State House of Reps Sends Draconian Gun Background Check Bill to Floor

Over the objections of many citizens, the State House Judiciary Committee passed HB 35 which requires criminal background checks on all firearms transfers even within families such as step parents and cousins or others not considered immediate and among people in the military who already have background checks. Violation would be a class A misdemeanor. On the bright side HB 13 by Rep. Kowalko was released from the House Administration Committee. It would require a one year waiting period for members of the General Assembly to become lobbyists. One question that I have is why does this not apply to all political appointees and elected officials? Why single out members of the General Assembly when a cabinet secretary could have more influence on certain policies? HB 14 helping Farmers by not taxing the money given them to lock their land into Agricultural Preservation program is stalled in the Appropriations Committee after being released from the revenue committee. The bill would only cost around 600k (200k to 800K) and would allow the state to get more bang for the buck by making it more attractive to participate without having to spend more money. Soon we will see how serious the General Assembly is about preserving rural life. Is it worth not socking farmers with capital gains taxes when they choose not to sell their land for market prices but take a much lower payment to preserve it? What are your thoughts on these and other state bills?

6 thoughts on “State House of Reps Sends Draconian Gun Background Check Bill to Floor”

  1. David
    When you get the vote count and who voted for and against on HB 35,. please post it.

  2. I do not know it right now. I will make a call. It was the bare majority of 6 so 2 Democrats defected.

  3. 50 people spoke in opposition to 25 in favor of HB35.

    A spokesperson representing the teachers union DSEA claimed that the majority of teachers and administrators in the sate favored HB35 yet every teacher/ administrator and school board member I know in Sussex County was never contacted including my wife and roughly 100 friends, colleagues, and acquaintances of our ours who are teachers, administrators, and school board members.

    My understanding is the vote was 6-4

  4. Dover area Democrat Trey Paradee voted against with the 3 Republicans. It needed 6 of 11. I am not sure who was missing.

  5. There will be a hearing on the floor of the House for HB 35, Thursday March 28th before they vote on it. My guess is that there will be plenty of citizens there to observe the proceedings.

  6. Under SCOTUS case law, Haynes v U.S. among others, prosecuting a criminal for not complying with a background check for a private transfer would violate the criminal’s right to not incriminate themselves under the U.S. and Delaware constitutions.

    Anyone who has been in law enforcement AND who is honest will tell you that this won’t stop criminals and/or lunatics from obtaining arms. So one must wonder what the true purpose of this legislation is.

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