Sigler the odds on favorite: News Journal

I don’t usually trust the News Journal account of things. They are a liberal leaning newspaper. But in certain instances if they report that there is a fire and you have actually seen the fire then you need to give them the benefit of the doubt. Beth Miller deserves some kudos for giving a very fair and balanced account of the Hartly Debates last week. I am more than willing to be critical of liberal media bias. Last Sunday’s account of the Hartly Debates (3-27-11) was as fair and balanced as anyone could ask for. With all of that being said, today’s News Journal reports that John Sigler is the odds on favorite to win the job of Repubublican State Chairman.    Sigler has been endorsed by Charlie Copeland in New Castle and Vance Phillips in Sussex.  I don’t know anyone who believes he can raise $112,000,000 as he did when president of the NRA but he does understand the process which neither of his opponents have demonstrated any knowledge of  in their past performances.  Here are some of the quotes from today’s article starting off with the eminent Brandywine Hundred Conservative (and the maker of great cookies) Gretchen Ellixson.
Sigler appears to Ellixson — and many others around the state — to be the man to put the party together again and restore trust in the disillusioned. “He’s not going to be a man who is controlled,” she said. “He’ll make steps in the right direction.” He has the endorsements, too, of Copeland and of Sussex County Council President Vance Phillips. “I think it’s going to take strong leadership, the kind John Sigler will bring to the table,” Phillips said. “And we’ll still have the iconic figures like Pete du Pont to help keep a strong hand on the rudder.”
Republicans are hungry for a unifier.  Many who are not NRA advocates have  jumped on board.  Again from today’s News Journal.
Senate Minority Leader Gary Simpson, R-Milford, who grew up with Sigler and urged him to run, said he believes Sigler is precisely the right man at the right time — able to relate effectively to Republicans from all around the state and able to help the party craft a message that will appeal to voters outside the party. Dave Jones of the Colonial Region GOP said Sigler will win on the first ballot. “He brings the best of both worlds,” Jones said. “He returns every phone call, he listens, and he understands that the poor widow in Bear is just as important as the rich person in Greenville.”
 The  News Journal article also points out the flaws in Sigler’s opposition.  Those who call for Unity probably should not be seen as preeminent in inter party fights.  Here is the quote from the News Journal about Don Ayotte.
He has done some committee work in Sussex, and earlier this year was part of an uprising in Sussex County that culminated in a confrontation with party leaders, including Sussex Chairman Ron Sams. Sams now plans to step down from his regional chairmanship after the convention. Ayotte says he wasn’t part of that, but that his name was used by others.
I will leave it up to the readers of this blog to tell us if Don Ayotte was or was not part of the effort to unseat Ron Sams.  Or if as Don has been quoted as saying that his name was simply being “used by others.”  The long (13 years) and never ending saga of ne’er do well Mike Protack is also on display.  The News Journal   reports on Protack’s history of smear and overall nastiness. 
A former Sussex County Region chairman and political blogger traced nasty anonymous comments to Protack’s Internet address several years ago. And Protack was widely accused in 2007 of circulating anonymous pink postcards that included anti-Semitic epithets about a likely 2008 GOP gubernatorial candidate who is Jewish, an accusation Protack denied again last week when it was raised by Primus Poppiti at a meeting of the Brandywine Region GOP. “My judgment is sound,” Protack said. “I don’t do dumb things.”
Yeah right Mikey that is why you have won so many elections. That former Sussex County Regional Chairman referenced in this article was Dave Burris who founded this blog. In 2007 Burris exposed, on this very website, Mike Protack for being the author of scurrilous anonymous attacks on anyone who Protack saw as crossing his path.  (A constant path of  failure.)  At any rate the News Journal article makes it clear that Protack will continue his perfect record of never having won an election of any kind whether it be local or statewide. The overall assessment of Protack’s chances are that he will go down faster than a cheap Saturday Night Hooker from the nearby split of Route 13 and 40 outside of Protack’s hometown of New Castle.    I will give my own independent assessment later as I am still talking to folks in the various regions.  I have already linked this NJ article but for the full  treatment one can click here.

