seat instead of just sabotage conservatives?

  14. Tennessee Walker argues in #2: “One of the negatives surrounding Christine O’Donnell is the tendency to bring in carpetbaggers”

    Not true, TW: The problem is that ANY State — and this is a common phenomenon not just in Delaware — in which Republicans are not frequently winning has a lack of experienced campaign talent KNOWLEDGEABLE in how to win. This is true in ANY State where the Republican Party is engaged in rebuilding or a resurgence. Delaware is the FIRST STATE of a COUNTRY called the UNITED (get that TW, UNITED) States of America. You should draw on the resources that are available — just as the Democrats freely do.

    O’Donnell has always sought Delaware election campaign leaders. I personally participated in the search for a Delaware Republican to be campaign Treasurer, and still have the emails discussing about half a dozen Delaware Republicans being approach to be Treasurer in 2008, when the DEGOP was supposed to unite behind the nominee.

    In 2008, O’Donnell recruited from the Delaware Republican Party Tom Ross’ assistant Kristin Murray to be campaign manager as a local Delaware political leader. Kristin Murray dropped the ball. She had a relationshp breakdown, didn’t show up to work, and had to be fired.

    Of greater interest to me, Murray’s comments betray a complete lack of understanding of how elections work. Murray calls O’Donnell not a conservative because O’Donnell reported a trivial $19,000 of expenses at the end of 2008. RONALD REAGAN HAD $2 MILLION OF DEBTS AT THE END OF RONALD REAGAN’S 1976 PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN (in 1976 dollars, now probably worth $4 to $5 million). So by Murray’s thinking, RONALD REAGAN WAS NOT A CONSERVATIVE by Murray’s standards.

    Even more amazing, Murray’s *JOB* as campaign manager included RAISING THE MONEY to cover expenses. So Murray is actually criticizing her own failure to fund-raise for the campaign. Murray’s comments reflect someone who knows nothing at all about campaigns. Campaigns are by their nature unpredictable and uncertain, yet Murray and others talk about it as if it was supposed to be a government job with job security. What qualifications do they have to work on a campaign? Murray criticizes standard, normal campaign techniques as if she had never heard of them.

  15. If you think spending $6 million to gain 12,000 votes is progress, I’ll stack my knowledge of politics against yours any time.

  16. “If you think spending $6 million to gain 12,000 votes is progress, I’ll stack my knowledge of politics against yours any time.”

    Not to mention factoring in that 2006 was an historic low point for GOP voter enthusiasm and 2010 was a recent high point for GOP voter enthusiasm. I’m surprised that 2010 turnout was so low. A proper reflection of voter enthusiasm would have been a +25,000 turnout, and any discussion of turnout that doesn’t reflect the environment in 2006 vs. the environment in 2010 is dishonest.

  17. “In 2008, O’Donnell recruited from the Delaware Republican Party Tom Ross’ assistant Kristin Murray to be campaign manager as a local Delaware political leader. Kristin Murray dropped the ball. She had a relationshp breakdown, didn’t show up to work, and had to be fired.”

    Further proof of Moseley’s obvious incompetence. Krisin Murray was a Maryland native with zero insight into local Delaware Politics. Tha fact that Moseley states that her being a “local Delaware political leader” was the reason for her hiring is so hilarious and demonstrates just why the 2008 O’Donnell campaign was a day to day disaster. (No doubt this was due to Moseley himself.)
    Of course in typical law license suspended fashion, Moseley has to repeat the smears on a young woman who I know was in the office for COD because I talked with her.

  18. Kristen Murray was TERRY STRINE’S Executive Director, NOT Tom Ross’, moron liar. Murray left the ED position shortly after Ross took over from Strine.

    O’Donnell lied and said Murray only worked for her for a week and a half, her own FEC reports are proof of O’Donnell’s lie. Moseley now lies about Murray’s work ethic.

