Senator Ted Cruz is Delaware Politics National Person of the Year; Theresa Garcia is Delaware Politics Citizen of the Year.

The final two Delaware Politics Annual awards are for Delaware Citizen of the Year and National Person of the Year. The voting was close in each category. The runner up for Person of the Year was Edward Snowden who transformed the nation’s understanding of the national surveillance programs. The debate is now at the highest levels of governments globally and the most humble of homes on Main Street. The jury is still out on the legacy of Mr. Snowden. Will he sell out national secrets to protect himself? Is he a hero or mixed bag? Has he gone too far? No matter what one thinks of him, he has transformed the nation’s view of its government and sparked a global debate. The runner up for Delaware Citizen of the year was Dr. Kim Warfield. From feeding children snacks and dinner in the summer to facilitating youth programs throughout the year ranging from free mixed martial arts to fashion shows to advocating for children as a Court Appointed Child Advocate, few people have impacted the local community as much. Her impact is not just with children, the Delaware Chapter of the Frederick Douglas Foundation is educating teens and adults on Christian, Constitutionalist principles. In her spare time, she served her city as a fiscal watchdog, helping to evaluate city government and as a Commissioner of the Dover Human Relations Commission. She also served as a counselor at the Hope Clinic in Dover for those who cannot afford to pay for needed professional counseling. With those being the runners up, who could top them? Has anyone captured the attention of Americans more than Senator Ted Cruz of Texas? Senator Cruz is a great American who went to Washington to challenge it to do the business of the people not to get along and advance through the system. He is smart, talented, and ambitious. He is ready for a fight. A fight to save America from the moral and fiscal bankruptcy it now faces. He is a bold leader willing to use every tool that he must to reclaim the country that he loves. He is a polarizing figure even in Republican circles, but no one dominated the national debate more in 2013. Senator Ted Cruz is the Delaware Politics National Person of the Year. Is there enough good that can be said about Theresa Garcia? Not enough has been said. She and her husband Alex have been the most influential happy warriors of the Conservative/Patriot movement in the past two years. When Titan Russ Murphy suffered a stroke, the Patriot movement could have been sidelined. He is a charismatic leader, visionary, and organizer. Movements usually do not continue to flourish when that type of leader has to take a step back. The Garcias were involved in every facet of the leadership and stepped up. Theresa took the front role and moved not only the organization of the 9/12 Patriots forward, but the Conservative coalition. She may be the single most important local person in protecting the liberty of Delawareans and Constitutional heritage. From the right to bear arms, to protecting your paycheck from environmental utility mandates to standing up for property rights and economic freedom, she is educating, informing, and mobilizing thousands of Delawareans. Theresa is not afraid to play nicely with others. She is not afraid to share the credit. She is willing to take on the tough issues. The great part about the Garcias is that they are fun people to sit around a bondfire with. They are real people with whom you can laugh and joke, but these patriots have not stopped serving this great country as a former military family. They take working for a better America seriously whether in 9/12 or work in the community. They are great Americans and one of them, Theresa Garcia is our Citizen of the Year.

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  1. Cruz is one of the few Republicans in Washington with any guts. Of course, the country club RINO hierarchy, appeasers like Boehner and McConnell, will do their best to diminish his influence. Our ‘establishment’ Republicans are becoming indistinguishable from Democrats. It is imperative that the current GOP “leadership” be replaced, not by professed conservatives, but by proven conservatives, individuals who actually believe, wholeheartedly, in the tenets of conservatism. Boehner, McCain, Graham and so on are followers. It’s time for leaders to lead the party.

  2. Salty: Any Republican ticket can win in 2016 or that same ticket can lose.

    The difference is whether they fire all the pinhead consultants and campaign strategists working for the RNC, NRSC, NRCC, and any establishment campaigns.

    If the 2016 nominees blackball any campaign consultant, strategist, or vendor who ever worked for Mitt Romney, John McCain, Bob Dole, Arlen Specter, etc., etc., THEN the Republican ticket can’t lose.

  3. jon

    stop making excuses already. that is a losing attitude. step out of the way if you don’t believe in the cruz/santorum ticket.