20 thoughts on “Sigler the odds on favorite: News Journal”

  1. “…the kind John Sigler will bring to the table,” Phillips said…” Pete du Pont to help keep a strong hand on the rudder.

    Is it a picnic or a cruise?

    I’m sure we’ll all stand shoulder to shoulder and carry the day.

  2. When all three candidates shook hands and agreed to run a clean race; probably the first one in Delaware history, Beth Miller takes the lead and starts smearing two of the candidates. Thank Beth for you help, but no thanks
    Take the “Wilmington NewsBias and your trashiy reporting, and keep it to yourself.
    We want a clean race, and quite frankly Beth, you don’t know what a clean race it. TALK ABOUT BIAS!!!!!!!
    TW, it seems you’ve got a horse in this race. By the way thanks for backing Castle all the way, you sock puppet. The NRA endorsed Harry Reid for Senate in Naevada!!!

  3. ————————deleted personal attack————————————————-

  4. SC didn’t you just scold me for personal attacks on another thread? You’re a hypocrite. You were probably running around Delaware accusing Castle of being gay and whining that Castle was attacking Christine O’Cougar.

  5. an on #4

    I don’t believe that Castle has a gay bone in his body, and never insinuated that he did.
    I do believe that in his long distinguished career, he accomplished many great things for the people of Delaware and should be honored for those accomplishments. I also believe that in the last few years that he did become a RINO and did not represent the rank and file republicans of Delaware.
    anon, you assume far too much, as always!!!!!

  6. As always those who stay in the shadows say the most, it is the way of cowards. I will match my life against any of you who stay in the dark afraid of the day. My wife and I raised two boys one is an MD at Yale the other a scholarship student in Economics, both like me are Eagle Scouts. I have been happily married for almost 32 years, served as a commissioned officer for over 10 years in the Marines, I was a home room Dad, President of a Parents club at my son’s schools and Scout Leader for 12 years, I have been a commercial pilot for over 20 years and a Captain for 10 years. These attributes used to mean something in the Delaware GOP.

    Let me go one by one with your laughable personal assaults.

    Dave Burris never proved a thing and you know it, in fact the scurrilous comments you ascribe to me were made when I was at the controls of a delta jet. Why let facts get in the way of a good smear. You are very sad indeed. All other smears are the makings of those who have added nothing to the cause but assume manhood at a keyboard but not life.

    Endorsements don’t matter because if they did we would hold every state wide office and the state legislature yet we have nothing. I believe Jan Ting had the same endorsements. We need to stop the endless self congratulation amongst ourselves and do the minority outreach I speak of in my plan.

    The Delaware GOP needs a concrete plan to reorganize as we are a bankrupt party in leadership, ideas and money. No one will invest in this party if we are not organized and structured to be a force and that includes national people. We have had J C Watts, George Will, former Pres Bush and Newt Gingrich come here to raise money and nothing changed. Christine had $6 million + and again nothing changed and none of those money sources are still in Delaware.

    The need for the party is NCC and we need a serious hands on approach to this county, I know the place quite well. It is the problem we need to fix. My plan would do it.

    The job of fixing the party is at least a three cycle job ( 6 years) and I have published a time line for that purpose. All party officials will publish their goals for the year and report back at the convention on their progress.

    To date no one has fault with this plan, not a soul which is why the endless personal attacks take center stage among the malcontents we have. John, Don and I are talking and listening to all of you and we are taking the high road it is too bad this blog stays in the sewer.

    “If history teaches anything, it teaches self-delusion in the face of unpleasant facts is folly”. Not my quote (Reagan) but a good one and that is where we are in the GOP. If you are honest enough to say the truth you you get blamed for the events you discuss.

    As for New Castle and hookers I assume TW knows this sort of thing by personal experience. I don’t because when I lived there I was attending school, being a paper boy, playing sports and studying.

    After 2010 and the savagery of that election the hope was we would work to defeat democrats not ravage each other. It is apparent that task is not acceptable to TW and others.
    Read the plan, it is the only plan out there.

    I will sign off and the personal attacks begin. I can weather them but the Delaware GOP is the one suffering not me.

