State Of The Union Editorial

Although the president made broad promises in his State of the Union address, there was little substance to back up his claims. The speech had all the trappings of a motivational speech to the unknowledgeable masses, that might grab any morsel of hope that their situations would improve. His speech had all the effects of offering a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, without revealing where the gold might come from. Obama effectively used the incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School to harp on gun control, while spouting rhetoric about the shooting of Gabby Giffords in Tucson. “Gabby Giffords deserves a vote. The families of Newtown deserve a vote. The families of Auroa deserve a vote, Obama said, leaning heavily on the rhetoric. The president heavily lobbied the Congress to bring gun-control legislation to a vote. While Obama challenged republicans to become part of the team to accomplish his goals for the nation, Biden’s adoring eyes rarely left the presidents back, while Speaker of the House Boehner’s dead-pan face rarely changed. Biden led most of the standing ovations that were a constant part of the president’s address, while the media camera’s panned the assembled Congress. Obama fell short of doing a victory lap on the economy, after the sluggish economic recovery of his first term, instead he focused on job creation, while failing to address a plan that would both balance the budget and deal with a sky-rocketing national debt. More people out of work meant more citizens on entitlements Entitlement programs such as Food Stamps, known as the Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program (SNAP) are burgeoning out of control. When Obama took office in January 2009, there were 31,939,110 people receiving food stamps. In November 2012 there were 47,692,896 people receiving food stamps. This figure is nearly equal to the population of Spain. As for me, I am tired of rhetorical motivational speeches that have no detail, but instead are designed for public relations impact. I find little hope that Obama’s second term will deal with Jobs creation, debt reduction or a balanced budget. His plan appeared to be still centered on spending our way out of this economic slump. I project that Obama’s second term will lack the accomplishments of his State of the Union Address and he will lean heavily on his power to legislate, using executive orders.

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  1. Thank you for heaping praise upon our commander in chief. As I was once told by the CIA, …. “every time Nikita Khrushchev lambastes us in public, our stature goes up in the world..”..

  2. Kavips
    You certainly have a strange definition of the phrase, “heaping praise,” to say the least.

  3. “Entitlement programs such as Food Stamps, known as the Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program (SNAP) are burgeoning out of control.”

    It was the “burgeoning out of control” financial sector that ran the economy into the ground, not Food Stamps.

  4. Kavips

    My editorial on the State of the Union Address was staightforward and it was much milder than Sen. Marco Rubio’s or Sen. Rand Paul’s.
    When a republican gave state of the union addresses, democratic editorials were usually scathing, so I am OK with mine.

  5. One of the stranger things in Obama’s State of the Union address was not just his brag of producing more private gas and oil, which as occurred despite rather than because of his federal policies, but his bizarre ideas about restoring manufacturing jobs to the U.S. Our only chance to lure high-paying jobs back to the U.S. is to convince employers that we are more competitive than the alternative. That would require inter alia cheaper transportation fuel prices and electricity costs for high-energy-consuming industries brought about by huge new finds of natural gas and oil, less government interference at a time when the president has slapped a trillion-dollar-plus mandate of a federal takeover of health care on employers, a sense of fair play that ensures government bodies such as the NLRB and EPA fairly adjudicate disputes between workers and employers, predictable tax policy, and some sort of praise for those who do well and hire lots of people.

    Instead, we get recycled and failed Gore-greenism, talk of wasting private-sector generated profits in gas and oil on federalized wind and solar, more second-round talk of raising revenues to pay for federal spending, more snide boilerplate about the well-connected and Warren Buffett’s secretary, “recess” appointments of anti-business bureaucrats and the strange career (and stranger departure) of the e-mailing Lisa Jackson at EPA, and grand talk of a more activist federal government.

    I fear that any employer listening to that speech would probably go on hoarding cash until the storm passes, which may explain why unemployment has stayed at or above 7.8 percent in every month of this presidency, as we talk grandly of summers of recovery and the rubble that has passed.

    In a reductionist sense, if the president would just take his first draft of these speeches, and then pencil in the opposite of each talking point, the economy might take off. Or better yet, can the president just explain to the American people why employment and GDP figures after four years of nearly $5 trillion “stimulus” funded by borrowing are so anemic — without blaming someone else?…Victor Davis Hanson, National Review Online

    FDR’s ‘stimulus’ failed , and so has Omaba’s. FDR needed a world war to end the depression. Is it possible that BO will trigger a war with Iran? Probably not- after all, he has just armed the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt with F-16’s and top-tier tanks.

  6. Thanks Rick

    Great comment. I wasn’t impressed with Obama’s State of the Union speech, especially when he indicated that he would legislate by using executive orders to override Congress.

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