Scott Walker’s Facebook Woes Continue

Scott Walker’s Facebook woes continue as the disavowed Republican U.S. Representative candidate, faces elimination of subsequent pages for violation of community standards for continuation of his inflammatory comments on newly opened accounts.

Scott Walker, 2018 disavowed Republican candidate for U.S. Representative
,p>The process began with a three-day suspension for posting a rather pointless video recording of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting which he attended, thereby violating member’s reasonable expectation of privacy and confidentiality, as aired on WXDE Delaware 105.9 FM radio.

The story of the termination of his official campaign Facebook page “Scott Walker for Delaware” was first made public yesterday evening on the Midlantic Dispatch.The “cat and mouse” game continues with the candidate opening new accounts as soon as one is eliminated.

There is growing voter backlash to Walker’s incendiary comments, resulting in complaints to Facebook and subsequent termination of his pages. The candidate does not have a website.

One Delaware voter, interviewed earlier today, described the Walker 2018 congressional campaign as “Out of control and over the top”.

One thought on “Scott Walker’s Facebook Woes Continue”

  1. As soon as Facebook pulls his page, Walker puts up another one. He has exposed a weakness in the system that FB needs to fix quickly.

    Looks more like he wants to blow off his inner rage rather than be elected to high office.

    This guy is a domestic loon and we can’t pin it on Russian interference.

    So, Delaware has its own “Walkergate” scandal.

    Follow the money.

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