    My best to Don and John as we crisscross the state.
    Mike Protack

  7. TW
    You can delete all you want but your whole post is a personal attack on two of the three candidates that you don’t favor,you HYPOCRITE.

  8. I agree with Protack’s assessment. These three men will avoid a dirty mudslinging race as an example to all republicans that inter-party races can be clean races that is respectful of other republicans. This will allow all three men to work to together with whoever wins the contest to rebuild and unify the republican party. Good luck to all three!!!!

  9. While Sigler does seem to have a lot going for him, the reasoning offered by the News Journal is the typical thinking of the Left: Liberals (including within the GOP) fight doggedly, persistently, and unceasingly for their agenda, while they try to neuter and silence conservatives. They try to persuade conservatives that it isn’t “nice” to defeat liberals. We conservatives should play with both hands tied behind our back while liberals use every dirty trick in the book and stop at nothing.

    When Obama Care passed, the Left (including the news media) crowed about how liberals had been fighting FOR 70 YEARS (since FDR) to get socialized medicine passed, and how their PERSISTENT efforts were successful.

    The liberal creed is “never give up” while they simultaneously do everything possible to give the GOP “ADVICE” which translates into — give up, quit, don’t say anything, be quiet, don’t try, don’t take chances, you’re going to lose anyway so don’t even make the effort.

    So the end result with Sigler might be a good package and combination of skills and personality.

    But it is sheer nonsense, as Beth Miller reports it, that a leader who has fought battles is thereby less of a leader or diminished by those battles. Exactly the opposite is true. Ronald Reagan was failing in the 1980 Presidential primary until he stood up and fought at the New Hampshire Presidential debate. It was Reagan’s strong defense of his right to speak — “I’m paying for this microphone!” — that finally lit the fire for Reagan’s primary campaign, and distinguished him.

    A leader who is not willing to fight for our principles is — by definition — not a leader. I am not suggesting Sigler won’t. But the fact that others have fought the battles that needed fighting should be their badge of honor, not baggage.

    Why did conservatives donate $7 million to O’Donnell — seeing that some are so worried about who can raise money in the future for the DEGOP? Because people love someone with the courage to stand up and fight for what is right, despite opposition and at personal cost.

    “Playing it safe” bureaucrats do not inspire people to part with their hard-earned money. For someone to write out a check, deduct the money from their bank balance, and look at the money that just left their account, and still mail the check any way requires a REASON. People don’t give money based on “What the heck?” “Give us money… What the heck else are you going to do with your money?” “We really don’t know why you should give us money, but please give it anyway.”

  10. I will leave it up to the readers of this blog to tell us if Don Ayotte was or was not part of the effort to unseat Ron Sams.

    Who cares whether he was or wasn’t? Were you at the meetings, particularly the one at DelTech? The majority of Republicans present wanted Sams out– period.

    Conservative Sussex wants conservative representation.

  11. I am a recently retired professional who has voted R for many years and I am disgusted beyond belief at the conduct of this party. It is clear the hatchet men of last year are still here with the coordinated attack with the News Journal on one of the party chair candidates.
    I have one question for Mr. Sigler who I do not know, if you are part of the headquarters assault then stop it if you are not then speak up against it. Will you do that for the party you want to lead?
    I have considerable roots in N Wilmington and Newark and two Republicans I had the honor of knowing were Dallas Winslow and Michele Rollins. One was tanked by former Sen Charles Copeland when Dallas was an incumbent and Michele by the renegade race of Mr Urquhart run by Vance Phillips who called Michele the “heiress”. Mike is wrong, endorsements do matter but it depends where they come from. I reject the above gentleman’s choice because of who they are.
    Members of the Republican party I had hoped to become more active now that time allows me. However, given the lack of professionalism by our party I will stay an R voter but I will l have nothing to do with such an organization which tolerates or encourages such savagery against our own.
    I always thought the Democratic party was less than intelligent but it appears they are much smarter than we are.
    John, Mike and Don stay positive as we want a real plan and real leadership.
    Now let me get to the Concord Mall and see how much my wife spent.

