Sheriff Christopher Meeting to Plan Write-in Campaign

Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher will hold a meeting on Tuesday September 16th at 7pm at the Stargate Diner on Rt. 13 in Seaford to plan his write-in campaign to retain his office of Constitutional Sheriff. All voting citizens that support this write-in campaign are urged to attend this very important meeting.

32 thoughts on “Sheriff Christopher Meeting to Plan Write-in Campaign”

  1. Mr. Director of Special Operations,
    Why don’t you at least extend enough respect to the Sheriff to post his own announcement, instead of making it your own for IPoD.

    Here is the official announcement from the Sheriff:

    “TO ALL FRIENDS, FAMILY, SUPPORTERS, VOTERS WHO VOTED FOR ME! Please come out on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 7:00pm at the Stargate Diner in Seaford, Delaware (23415 Sussex Hwy Seaford, DE 19973). We are going to discuss the options to staying in the race for Sussex County Sheriff. If you believe in what I’ve said and what I have stood for all along, then please come out to this very important meeting. I need your support, input and thoughts. Thank you and God Bless! Sincerely, Your Sheriff, Jeff Christopher”

  2. Dear Mr. Christy
    I didn’t have his announcement. I don’t appreciate your sarcastic manner sir! I’ll write my posts the way I want to. If I want your opinion, I’ll simply put a message in a bottle and toss it in the ocean.

  3. I did receive the announcement, obviously I am more in the loop than you. As for the sarcastic tone of my comment, you get what you give.

    It’s clear that the will of the people only matters when it goes in the favor of the Republicans who voted for the Sheriff.

    The majority of We The Republican People said NO by voting for Robert T. Lee, in the primary.

    The 2016 gubernatorial candidate whose tag lines are We The People, We Own It, The Will Of The People is proving they are nothing but meaningless phrases. She is pushing this meeting the hardest.

    This is a slap in the face to every Republican, by a Republican candidate who wants our votes in 2016.

  4. The Sheriff’s e-mail essentially asked all recipients to contact as many people as possible. While it immediately implied e-mail, it did not preclude blog postings, phone trees and radio call-ins…..

  5. I have never seen a successful write in campaign across the history of Delaware. Does anyone know of any write-in campaign that had success?

  6. @Christy
    “This is a slap in the face to every Republican, by a Republican candidate who wants our votes in 2016.”

    Wah wah wah

  7. kavips Christopher’s write in (if it happens) will be as successful as Ayotte’s run for the 20th district seat, and Lafferty’s bid for governor in 2016. They will all fail
    Ayotte will claim victory even when he loses the general election for the 20th district as long as Smyk is unseated.

  8. “Wah wah wah”

    ….the sore loser cry of the person who loses a primary and then decides to run anyway.

  9. Yep we are incorrect. Here’s Mike Rowe (Christopher’s campaign manager) face book post asking people to pick up Christopher’s signs:

    Mike Rowe
    12 September at 12:45
    If anyone has a Sheriff Christopher yard sign in their yard, or if you happen to come across any in your daily travels, please pick them up, hold on to them, call me, and we’ll pick them up. Thanks!

  10. Thank you Bill but this is Sept 15th. Duh!
    Why do I have to call you on every LIE that you tell, or every EXAGGERATION that you are involved in?

  11. The GOP didn’t do much for Christopher- why should he do anything for the GOP. I hope he runs a write-in. If he does, the establishment wing’s boy will go the way of his namesake.

  12. Rick really the GOP didn’t do much for Christopher? The state GOP Vice Chair Nelly Jordan sat next to Christopher during the recount offering him counsel. The SCGOP Chair John Reilly was also there. No one from the executive board was sitting with Lee despite the fact he was the primary winner.

    But more importantly what has Christopher done for the Republican party during his tenure as Sheriff.

  13. Thank you for reminding me it is the 15th of September.

    On December 22, 2013 you stated and I quote directly;

    “Bob Bowcock of Erin Brocovich’s team and Melissa Dutcher from Vititoe Law Group reviewed the site and stated, the levels of hexavalent chromium here are twice what they were at Hinkley, as portrayed in the movie, “Erin Brocovich,” stated the document.”

