40 thoughts on “Sen.Tom Carper Sighted Inside Polling Place”

  1. So, unfortunately, Robert Arlett lost by a BIGGER margin (22.2%) than Christine O’Donnell (a little less than 17%).

    The nominee before Christine O’Donnell lost by a 41% margin.

    The nominee after Christine O’Donnell lost by a 37% margin.

    Are people going to stop lying about Christine O’Donnell now?

    Christine O’Donnell is the BEST Republican candidate for U.S. Senate the DEGOP has had since Bill Roth.

    Facts are facts.

    Stop the character assasination.

  2. You’re a funny guy, Moseley.
    The Christine O’Donnell and Glenn Urquhart nominations were the result of a misinformed and misguided Sussex County electorate and this set in motion the decline and eventual destruction of the Republican Party in Delaware. The people who pushed for candidates like O’Donnell and Urquhart wanted it their way or the highway….Congratulations, we now have the highway.
    People like former transient radio host Bill Colley (who was just using his job to angle for a congressional staff position) and the people who parroted his rhetoric with other out of state influences such as the Tea Party Express, share in this disgrace.

    And, yes, Rob Arlett and Scott Walker were the wrong candidates and probably helped facilitate the defeat of Ken Simpler , the last remaining Republican to hold statewide office in Delaware.

  3. Both CoD and GU had incompetent,
    egotistical and overpaid campaign managers who ran their campaigns into the ground.

    TC’ s victory can be attributable to the inertial tendencies of Delaware voters tendancies to reapeatedly re-elect incumbents to legislative positions.

    There is, however, greater fluidity in thr Attorney General and State Treasurer positions.

  4. Wow, you have impressive Teflon Fact Resistance (TM).

    Where did you get that Fact Resistance (TM) coating?

    Since Bill Roth,

    Christine O’Donnell loses by less than a 17% margin

    Yesterday, Robert Arlett loses by a 22.2% margin

    Jan Ting lost by a 41% margin

    Kevin lost by a 37% margin.

    SO…… LET’S SEE.

    The Genius Squad picks on the BEST candidate of the bunch?

    No wonder you geniuses lose elections.

  5. That sound you hear is the liberal-tarians squirming in their mother’s chairs in their mother’s basement trying to squirm out of the facts.

    FACTS! AH! Facts are like sunlight to a vampire.

  6. “The Genius Squad picks on the BEST candidate of the bunch?”

    Actually, Jonny, nobody has mentioned her here or elsewhere for quite a long time. Nobody would be talking about her in the comments to this post if YOU hadn’t brought her up.

    Nobody “picks on” her. Nobody even talks about her. I doubt she still lives in Delaware anymore.

    Has she paid the $30k FEC judgment against her?

  7. Chuck “six ways till Sunday” Schumer appears to be threatening Trump and the Republicans with a “constitutional crisis”. Really not surprising that they would sink this low.

  8. First, since the Christine O’Donnell train wreck in 2010 there are 36,000 more registered Democrats and only 10,000 more registered Republicans in Delaware. So O’Donnell’s 2010 “17%” isn’t the same as Arlett’s 2018 22%.

    Second, in 2010 Christine O’Donnell received 123,053 votes.

    In 2018 Rob Arlett received 137,123 votes.

    So with only 10,000 more registered Republicans since 2010, Arlett received 14,070 more votes than O’Donnell. Arlett very clearly outperformed O’Donnell.

    Next, the last time Christine O’Donnell was in Delaware was October 2012. She came here AFTER Eric Bodenweiser was charged with 113 total counts, including 39 counts of first-degree unlawful sexual intercourse with a child and 74 counts of second-degree unlawful sexual contact with a child.

    In October of 2012, O’Donnell came to Georgetown, stood on a chair, declared Bodenweiser innocent, and handed him a check for $600. This was, again, AFTER Bodenweiser was charged. AFTER. A.F.T.E.R.

    This was also one of the only times O’Donnell gave a campaign contribution to a Republican candidate out of her ChristinePAC, a PAC that she loaded with almost a million dollars of her supporters Senate campaign contributions which ultimately went everywhere except to the Conservative Cause.

    And, she came here to fund and defend Eric Bodenweiser a year after the worst pedophile in American history, Dr. Earl Bradley, was sentenced to 14 life terms and 165 years in prison for raping Sussex County babies and children. Wow, could she have been any more stupid, tone deaf and disgusting if she tried?

    Did she ever pay you for all of your internet trolling for her? The answer to that is no, isn’t it? That’s hilarious.

    In short, good riddance to bad rubbish.

  9. Well, how about this? You have a bigger problem than small minds in the peanut gallery throwing pot shots at “the man in the arena” who dares to run for office.

    When the DEGOP nominee for U.S. Senate in Tuesday’s election did WORSE than the supposedly awful Christine O’Donnell,

    do any of you have the intellectual honesty to confront that the problem is with the DEGOP itself?

    The DEGOP said it would not provide support to Scott Walker.

    Seriously? Would it have made any difference?

    If the DEGOP threw all of its might behind a candidate, wouldn’t they lose even worse as a result of the “help?”

