Smarter Balanced is a Useless Test

Smarter is dumber, but it is sold as better, smarter and a balanced approach to learning. We are supposed to be panicked that half of our students are not proficient to the new standard. Do a bunch of new things and make changes. I think that they are disappointed that more students did not fail.

The problem is that the test does not allow changes in real time. If we take the test in March and don’t get the results until the new school year has started, it is useless. That means two school years before you can adjust. DCAST at least let you adjust in real time. The results also show us that DCAST could have been tweaked to the new standards.

We have a useless test that enriches some corporation but impoverishes our ability to improve education. Why?

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  1. David all these standardized tests are useless. They are a total waste of financial resources, and the knowledge educators bring to the classroom. Our education system is robbing our children of a real education, with requirements that teachers “teach to the test” . This is a classic example of Bert Lance’s statement “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” . There are certain aspects of education that are tried and true, serving generations of children who became successful members of society.

  2. The fact is that the Common core system of education is not better than either the traditional public school system of education or “Home Schooling.”
    The fact that Gov. Markell vetoed the bill giving the right to opt out of this smarter balanced test is a travesty of justice for parents and schoolchildren in all of Delaware.
    Way to go Governor, robbing parents of their just rights to educate and raise their children as they see fit.

  3. They don’t use traditional methods because they don’t want educated students, they want a row of cabbages.

  4. Well Rick, for the parents that can’t afford a private education for their children, they will get a row of cabbages.
    Somehow, I thought America could do better.

  5. don

    smarter balanced and common core are worthy of criticism but you are off the mark. common core has nothing to do with the way you teach.

    the test itself takes up entirely too much time. the results do not come back in a timely manner so there is way to assess and then remediate students who have not grasped critical concepts. assessing or testing is ok when you can do something with the results. this test and the surrounding bureaucracy are a waste.

  6. @Salty

    Thanks for further explaining the concept, there is still a lot to learn about how they want to educate our children. I’ve heard very few compliments about the Common Core System and an overwhelming amount of criticism.

  7. Somehow, I thought America could do better.

    We could do better. But the powers that be want schools to be indoctrination centers, as envisioned by John Dewey and Woodrow Wilson. It took a hundred years, but they’ve succeeded.

    This is why the U.S. cannot produce enough engineers and doctors to meet demand. With a mediocre high school education, students go to college and major in sociology, or some other useless subject and then go to work in retail.

    Looking forward, it will only get worse, as the public school system gets increasingly federalized.

    The solution? First and foremost, dismantle the Department of Education. Second? Prohibit mandatory union membership for teachers as a condition for employment.

    Remember, to the left, everything is political. Ruining the public school system is necessary to destroy the United States, which is the long-term goal.

  8. “Smarter Balance ” sounds more like a butter substitute instead of an educational evaluation program. It seems that the bureaucrats view “education” as more of an administrative subject onto itself and have gotten away from the subjects that the system is supposed to “teach”. That is, if the purpose of the system was to educate in the first place instead of turning most of us into industrial ( now post-industrial ) drones, blindly submissive to statist political authority .

    That is why parents who can afford it send their kids to private schools.

  9. saltyindependent said “common core has nothing to do with the way you teach.”

    Common Core has everything to do with the with the way teachers plan their lessons and instruct.
    State guidelines for teachers contain the following;
    “Teachers WILL follow Common Core state standards for their courses” (no longer just math ELA) .
    The Common Core standard must be incorporated into KUDs (know, understand, do), and SLMs (students learning map) for every course that is taught.

    My wife has been an educator for 15 years, she has taught during the original NCLB ACT (better known to teachers as All Children Left Behind), Common Core, Smarter Balance.

    Teachers can no longer use a red pen to mark wrong answers. They can no longer write comments that are in any way critical. Some examples that may no longer be written; “If you had studied more you would have done better”, “you’re capable of doing better”, “you obviously didn’t study” etc.

    Foreign exchange students that come to the United States can’t believe how far behind we are education wise, how LAZY and COMPLACENT our students are.

  10. Public education defies common business logic as it steadily absorbs more and more public money and turns out a steadily declining product. Coupled with general cultural decay, the future does not apparently bode well for Delaware and the rest of the USA.