  12. Well I’ll say it….Moseley has the best post of all so far.

    Protack….good post but you got baggage, my friend. But I’ll keep a very open mind since Burris turned out to be such a nasty RINO. You need to convince me with a vigor but your post was a good start.

    And Rick, right on about TW’s stupid aspersions cast on Ayotte,as if being “part” of the movement to oust Sams (whatever being “part of” entails in RINO speak) is somehow something bad, heh, 75% of Sussex wanted Sams outta there.

    And Don…come out of the shadows and give your argument. I’ll be at the debates with camera and computer, I’ll be on top of it. I got at least three to four people read my Blog so I’m working it.

  13. Pat
    I will come out, if for only one comment. I had hoped to not comment on the blogsites for the duration of my candidacy.
    I abhor that Beth Miller attempted to create chaos between the three of us that are running for such an important office in these difficult times. I consider it a simple liberal media ploy to start trouble, where none exists. My platform is simple and effective. I will use my experience in election politics and the lessons learned by the incredible losses in the 2010 debacle to my benefit.
    As many in the party know I started actively with the party in 2001, while working as a freelance reporter and attending the University of Delaware in Newark, earning a degree in English with a concentration in journalism. After graduation in 2006, I was offered a job in Arizona as a reporter for a daily newspaper. I returned home after not being able to sell my home in Delaware because of an extreme down market in the housing industry. I soon busied myself in election politics by becoming an ED Committeeman in 2008, just in time for the special elections in 2009. We were successful in electing Ruth Briggs King to the 37th Representative District and Joe Booth to the 19th Senatorial District. I was extremely active in both campaigns and accrued enough experience to work on the statewide race of The Kevin Wade For Congress Campaign as his Press and Media Relations Officer. I worked in many campaigns after Mr. Wade’s campaign, including Jim Van Houten’s race for the Representative District and Fred Cullis’ race for the 7th Senatorial District. I wrote articles for several candidates and posted them in blogsites, to add a little recognition for their campaigns. I helped in every campaign that I had time for. Every candidate that I had the opportunity to meet was and excellent candidate that would have been a great Delaware legislator. The list of candidates became so many that I have trouble at the moment recalling all of them.
    While attending the U of D, I also took courses in political science like, state and local politics, currents in political theory and international relations, which bolsters my knowledge in the political arena.
    I maintain that although both of the other candidates possess abilities that would make them excellent candidates, I believe that I possess the talents that are needed to unite the party and the recruitment capabilities necessary to fill vacant RD and ED spots in the Northern Regions. I feel uniquely qualified for this position and am retired and have the time, energy and talents to perform the job that will require a full time person.
    I resent Tennessee Walker’s alliance with the Beth Miller article in the Wilmington News Journal. She has only one goal and that is to sell papers and a smear campaign does sell papers. I know he favors one candidate but to trash two other republican candidates in an obvious hit and run post, is not what I expected of him.
    Mr. tennessee walker needs to get on the moving train of unity and act like a republican. The three candidates want a clean race because the republicans of Delaware deserve a clean race between those who would be chairman. Running a mudslinging campaign steals energy that is badly needed to unite the party at this critical moment in Delaware’s political future and the three of us realize that fact.
    That being said, I wish the other two gentlemen Godspeed in the race. May the people be wise in their choice at the convention and may the two candidates that lose, do their best to support and help the winner, because God knows he will need all the help he can get.
    This will be my only response during my candidacy!

  14. I wonder how Don Ayotte felt when he read the part where Vance Phillips hung him out to dry?

  15. I am a recently retired professional who has voted R for many years and I am disgusted beyond belief at the conduct of this party.…Dr Bill

    Why are you disgusted? Because the appeaser RINO’s who ran the party into the ground are finally being tossed-out on their ear?

    Get lost.

  16. Pat, why are you upset with the News-Journal. While I generally agree that debates on policy and legislation should be about issues, when it comes to selecting leaders, character and past actions DO matter. THe fact is that Mike Protack does indeed come with “baggage” (what a euphemism). He doesn’t deny saying that at the end of the process he would be the candidate or his opponent unelectable. He doesn’t deny that time and time and time again, his opponents or perceived opponents have been the subject of anonymous attacks, including, most recently a series of very disturbing anonymous emails attacking Mike McDermott immediately after McDermott trounced in the race to be the Christiana Millcreek chair and a very insulting anonymous letter to McDermott’s wife. The problem is that not enough people know of this history, and before anyone votes, they should know the full story. Anybody can stand up at a meeting and say let’s focus on the issues, but history and character matter in leaders.

