Senator Lopez Defends HB 35 Vote

State Senator Ernie Lopez wrote an Op Ed in the Cape Gazette recently defending his vote in favor of background checks for most private sales not between family members.  Lopez opposes gun control measures, but believes the law as amended protects the rights of gun owners and protects citizens.  He pointed out that Wayne LaPierre testified in 1999 in favor of background checks for gun shows.
t. Since being sworn into office and taking an oath “always to place the public interests above any special or personal interest,” it has become clear to me that as a means to improve the safety of the public and to protect the seller of a firearm from liability, a background check is not only reasonable but responsible. More importantly, nothing about background checks or anything else in House Bill 35 prevents a law-abiding citizen from obtaining a gun or infringes upon the 2nd Amendment. Nothing.   As a member of the National Rifle Association and someone who serves a district where hunting and sporting traditions run through generations of eastern Sussex County families, my decision to support the expansion of background checks did not come without consultation from those I respect and represent. I heard from hundreds of constituents with strong feelings both for and against the legislation.
The views expressed are the Senator’s and here for balance and discussion purposes..  

10 thoughts on “Senator Lopez Defends HB 35 Vote”

  1. He might as well vote for gay marriage and complete the tri-fecta. The only good thing is that Lopez is driving Christian Hudson crazy.

  2. He won election based upon opposing gay marriage. He can’t change and survive a primary. I believe that is based upon his convictions. Civil unions yes, same sex marriage no.

  3. “He won election based upon opposing gay marriage.”

    Let’s get a couple of things straight here. He won because people knew him and they liked him, and because he had a large number of people willing to put their time and money on the line. And he won by a lot, both in the primary and in the general. Had he said he supported gay marriage, he would have won the primary by less and the general by more. But he still would have won. The 35th GOP robocalls in the primary claimed he supported gay marriage — AND HE WON ANYWAY. So that is a demonstrably false statement.

    You, the DFPC and the rest of the religious right get to own exactly 0% of Ernie Lopez’s victory, regardless of the outlandish claims that have been made to the contrary. Everyone on the far right opposed him, and will oppose him again. And he’ll still win. So when he votes against gay marriage, it’ll be because that’s what he believes, not because he owes anyone a political calculation.

  4. Notice how it is all about trying to influence votes on legislation — and always to the left. Same with Mike Castle and his liberal votes.

    Every argument is a one-way “ratchet” trying to fool people into passing more and more liberal legislation.

  5. “Don’t get too comfortable in Dover, Mr. Crybaby. You’re gone next election.”

    Because your opposition worked SO well last time, all-powerful Rick. Maybe if you work really hard, he’ll only win by 13 points next time.

  6. While people like Jon Moseley are here trying to claim Lopez “lied” when he did not, there is a Republican liar out there, Rand Paul.

    After his media attention getting filibuster on the use of domestic spy drones, Paul has done a 180:

    “If someone comes out of a liquor store with a weapon and fifty dollars in cash. I don’t care if a drone kills him or a policeman kills him.” -Rand Paul

    Why the flip flop? Because of the Boston bombings. Can you all say “knee jerk?”

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