Senator Hatch comes to Delaware

I was privileged to attend Senator Orin Hatch’s (R-Utah) breakfast speech.   He announced that he endorsed Congressman Castle for Senate as the only one who can win the seat and announced that his committee gave 10K to Castle campaign.  This was not the focus of the event.  It was to rally the troops.  He spoke briefly about the health care debacle and hopes to repeal parts of the legislation.  He stated the we are undergoing the Europeanization of America (call it socialism if you want it is the same thing he stated) . He appealed to Republicans to put aside differences and join together for the fight for survival of American free markets and our Constitutional rights.   Right now any Republican is better than any Democrat up therhatch-at-de-gope. He also addressed other issues such as avoiding filibustering judicial nominees except under extreme circumstances.  He feared a far left nominee to replace Justice Stevens who has hinted that he will retire within the next couple of years.  He defended the filibuster as a vital tool to bring us together to solve problems.  He praised Secretary of Education Duncan   while expressing concern about federalization of the Education in this administration and the past one.   He defended marginal rate tax cuts as a deficit reducing tool. It was a great event.  Most of the statewide candidates were there beside the Congressman such as  Kevin Wade,  Fred Cullis, and Glen Urquhart candidates for Congress.   Auditor Tom Wagner was present.  Candidate for Treasurer, Conservative leader and State Senator Colin Bonini was present and his staff ran the picture booth.  I hope to have pictures soon.  Look for an update. GOP State Chairman Tom Ross sent his greetings.

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  1. David and Others: This is the same Republican Establishment, led by Sen. Cornyn, that enthusiastically endorsed Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey, shortly before Specter, in his late 70s, decided that he was really a Democrat. The same Republican establishment, led by Cornyn as head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), decided Marco Rubio had no chance in FL of defeating liberal Gov. Charlie Crist. Of course, Marco is up now by 23 points in FL and “Republican” Charlie is thinking of running as an Independent. There is one conservative candidate, Christine O’Donnell, who is running for the Senate in Delaware. Chrstine got 35,000 more votes against Joe Biden in 2008 than any Republican ever had before against Biden. She did so with one-fortieth of the money Biden spent. She also did so with one-twentieth of the money Republican Clatworthy did in 2002. The NRSC is completely out of touch with Republicans nationally, as well as in PA, FL, and DE. Mike Castle’s voting record has almost nothing in common with Sen. Hatch’s. The political world is changing rapidly, but the NRSC is deluding itself that everything is still “business as usual.” It’s not. Twenty-four percent of the American people now identify themselves as part of the Tea Party Movement, and their numbers are growing rapidly. Are any of them going to favor Mike Castle as a Senate candidate. I seriously doubt it.

  2. Stephen — Please take that weak-ass garbage back to wherever it is you came from. Christine got a lower percentage of the vote in ’08 than anyone has ever gotten against Joe Biden. And that was against a non-existent candidate who was running for another office.

    Hope you’re getting paid up front.

  3. I have not been paid one cent by the O’Donnell campaign. Dave, why is it that I know so much more about Delaware politics than you do? In 2008, Joe Biden spent $4.9 million on his Senate race. Christine spent $116,000. If Joe Biden was a “non-existent candidate,” where did the $4.9 million go (the most ever spent on a Delaware Senate race)? I said that Christine got 35,000 more votes than any Republican candidate had against Biden, which is corect. That was a good performance by a candidate outspent 42-1. Mike Castle has never run a competitive race in Delaware; this will be his first. Mike Castle ACU ratings in 2008 and 2007 were 20 and 28. Arlen Specter, former Republican, had ACU ratings in those years of 42 and 40. I noticed that on Mike Castle had been moved up to the top of the list. I believe Sen. Hatch also thought highly of Specter, as he does Mike Castle. Hatch’s ACU ratings in those two years (2008 and 2007) were 80 and 76. Politically, Orrin Hatch has nothing in common with Mike Castle. He should ask for his $10,000 back. Or maybe he should have given it to Charlie Crist?

  4. Son, I forgot more about Delaware politics today than you’ll ever know. She got beat by the widest margin of any of Joe Biden’s opponents. Ever.

    I have no reall beef with Christine. I have a problem with people swooping in from elsewhere pretending to know something. And pretending we don’t.

  5. I would disagree with both of you. The best race ever run pecentagewise was Ray Clatworthy. He ran a competitive race 42% of the vote. Typical standards of a competitive race is less than 60%. Christine did great, but she is did not set the standard. Check Jane Brady’s numbers and Christine beat her in every way. Jane turned out alright.
    The idea that Christine ran against an empty seat is just ridiculous.

    Stephen is right on that score. I would add that not only did he spend around 5 million dollars, he had a national stage and every local and national media organization giving him publicity. In the last hundred years, I can not find any one who got above 25% of the vote in that circumstance. The fact that Christine equalled the rest of the ticket’s challengers is a sign of strength.

    As for Stephen knowing more about Delaware Politics than Dave, I really like Stephen but that one had me laughing. Then again a thirty something guy calling a 70 year old son did too.

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