SCYR Chair Resigns

BEFORE: Hunter Hastings, Former SCYR Chair [photo: Hunter Hastings]

In a move increasingly indicative of millenial discontent with the Delaware GOP, Sussex County Young Republicans Chairman, Hunter Hastings has resigned:

Resignation Letter and Departure

Greetings to All:

I hope everyone had had a great New year and Holiday. It was certainly a time of reflection and enjoyment with family and friends!

I am writing this regarding my position as the current Sussex County Young Republicans Chair. As of now, I can no longer fulfill this position along with the unspoken loyalty required for it.

When I became chair, my vision was to bring the core message of the Republican party to the forefront to the next generation of Sussex County! The core message of free market principles, constitutionalism and individual liberty! But during the 2018 midterms, more specifically, the Republican Senate primary, I saw a different message. I observed that the Delaware GOP drifted away from the core message and instead portrayed more of an amoeba that cannot remember how to perform mitosis.

I drew this conclusion based on the interactions of the entire party during the primary. Before the announcement of Rob Arlett running for US Senate and before meeting the already established candidate, Mr. Truono, I only knew that a gay man was running on the republican ticket for US Senate. I found this to be quite disturbing. The GOP has always stressed the Reagan’s “Big Tent” party principle. According to the current trend of the Delaware GOP, they are not a party that affirms this principle.

Throughout the primary, I was constantly being approached hearing statements such as: “Don’t vote for the gay pervert. Rob Arlett is the true conservative.” Yet, Rob Arlett is on record for banning open carry as county councilman and on record for supporting the Equality Act. While Mr. Truono received the endorsement of Dick Heller (DC v. Heller Supreme Court Case) and Delaware Gun Rights and stated the Equality Act would only further divide our country at that very same debate.

Yes, I did support Mr. Truono in the end. I supported Mr. Truono because he was the only candidate to even make an effort to speak to the Young Republicans while I had to personally run down Mr. Arlett to come and speak, with the eventual answer of “I don’t have time.”

In the same string of events, the Delaware GOP also allowed an openly racist man to illegally win the GOP primary under a false name. The solution, however, was even more absurd. The Delaware GOP’s solution was to issue a statement to disavow Mr. Russell Walker (aka Scott Walker) when they had every right to pursue legal action against the individual. I thank God, in the end, I was able to write-in a qualified candidate and proudly support them. That candidate was Mr. Andrew Webb who is the only principled Republican left in my opinion.

With the new year now upon us, I have decided to resign from my position as SCYR chair and leave the Delaware GOP. The Delaware GOP is not not the party with the next generation in mind! In contrast, the Democratic Party has been very successful in their outreach to young people. A fine example of this success was when I saw a young girl run and scream to hug the democratic candidate for congress, and express how this candidate inspired their journey into politics. In praising their success, I must be clear that I do not agree with the Democratic platform and have no intentions to join, but I also do not believe every person affiliated with the Democratic party is liberal or progressive either.

So with my departure, my journey is only beginning. After speaking with others, including other political party leaders, I have decided to join the Independent Party of Delaware (IPoD). IPoD is the third largest party in the state of Delaware and takes a think tank approach to politics. They welcome all who can articulate their positions well and educate/assist those who cannot. IPoD has now started to demonstrate their strength with having triple digits in new registrants each month along with being able to accept electronic donations via their website.

AFTER [photo; Hunter Hastings]

I am now also working with other young individuals to start a non-partisan group with a mission to educate and advocate for common sense policies regardless of part they affiliate with.

I wish all the Young Republicans well in my departure and encourage them rest in the fact that there are those who are listening to your voice and do want real change in Delaware.


Hunter Hastings,

Former SCYR Chair


Further details were broadcast in a subsequent WXDE Delaware 105.9FM radio interview.


The age range of Young Republicans is 18-40 years.

Independent Party of Delaware voter registration increases were recorded at triple digit rates for the last four consecutive months of 2018.

11 thoughts on “SCYR Chair Resigns”

  1. Welcome aboard Hunter. Because of our rapid growth as a party, we can use people with leadership ability.

  2. This is good stuff. I especially appreciate two consecutive sentences in the third paragraph ending with exclamation marks. Anytime I think of professing my personal selfishness and adoration for capitalism I always use an exclamation mark. I see great things ahead for the iPod.

    Alternatively, maybe the problem is that you all are incredibly confused!

  3. @REV:

    A rather flaccid attempt at meaningful political commentary.

    Check your Nitric Oxide levels.

  4. See, that’s where you’re confused. I knew it!

    You’re looking for political commentary. I’m mocking you rubes.

  5. “When I became chair, my vision was to bring the core message of …of free market principles, constitutionalism and individual liberty…to the forefront to the next generation of Sussex County!” -Hunter Hastings

    If all your “core message” amounts to are tired glittering generalities, you deserve to lose.

  6. @REV:
    That was obvious, ab initio.

    There is an art to political mockery which you have definitely not mastered.

    Check your thyroid, as your verbiage strongly suggests thymus dominant endrocrinology.

  7. If these two are the best operatives the left can send when they could capitalize on this fact, there is second Titanic in the works.

  8. @RE Vanella

    Your ineffective comments do nothing but show your ignorance and inability to articulate an intelligent comment on the subject matter of this post.

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