    Now bring up Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment and prentend O’Donnell and her supporters like Mosleley have a shred of credibility left.

    Maybe that’s what God meant when he said “credibility” to O’Donnell in 2006, he meant that she HAD NONE.

  19. anon: First the date of disbursements listed on FEC reports are NOT the dates when events occurred, but the dates when the checks were cut — in some cases MONTHS later. So no the FEC reports only show that anon does not know how to read FEC reports.

    Kristin Murray was generously overpaid more than she earned as a severance and go away quietly peace gesture. But Murray had a relationship breakdown, did not show up to work, and was fired for being AWOL on the job.]

  20. In Delaware, 2010 was a low point with the Republican leadership engaged in cannibalism. 2010 was far worse than 2006

  21. 2006 was worse for Republicans nationwide. Once again the law license suspended Moseley displays utter ignorance. Republicans lost control of Congress in 2006. In 2010 Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives.

    In one area Moseley is correct. In 2006 a Republican stabbed in the back the winner of the Republican primary by running an organized write in campaign against the “choice of the People” as proven by the Republican Primary.

  22. I heard that Christine O’Donnell was having the relationship breakdown in 2008, not Murray. Cougar O’Donnell had to figure out how to get her rich lawyer boy toy (not you Moseley, you’re her unethical clown lawyer plutonic friend forever) to buy her townhouse before it was sold at sheriff’s sale and then figure out how to dump him without him making a stink in the middle of an election.

    Moseley how much is Cougar O’Donnell paying you to rewrite her sordid, trashy history?

  23. anon

    “Moseley how much is Cougar O’Donnell paying you to rewrite her sordid, trashy history?”

    When you can’t address the issues, you start name-calling and using labels to denigrate people? What the heck! Why stop now?

  24. SC O’Donnell has always been proud of being able to pick up men more than a decade younger than she is, you should be more respectful of her choices.

  25. TW: You persist in this fantasy that what happens in other States mattered at all in what was happening in Delaware. In other States, the Republican party embraced the tea party revolution. In Delaware, the DEGOP filed a legal attack on the tea party and was at odds with it. In other States, Republicans united behind a common nominee. In Delaware, as shouted out by John Rieley to Tom Ross at the March Sussex GOP meeting, even after the primary, the DEGOP fought against the Party’s 2008 and 2010 nominee. DEGOP leaders were heard after the primary urging people to vote for Chris Coons. There is no comparsion between what happened in Delaware and other States. That is an unexplained fantasy. Elections are made up of concrete factors and actions — not “years” or waves or any such superstition.

  26. “In Delaware, 2010 was a low point with the Republican leadership engaged in cannibalism. 2010 was far worse than 2006”

    There were signs at the polls in Delaware in ’06 that said “Send Bush a message. Vote Democrat.” Every D campaign in Delaware tried to hang an unpopular President and a hated war around their opponent’s neck.

    Anyone who can claim that ’10 was a worse environment for Republicans in Delaware than ’06 either wasn’t here or is lying through their teeth.

  27. I can testify to the toxic environment in 2006. I agree with you, but what hurt in 2010 was that we did it to ourselves.

  28. And I won’t argue that there wasn’t infighting in 2010, but the average voter didn’t care about the inside baseball stuff in ’10 at all. And if they did, it was a far, far cry from how much they hated Bush and the war in 2006.

  29. anon, the very public attacks of Republicans are not “inside baseball” but EXACTLY what Independents and Democrats care about. Independents are Independent for a reason — they don’t really care for organizated parties. So when they see the kind of behavior Tom Ross exhibited, that is exactly what they don’t like about politics. To win over Independent voters, you have to start with the question *WHY* are the Independent in the first place? (Of course there are many individual reasons).

    What the DEGOP’s leaders did starting in December 2009 through May 2010, when they were supposed to be neutral until the Convention voted, was exactly the kind of ugliness that is why Independents aren’t Republicans. That is not even remotely “inside baseball.”

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