So how much will the modern Journey to India cost?

The White House won’t tell, but it denies the likely inflated figure put out by the press in India of 200M.  What we know is it will not be cheap.  Read the report of the tunnel that will be built for the President to visit a museum. That is just the beginning.  800 hotel rooms, 34 warships including an Aircraft carrier, undisclosed secret service,  scores of aircraft, 40 cars, hundreds of security personnel in advance, and the moving of “the majority of the White House staff“.  The White house is pushing back.  Gibbs denies 34 warships but won’t say how many there are.  It is expected to be a new record.  Still the war in Afghanistan with 100K troops costs less than 200M a day.   It is doubtful this exercise could cost more than 15 million a day.  Let me give an example.  It cost the huge trip that President Clinton took to Africa 3.6 million a day.  Double that for undisclosed security.   This trip has costs that are higher because it is over a decade later and this one has double the number of people.   The meeting is a G-20 meeting which is important to our nation’s economic well being.    I am not sure we need 3000 people to go, but that is a call for the President.  If a disaster occurred and terrorists took out the President, how much would that cost the American economy?    It would be a lot more than 200M.  The lost wealth would be enormous.  The confidence the American people had would be shaken.  The nation would be torn apart in recriminations.  Summits are important on occassion because you have to meet people in person to take a measure of people eventually.  Technology reduces the necessity of the showmanship and costs of face to face travel, but it cannot be eliminated.  There is some value in the President visiting other lands.  It shows that we do not think we are too good to set foot in another land and allows the President to escape the bubble of  Washington. There are a lot of complaints that I have with the President, but this is not one of them in principle.   I do wonder if the scope of it is necessary.  The lack of transparency has some basis in security, but most of it is PR.   That legitimate complaint should not undermine a legitimate roll of the President.  There will be many battles in the coming months.  There is no reason to create extra ones.  We need to unite as a people somewhere for the common good.

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  1. The real travesty is how much it costs each day to send our JOBS overseas.

    Obama’s tunnel is nothing compared to the day spa and resort Nancy Pelosi is building for San Francisco salt mice. With union labor.

    Read the tunnel article you linked to. This is comedy writing. David, you have been had. And no, if you repeat the rumor in detail while pretending to repudiate it, that doesn’t count.

    While inspecting the route and the buildings lining up the route to the museum, the Americans detected a skyscraper near Peddar road and also found the area to be highly populated.


    A bomb-proof over-ground tunnel — to be installed by US military engineers in just an hour.

    Bombproof, of course, because it is made of “unobtanium”.

  2. Run, BO, run, run.

    Try to hide…but, you cannot escape the reality of your rejection.

    The Messiah is now just a mess.

    Barack has never been told ‘no’…until last Tuesday.

    Run, BO…run and hide.

  3. The dollar is set to tank. Obama runs for cover, literally, in a tunnel in India to search for jobs.

    More outsourcing in 3…2…1…

  4. The answer to the question in the headline is: The journey to India costs as much as the president wants. To Obama, what’s a couple of billion dollars. Our kids and grandkids can pick up the tab for this profiling idiot.

  5. Those cowards who hide behind a pseudonym attack from supposed impunity deserve no credibility whatsoever. I’ve slandered nobody. File your lawsuit and do not threaten me.
    All contributors here have been slandered by the left constantly. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.
    Please file suit, so we can see your real identity.
    If you are going to call yourself the truth, then tell the truth.

  6. Truth
    I’ve have the conscience to write with my own name. I’ve revealed nobody’s identity and have not used last names. Even if I knew this persons, which I do, I would not reveal it. I’ve only addressed vicious attacks for what they are. I’ve used no profanity, and have only attempted to address the issues until attacked so badly that I felt that I had to defend myself.
    If you were an attorney, you would know that you have no basis for a lawsuit. A blog is opinion and only a low percentage of people reveal their true identity.
    A lawyer doesn’t give his hand away by threatening. They just file.
    Some people have ethics and some do not. In my OPINION you do not.

  7. Luckily, conservatives are kind, compassionate people.

    With counselling, Apo may sometime heal the wounds and make peace with her community. Let us hope this is so.

    It is good to see that ‘the truth’ is finally revealing repressed anxieties. Expect a cry for help in the immediate future. The next stage is critical for recovery.

    And yes, we conservatives will reach-out compassionately- yes, we will throw-out a figurative lifeline to our tormented fellow man.

    “Mine Eyes have Seen the Glory…”

  8. I used to like commenting on this site, before the issues always got buried under the “you outed my real identity” flame wars. Maybe there can be a separate thread for childish mudslinging, so the rest of us can discuss the issues at hand.

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