Steve Smyk: Candidate and Treasurer?

St.Rep. Steve Smyk (R) – Dist. 20

In early September of 2018, incumbent 20th District State Representative, Steven Smyk apparently dismissed his campaign committee treasurer, discredited former Indian River School District CFO, Patrick C. Miller.

In an era of highly charged politics, good campaign treasurers are hard to find, but in the wake of the IRSD missing funds scandal, he became a major political liability and had to go.

Representative Smyk’s amended statement of organization of”Freinds of Steve Smyk” 11/01/2018 apparently indicates that he is acting as his own campaign committee treasurer.

15 Del. C. (e) § 8003 states:

A candidate shall designate an individual as treasurer of that candidate’s candidate committee, in order to assist with the duties under this chapter, but nothing shall relieve the candidate from the responsibility for keeping the records and filing the reports required by this chapter.

It is interesting to note that while the signatures, physical addresses and telephone numbers of the candidate and the treasurer are identical, the e-mail address of the treasurer apparently belongs to Patrick Miller.

The Delaware Department of Elections, Campaign Finance Section’s automated e-mail system notifies campaign committee treasurers of receipt of required Campaign finance reports. Ergo, a physical communications link still exists between the candidate and former treasurer.

Further information is available on exceptionaldelaware.

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