State of the Union Reaction

Tonight we saw President Donald J. Trump. The best of America was on display including 2.4 million jobs, heroes who saved people in natural disasters, soldiers, coast guard pilot, a police officer who adopted a drug baby and Americans who lost a child to MS-13. Black unemployment is falling and to the lowest level in the history of record keeping and so is Hispanic unemployment. It is morning in America.

Unfortunately, the resistance seems to think the best they can do is remind us that they have a Kennedy that has not left someone in a car with a prop. It was a horrible speech, but well delivered. It was just disconnected catch phrases with no connection and no vision. It is midnight in America. He cannot name one effort to roll back any civil rights protection in hundreds of executive actions, but it did not stop him from making up a fantasy world of fear and darkness.

The CBS flash-poll says 75% of the people liked the speech, 97% of Republicans, 43% of Democrats, and overwhelming independent support. Today, he was the President of all Americans. God, flag, family, free markets, veterans, and a strong defense were highlighted. He framed the next year’s debate. The performance was much more natural. He is now as good at a teleprompter speech as he is off the cuff. November 6th is a long way away. People who despised him yesterday will not love him tonight. Still, this is a moment where he reached out and explained himself to America. It was a good moment.