    You cannot cure a problem until you diagnose it.

  10. How can you succeed in politics if all you have is lies?

    So you claim that since 2010 Democrats have grown by 36,000 registered voters while Republicans have grown by 10,000 registered voters.

    That’s 46,000 new registered voters since 2010, you claim.

    But Arlett won only 30% of those new voters = 137,123 votes in 2018 – 123,053 votes in 2010 = 14,070 vote differential.

    So Arlett won only 30% of the new registered voters that have moved into Delaware since Christine outperformed all other Republicans for U.S. Senate since Bill Roth.

    In other words, Arlett did WORSE than Christine O’Donnell with new Delaware voters.

    But this ignores that BEFORE the September 14, 2010 primary, Delaware Democrat registered voters SOARED by 30% over 2002, while Republican registrations grew by only 4.5%.

    So the DEGOP had utterly failed BEFORE the September 14, 2010, primary….

    … which was the REASON WHY the voters rejected the status quo in the Republican primary.

    The facts are all there. But you cannot comprehend.

  11. Of course, when all you have is lies, then all you can do is lie.

    Christine never proclaimed Eric Bodenweiser innocent because Eric WAS NOT CHARGED with anything until after Christine supported fellow Republicans by helping Bodenweiser.

    Your account stinks of denial.

    You cannot solve your problems when you will not admit them.

    First, the allegations came AFTER Christine like any good conservative came together to support Bodenweiser.

    Second, you fail to see the smear machine that smears one person after another who threatens the status quo.

    You support those who want grown men to be able to shower in public swimming pool locker rooms with young girls, but then accuse EVERYONE — and I do mean just about everyone — of being a pedophile.

  12. 2010 Christine O’Donnell – 123,053 votes.

    2018 Rob Arlett – 137,123 votes.

    Rob Arlett received more votes than Christine O’Donnell, and he did it with $7 million dollars less in funding and barely any press coverage.

    Let that sink in. $7 million less. And he got more votes than O’Donnell.

    Rob Arlett also lives in Delaware. He and his family are part of our community here in Sussex. He’s visible and he’s accessible.

    So is Mike Castle, by the way. Castle is still happily married to his wife and this cycle he was active in campaigns for Delaware Republicans, just like he was two years ago and two years before that and two years before that. Castle writes them checks and holds fundraisers for Delaware Republicans.

    Where’s O’Donnell? In New Jersey. She didn’t even bother to step up when Delaware decided that “grown men should be able to shower in public swimming pool locker rooms with young girls.” Not a word from Christine O’Donnell, the supposed Christian Warrior who was going to save Delaware. She’s gone.

    First, the allegations came AFTER Christine like any good conservative came together to support Bodenweiser.

    Bodenweiser victim calls into Dan Gaffney – September 15

    Christine O’Donnell gives Bodenweiser $600 and endorses him September 27

    Bodenweiser indicted on 113 charges – October 22.

    O’Donnell defends Bodenweiser on and calls the charges “tacky” and “an October surprise” – October 24 .

    Now, I’m done with you. We’re familiar with your tactics, whether you’re being paid to troll or not. You’ll come back with new arguments and new math to prove that Christine O’Donnell won something. She didn’t. Then she left Delaware behind to clean up her mess.

  13. Wolf von Baumgart
    November 8, 2018 at 08:49

    Do we have any comments on the subject of the actual headline?

    No Wolf – I am here with a bowl of popcorn and enjoying the show. My politics are different than most people here but I want to go on the record that I would have voted for Mike Castle and am still confused if Christine O’Donnell is a non-practicing witch or not a witch at all.

  14. “You support those who want grown men to be able to shower in public swimming pool locker rooms with young girls”

    For a moment there, I thought that was a reference to Mike Ramone’s pool parties.

    But it’s hard to believe it’s been 8 years since she was yesterday’s news and Moseley’s stalkerish fixation still causes ‘tells’ that he leaves about what his mind is doing when he writes about her.

  15. RINO HACK: Rob Arlett received more votes than Christine O’Donnell, and he did it with $7 million dollars less in funding and barely any press coverage.

    TRANSLATION: He wasn’t as popular as Christine O’Donnell and couldn’t raise the money? And we already established that Delaware had 46,000 more voters and Arlett got only 30% of them. So Arlett did worse than O’Donnell.


    RINO HACK: Bodenweiser victim calls into Dan Gaffney – September 15

    TRANSLATION: Just like the accusers of Mike Kavanaugh, random callers on the radio are SOOO credible.

    TRANSLATION: There were NO charges legally at the time everyone who mattered was campaigning for Bodenweiser.

    CONCLUSION: RINOs have to live in a world of lies because no one would follow them if people knew the truth.

  16. Glad that you are enjoying the show even if it is totally irrelevant to the headline…. Happens every time.

    it’s my understanding that CoD’s ” I am not a Witch” TV spot cost $750,000 to produce (not including air time). Personally, I can think of many other more cost-effective uses of $ 750 K, but I was not on her campaign staff an had no input.