    Nine (9) months later you have yet to produce any document written by Robert Bowcock that supports what you claimed.

    You also stated;
    “Robert Bowcock and Erin Brockovich will be returning to conduct more tests at the Allen Harim site.”

    Nine (9) months later neither Bowcock or Brockovich have ever returned as you claimed.

    Plenty of people have called you on EVERY lie and exaggeration you post/tell you just abuse your admin power and redact the comments claiming they are personal attacks.

  14. I said this on DE right and I will repeat here. If Christopher does a write-in then i believe Vance and Butler should run as write-ins as well.

  15. William, the Christopher signs have to come down. After careful consideration of what it takes to win a write-in campaign in Sussex County, he’s changing his name to “X”

  16. Nitpicker ROFLMAO
    I was informed today the real reason the signs have to come down is because they have “CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLICAN” on them. He can not run as a Republican write in.

  17. I would like to see him run a write in campaign. Not because it matters who is elected sheriff (as long as it isn’t Christopher). Rather because I want to give all the “Constitutional Republicans” an opportunity to adhere to their principles or not.

    I am willing to wager that their principles won’t mean a hill of beans when it comes to the election. Their sound and fury is just noise and hypocrisy runs rampant through their ranks. A write in campaign has a long tradition in this nation, that’s why every ballot has space for a voter to write in. I have written in a candidate for many elections – mostly to no avail, but at least I left the ballot box satisfied with having voted my conscience.

    Since this election is only about who carries out the responsibilities as defined by the DE Code, it’s not as if there is a tremendous amount of fallout or legacy associated with the election.

    A golden opportunity to make a real statement. But, as I said, I bet the constitutionalists are all hat and no cattle.

  18. Bill Christy,

    Just thought I’d mention this here because you have stated this incorrectly a couple of times on this blog. Nelly Jordan is the STATE GOP Vice Chair, not the Sussex County Vice Chair. She just happens to be from Sussex County, which is probably why she was at the recount. 🙂

  19. But more importantly what has Christopher done for the Republican party during his tenure as Sheriff.

    He defended the Delaware constitution from being debased by the Socialist-Democrats. Have you ever asked yourself why the legislature didn’t simply amend the constitution, and delete the section that stated “and the sheriffs shall be the conservators of the peace in the counties…? Have you ever thought about that? I have. It is about establishing a precedent, which they have succeeded in doing. Henceforth, any clause in the constitution is up for “interpretation.”

    Congratulations Christopher haters. In your zeal, you’ve tacitly sanctioned the most egregious violation of the Delaware constitution since its inception.

  20. More of Ayotte’s empty boasting
    “I’m now building a party that will do party business without attacking their own candidates.”

    That’s easy to do when you don’t have any candidates, and you attack the other party candidates.

    “We will help the Sheriff win and we have our own network of supporters.”

    Sure you do all 7 of them

    “A write-in candidacy is much more difficult but possible, with the amount of conservatives and Independents that want a Constitutional Sheriff.”

    Read Delaware Code Title 10 Chapter 21.

  21. If the video showed Charlie Copeland whispering in Bob Lee’s ear during the recount republicans would be screaming for Copeland’s head. Why does Nelly Jordan get a pass?

    Let me be the first to call for the removal of Nelly Jordan as Vice Chair of the Delaware Republican Party for taking sides and aiding a candidate in a GOP primary when the state party, of which she is the second highest ranking member, pledged to stay out of primaries. She has disgraced her position. She needs to resign immediately or be ousted by the committee.

  22. If Sam Chick loses to Sean Lynn in the general, the next GOP “leader” that needs to go is David Anderson, for supporting a democrat in the primary and putting a democrat’s sign in his lawn. That betrayal would not be tolerated in Sussex.

  23. An official of the GOP says something to a Republican elected official that you don’t even know what it is and you want to call for her ouster. You wonder why you are not taken seriously.

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