  11. …the future does not apparently bode well for Delaware and the rest of the USA.

    Which is why the Heartland will eventually secede.

  12. You keep saying that but where are the nukes, exactly?

    Never mind. Here’s a map, supposedly. If we’re not too busy with teaching the next generation of serfs for international bankers to monetize how to use calculators perhaps one should take note of it?

    Just a thought. If you’re actually correct that the Jewish/gay/cosmo city dwellers will be rejected by the heartland soon. Seems unlikely, given that kosher cuckservatives like Glenn Beck will throw themselves in the way in order to stop “another Hitler.” They’re still back in WWII. That’s where they derive their supposed moral authority and folk devils.

    As far as the national security state goes, perhaps “the plan”/conspiracy is to hold this all together with freedumb fry eaters on one side and gay freedumb hopium smokers on the other? Better balance it out soon with a gay Obama supporting African American false flag attack, if so. There is a group of people with a lot of practice, centuries really, of performing a balancing act between all tribes. Maybe ask them for advice on how to balance emerging factions and fake political tribes?

    Just a thought.

    Perhaps despite a vast national security state with all its war gaming and drills working to protect a vast managerial state based on anti-racist globalism and multiculturalism (Free rainbows, provided you’re not beat to death by Africans right here in “your” own country.) there is no plan. There is no understanding of the financial system by the CIA or the progressively multicultural FBI. Perhaps there are just careerists and “minority” ethnic activists that in any other age would be suspected as likely traitors. “Prejudice.” Yet now Edward Snowden and other implicitly White people are the “traitors” to an attempt to fold the United States over into a form of global government influenced predominately by you know who. Kosher conservatives (implicit nationalism) are usually all concerned about the “United Nations” but what would the United States amount to if Congress and the government become more multicultural? Imagine the Somalis achieving representation in Congress or perhaps there should be a Somali president. Kosher conservatives already agree with Babel Inc. among the goyim while they labor to build up an ethnic state for a group of people they call “the Jews.” Ask them who they are and they probably don’t even know. Or perhaps they’re pretending to be African pygmies by now. They could take lessons from Rachel Dolezal. She was raised by creationists/”fundamentalists” apparently similar to Mr. Moseley, by the way. Mr. Moseley probably doesn’t even have children but if he did, then given his philosophy of dreams he could adopt ten Africans to raise with them and then they too might not know who they are.

    It’s just “skin color,” as he insists.

    As if we’re all just like a certain group of ethnic chameleons that can change the existence of our tribes at will in order to move through other tribes as globalists.

    Anyway. Despite the progressive media (No blood for oil! It’s all about oil!!! Wait, we didn’t even get any? Well, it’s still the oil!!) there doesn’t seem to be a vast Anglo/White conspiracy for world domination. If this is a “successful” Anglo Empire then what would defeat look like? The United States (the supposed White Empire of domination) is already targeting White people for ethnic replacement. It’s already allowed an invasion.

    This is world domination and oppression of the “minorities”/majority by Whites? Hah. 🙂 If allowing an invasion based on immigration is actually “domination” and the oppression of minorities based on global empire building by European Americans, then what would defeat look like?

  13. Public education defies common business logic as it steadily absorbs more and more public money…

    Maybe after they’re done teaching them how to use a calculator they could focus on calculating mortgages. Because unless they’re all going to become bankers that lend themselves money into existence out of nothing and then demand to be bailed out with more money from nothing something goes wrong between different bankers… a mortgage is going to be a rather significant aspect of the lives of most serfs.

    Then there’s student loan debt that’s used as money/debt. They should probably put that in their calculators too.

    Perhaps then they could head on over to another class to memorize the Constitution and call it a day.

    Well, unless getting “schooled” is really about practicing showing up on time each day for another job that’s been saved or created, etc.

    I didn’t finish the test that looks suspiciously like a calculator but what are they currently being taught?

    The Constitution? Mortgages? The nature of “money”? What do they need to go to school for? To get a job.

    If it’s about getting a job, then what do they need a job for?


    So what is money and where does it come from?

    Shouldn’t that be the first question on the test and the first thing to enter into the calculator?

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