  17. It is interesting how liberal gadfly anon1 uses the exact same tactics of trying to create a fight. Just because Vance Phillips has something nice to say about one of the 3 candidates in one particular article does not mean he has hung anyone out to dry. Notice how — like the News Journal — anon hopes to get conservatives fighting each other. While these tactics are kind of obvious, the amazing thing has been how often Republicans and/or conservatives have fallen for it. One of the greatest weaknesses of the right has been our tendency to be gullible and listen to and believe our opponents. When we listen to and believe the liberal news media, we become the servant of them, marching to their tune. Republicans end up doing the dirty work of the liberals because we believe what our opponents are saying.

    A related trick you have to watch out for: Let’s say a NJ reporter Bubbles Gibson calls David Anderson and asks “What do you think of Don Ayotte calling you crazy?” NOW NOTICE THAT IT NEVER HAPPENED, OR IS A DISTORTION. THE REPORTER IS LYING OR TWISTING WHAT WAS SAID. Not sure how to respond, David Anderson responds with something negative. The reporter then goes to Don and asks him about what David said. And ON A SLOW NEWS DAY WITH NOTHING ELSE TO REPORT, going back and forth, within a few hours the reporter has created a full-blown WAR going on between two politicos, and a great news story to report on a slow news day. IN FACT, there never was any dispute to begin with. All totally manufactured out of nothing…. like anon’s comment here suggesting that Vance Phillips hung Don Ayotte out to dry. The fact that someone says we have 3 great candidates and has something nice to say about all 3 does not mean anyone is being “hung out to dry.”

    Beware the old trick when a reporter comes to you and says: “What do you think of what X said about you?” They probably said no such thing. It could come in the form: “Do you think that X should step down because he was caught beating his wife last night by the neighbors?” If you say yes, you just validated a false rumor and turned it into a legitimate news story. It is very tempting to fall for the trick, because you don’t want to approve of anything bad. So you are tempted to show your disapproval for bad behavior. But how do you know the accusations are TRUE at all?

  18. Don’t waste your breath- some people are so consumed with rancor that they simply are not capable of rational thought.

  19. “Liberals (including within the GOP) fight doggedly, persistently, and unceasingly for their agenda, while they try to neuter and silence conservatives. They try to persuade conservatives that it isn’t “nice” to defeat liberals. We conservatives should play with both hands tied behind our back while liberals use every dirty trick in the book and stop at nothing.”

    The willingness to believe this about one side and not the other seems like a good working definition of paranoia. I hear the same thing, with the nouns switched, when liberals talk about conservatives.

    You might be able to win a general election, Mr. Moseley, if you sounded less like a belligerent nut case. I’m not saying you are one, but you sure sound like one.

  20. Geezer, you obviously did not understand the post. Simply listening and reading to what liberals (mainly in the news media) SAY, it is right there in front of you.

    While liberals are very persistent in pushing their agenda, they are constantly trying to discourage and demoralize conservatives, urging us to give up. The first and best advice that conservatives and/or the GOP generally can take is to

    … STOP taking “advice” from our opponents !!

    I have been watching the exact same pattern since the 1984 Reagan election, through the 1994 North Senate campaign in Virginia (when moderate Republicans ran Marshall Coleman to defeat North), and on to today: “Moderate” (whatever that is) Republicans tell us that only they can win, we can’t run a conservative, they stab the conservative in the back before and during the election, then immediately after the election (no matter who wins) the moderates always, persistently, without fail try to tell us that next time we have to run a moderate.

    Every single time the left wing of the GOP points to the bleeding candidate whom THEY stabbed and say “That’s why next time we can’t run a conservative.”

    How many times can we watch the same movie without starting to wonder “I think I’ve seen this movie before…”

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