    In contrast, the production cost of Andy Webb’s radio spots was $0.00 (2 hours concept to completion). So, it all ultimately depends on resource management.

    Anyway, there was never a dull moment in the 2018 election and I’m looking forward to 2020.

  17. Wolf von Baumgart “Do we have any comments on the subject of the actual headline?”

    AL CATRAZ hiding behind fake name: “But it’s hard to believe it’s been 8 years since she was yesterday’s news”



    Is the DEGOP no better off than 8 years ago?

    Like Teddy Roosevelt’s “THE MAN IN THE ARENA” you love to throw rocks at people better than you who are actually working for the Republican Party.

    So how have you been able to do when left to your own devices?

    The weaknesses existed before Christine and 8 years later the weaknesses still exist long after she went to tend to her dying parents.

    Can you identify where the problem is, boys and girls?

    In April 2006, Christine exclaimed to me that “the Republicans in Delaware only want to look good losing. They don’t try to actually win..”

    And 12 years later, nothing has changed.

  18. “she went to tend to her dying parents“

    Translation: no job and living at her parents’ house.

  19. “it’s my understanding that CoD’s ” I am not a Witch” TV spot cost $750,000 to produce”

    Yes, but it cast a spell over all of us. The national ridicule she received did, in a weird way, make us all proud to be Delawareans.

    I mean, the most common way our state makes national headlines is when a meteor or iceberg “the size of Delaware” comes hurtling through space or threatening navigation. Check me out on this, most headlines with “Delaware” in them aren’t really about the state other than as a measuring unit of things that are kinda small, but usually not as big as this state.

    Did you know that Delaware also has the second lowest highest points off all the states? Yep, Rhode Island beats us there too!

    But for a few brief and fleeting weeks, our little gem nestled betweeen the Chesapeake, the Delaware, and the Atlantic, shone above all others and we could proclaim, “Yes, America, that crazy lady is our Republican candidate for the US Senate. Just TRY to top that!”

    Whenever I’m feeling down, I run that commercial, and it picks me up every time. She’s not a witch. She’s nothing I’ve heard. She thinks she’s me. Dang. That is some grade A crazy right there.

  20. Delaware also happens to be the second most corrupt state next to Nevada.

    Go ahead and post the link .

    Andy Webb’s radio spots are available on independendentpartyofdelaware
    WEBB2018 and we are working on video capability.

  21. “You cannot cure a problem until you diagnose it.”

    If it keeps coming back every couple of years like Mousley, then it’s definitely herpes.

  22. So much for political Sturm und Drang.

    The original headline was about Senator Tom Carper shaking hands with voters inside the Cape Henloplen HS polling place on Election Day.

    Does anyone out there care to venture a guess as to what will be posted if I do a follow-up article on DPRK Pu production???

  23. ” a follow-up article on DPRK Pu production”

    Trump took care of all that. There is no problem with North Korea anymore. Keep up. Winning.

  24. The best part about this thread is knowing that O’Donnell hired Moseley to troll the internet and defend her, didn’t pay him, and when the case went to court O’Donnell finally said something that wasn’t a lie:

    “O’Donnell and her attorney Richard Abbott said Moseley was “obsessed” with the candidate. Outside court, O’Donnell said during talks to try to resolve Moseley’s financial claims, he refused to settle and told O’Donnell’s sister, “If I sue her, she’s forced to think about me and at least I’m then in her life.””

    Cue the music from Psycho.

  25. Al Catraz:


    I deliberately referenced North Korean Plutonium production satirically and you took the bait.

    Now, about employment opportunities for lighthouse keepers….

  26. NOT so fast , Catraz.

    It looks like NK’s ballistic missile production is intact, if not increasing — not exactly a negative Plutonium production indicator.

  27. And, here you go, Wolf, fresh off the tweeter:

    The story in the New York Times concerning North Korea developing missile bases is inaccurate. We fully know about the sites being discussed, nothing new – and nothing happening out of the normal. Just more Fake News. I will be the first to let you know if things go bad!

    So, stop undermining Trump and get with the program.

  28. Maybe you think it’s funny to attack the Commander in Chief during a weekend set aside to observe the sacrifice of our veterans, but I fail to see anything funny about your lack of confidence in his leadership.

  29. Al Catraz really went off the DEEP END with his last comment and his emotional inferences are non sequitors, spun from cheap cloth.

    Nothing in the body of my writing even remotely suggests a shred of evidence for his baseless charges.

  30. @Al Catraz

    If you knew anything about this Blogsite, von Baumgart and Ayotte, you would know they are die-hard Trump supporters and are not into fake news.

  31. I was at the Cape Henlopen polling place when Carper went in the polling place and began talking and shaking hands. If any other candidate had been caught campaigning inside a polling place, severe consequences would have been their fate.

  32. Finally, someone addressed the actual headline and content.

    I can’t say that I’m a “die hard” but can say that “Al Catraz” is a real gasbag.

    Also, I’m not sure about “severe consequences”. After all, this is Delaware. They probably would have gotten a slap on the wrist at best if they were caught inside polling places.

    Remember that Steve Smyk’s campaign treasurer is still at-large…

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