Sheriff vote total upheld. Christopher considering write in

The Sussex Department of Elections conducted a recount of the absentee ballots in the Sheriffs Race. With both candidates in attendance, the vote totals from Tuesday were confirmed. Sheriff Jeff Christopher has indicated he may engage in a write in campaign. In the video provided by the News Journal, a woman, who appears to be Republican State Committee Vice Chair Nellie Jordan, is seen sitting next to Christopher and whispering in his ear. (Mr. Lee is sitting on the other side of the woman.)

58 thoughts on “Sheriff vote total upheld. Christopher considering write in”

  1. It’s not true that the sheriffs don’t do anything. Even if it were, you are the last person on Earth — with the possible exception of Christine O’Donnell — who should be complaining about people who “don’t do anything.” You’re the fricking poster child for people who spend all day avoiding work.

  2. Or would your opinion be different if there were reasonable safeguards with regard to an elected Sheriff (or really any law enforcement officer).

    What if an arrest warrant — perhaps other than arresting someone in the middle of committing a violent crime — had to be approved by a judge first?

    (Note: If you know about the current procedure, just bite your tongue and wait for other people to think this through.)

    If you basically don’t trust elected officials because you don’t believe in democracy, would you feel better if we developed safeguards and limitations to ensure that a Sheriff focuses on real crime, not on political differences?

    Note that with the IRS scandal, conservatives are just as upset about the danger of criminalizing political differences.

  3. “Fighting to protect your family” is pretty humorous. He’s fighting to empower himself. Protecting anything or anyone is secondary to his goals.

  4. Yes, I clearly don’t trust elected officials. That’s why I think this should be settled by the elected officials of county council.

    You should learn to think for yourself instead of trying to wedge everything into your paranoid-narcissist world view.

  5. The IRS “scandal” is about ignoring the rule of law. Neither side’s “educational” “non-profits” should have tax breaks, and if they followed the law they wouldn’t.

  6. Nobody September 15, 2014 at 11:07 “Yes, I clearly don’t trust elected officials.”

    You shouldn’t trust elected officials.

    You shouldn’t trust bureaucrats, either.

    That’s the fundamental problem, the fundamental driving issue behind the American political system:

    You shouldn’t trust anyone concerning government or power over other people or access to the public funds.

    That’s the problem: How do we design a system that protects the people if we can’t trust anyone with power?

    The only way we can have a government when we can’t trust anyone is to pit different interests against each other.

    That way the government will be dead-locked unless everyone or almost everyone agrees.

  7. Nobody September 15, 2014 at 11:10 “The IRS “scandal” is about ignoring the rule of law.”

    And that was one of the arguments about an elected Sheriff. Some had the fear that the Sheriff might use the position for political purposes. That’s the same thing the IRS has done.

    So people might want safeguards that the office won’t be used for improper purposes, such as for example a judge has to confirm warrants, subpoenas, etc.

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