  4. he can be in charge of whichever one he forgot during the debate. i think palin would make an excellent secretary of state. i’m tired of all these pansies going around the world kissing the asses of these socialists. she would help to restore america to where it belongs.

  5. Governor Palin would make a fine cabinet officer in the Huckabee/Rubio administration..

  6. Perry would have probably won the election in ’12. Omaba was extremely vulnerable. But, what did the GOP do? Run a Massachusetts liberal, a cross-the-aisle appeaser, who garnered nearly 3-million less votes than McCain.

    BO’s 2012 numbers were down 10-million (69.4M in ’08, 59.8M in ’12). When an incumbent’s re-election numbers are down by 15% or so, you would expect that he would have lost. But he won, because the GOP keeps making the same mistake. And this fundamental mistake forces the conservative base to either sit out the election, or vote 3rd-party (as I did).

    Here is a message for the RINO, ‘establishment’ hierarchy; Conservatives win, wishy-washy moderates lose. It is my guess that Rick Perry, being a proven conservative, would have won the 2012 presidential election. Of course, we’ll never know. The GOP took the ‘safe’ route- brilliant strategy.

  7. “Perry would have probably won the election in ’12.”

    What, if he could count to three without forgetting one of the numbers? The only state stupid enough to elect him is Texas. Same with Cruz.

  8. The only state stupid enough to elect him is Texas. Same with Cruz.

    Either one would carry well over half of the states. The Dems usually carry quite a few less states, but carry those with much higher populations (with more wards of the state). Look at the red/blue electoral map.

    Conservatives win, moderates lose.

  9. Proudly Pro-life on January 23, 2014 at 02:51 said: “Governor Palin would make a fine cabinet officer in the Huckabee/Rubio administration..”

    Agreed, but we have lost a sense of public service.

    I believe that one President early in the Republic went on to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Today, we are so puffed up with pride that someone like Sarah Palin would consider it beneath her to serve as a Cabinet member. That’s dumb. But that is how too many politicos think these days. Same with Christine O’Donnell. EVERY campaign consultant (except me) would scream and holler and jump up and down saying that YOU CANNOT “lower yourself” for example for Christine to run for Virginia State Senate. Try finding any campaign strategist or consultant who would not faint if you suggested such a thing. Hogwash. It would be exactly the right move. But we live in a time of hubris totally different from our Founding Fathers early in the Republic.

  10. So if Cruz had his way in October, the ACA would have been delayed for a year. How would that have helped?

    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. The only way Conservatives win in November is WE Conservatives don’t screw it up on our own before November.

  11. dunleve on January 23, 2014 at 21:53 said: “So if Cruz had his way in October, the ACA would have been delayed for a year. How would that have helped?”

    Did not Ted Cruz and Mike Lee — 10 times smarter than any establishment Republican — get to have his cake and eat it too?

    Knowing that they would not defund ObamaCare, they got the benefit of demonstrating that the Democrats own it lock, stock, and barrel, and showing that the GOP did everything possible to save the country from this disaster.

    And then the disaster — now clearly the Democrats fault — exploded hurting only the Democrats.

    Without Ted Cruz and Mike Lee’s efforts over the last couple of years, the voters would have blamed ALL of Washington indiscriminately.

    So, let me ask this: How would it help the GOP that ObamaCare (ACA) is a disaster if the public perceived it as bipartisan?

    Remember: PERCEPTION IS REALITY in politics.

    So if people think that liberal disasters are backed in a bipartisan way by both parties, then WHOM should the people vote against to stop these monstrosities?

    You see, bipartisanship is a monstrous evil when it means agreeing to BAD things. Bipartisanship deprives the voters — the owners of the country — of the opportunity to make a choice determining the direction of the country. If both parties are equally complicit in the disasters, then the voters have no leverage to change directions.

  12. You see, bipartisanship is a monstrous evil when it means agreeing to BAD things

    This is true. Which is why the electorate must be given a clear choice. Romney most certainly did not offer a clear choice- Romneycare/Omabacare.

    The newest polls show Omabacare hitting a new low. Independents are now overwhelmingly against it. Obviously, this opens the door for Republicans in November; and that same door will be open in ’16, but the GOP had better wake-up and run a true conservative. If the nominee is The Blimp, they’ll lose.

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