“Scott Walker for Delaware” Banned From Facebook

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Scott Walker, 2018 disavowed Republican candidate for U.S. Representative

Disavowed Republican candidate, Scott Walker has lost his Facebook page, “Scott Walker for Delaware” due to a terms of service violation.

This action comes on the heels of his derogatory remarks, calling his opponent, incumbent Democrat Congresswoman List Blunt Rochester, an “Aunt Tom” and referring to the First State’s African Americans as “slaves” on the Delaware “plantation”.

According to Facebook, the postings qualified as hate speech and violated its community standards. Walker has been officially notified that his campaign page has been banned.

8 thoughts on ““Scott Walker for Delaware” Banned From Facebook”

  1. Scott Walker is now politically dead. There are two viable candidates remaining for U.S. Representative.

  2. Scott Walker is pretty spry. He has been a mini-Trump since he took the primary. Walker got this far because party leadership was entrenched internally in political malpractice. They failed to read their members and under-valued all republicans office holders and seekers from Dover and south prior to the primary. They never claimed him and prayed that Walker would give them a reason to disavow him. And with every breath he speaks, he defies that Grand Ole Party and strengthens a base that is tired of being the losing little guy. Walker gets up every day and speaks for the disenfranchised. Delaware’s Republican Party made him THE Subject Matter Expert. He’s their SME. Yes, his language is appalling. His decision making skills are disasterous. His past is economically and criminally sordid. He’s inspired a meme movement and created a new entertainment genre: Reality Facebook Live. And our Delaware GOP gave him free reign and absolute power to do it the second they issued that press release. They’ve made the man a beast and it’s their responsibility to tame it. Even this article fails to note that as of print, Walker had only one Facebook page removed. He has more. Frozen but not deleted. So Walker will continue to get back up again. And the fallout from a potential Walker win (highly unlikely) will permenantly stain the party. NO ONE has forgotten Christine-I-not-witch-O’Donnell. It’s seared into our memory. The question of the day Republicans: Are you the grand one party or the grand ole parties.

  3. Excellent comment Sara. I agree that Walker would represent the average working man and woman in America. However, that is the only asset he has as a candidate;

    He is an alcoholic, is considered crude at best and because of his many imperfections, would be unable to fulfill his responsibilities if elected. I believe he is well-meaning but totally unfit for the job. I wish him the best in his recovery but as a US Congressman at this point in his life. ABSULUTELY NOT!

    I agree with my friend Wolf, become a guest post writer or even join us as an author. You are a good writer and express yourself well.

  4. I can think of three politicians who came to power in the 20th Century by appealing to the gutter instinct with disastrous results and the loss of over 100 million lives.

  5. Keep up the good work Sara. Efforts from Republicans like you put Chris Coons in the Senate.

  6. Walker is a whacko, unfit for public office. His political “scorched earth” policy has burned his bridges.

    The Democrats have nothing to offer but the failed policies of the past: higher taxes, more regulation, less economic opportunity and a treacherous foreign policy.

    Can Delaware afford another two years of LBR and socialist sanctuary statehood?

    Andrew Webb has a lot of guts for jumping into the ring and giving Delawareans and alternative to two unacceptable choices: open borders and legalized heroin. He is uncorrupted by politics as usual and is personally sworn to uphold the Constitution.
    Washington DC is nothing but a dirty special interest infested swamp and we need new talent to drain it.

    Andy has my vote and I hope for the future of Delaware that he has yours, too.

  7. My first & only encounter with Scott Walker was not personal in nature but I think it was in line with what the general sentiment seems to be regarding him. It was when he parked his car in front of the Milton Food Lion, festooned with various garish, amateurish & crudely-made signs promoting his run for office. No, not in the usual (& legal) parking space; no, not in a handi-capped parking space, but right on the end of the row of parking spaces, in the yellow-bar “hazard, keep-clear, no parking” zone right in front of the store front. My first thought was, “Who the heck is this jackass?” & my second thought was, “How tacky! That guy surely must have some kind of distorted self-image to think that the established rules don’t apply to him. No way is he ever going anyplace with his campaign. I certainly wouldn’t be voting for him.”

    Yet, somehow he won the primary. That & everything that has since transpired regarding everything that I’ve seen & heard of Scott walker sure didn’t add any polish to the image of the DE GOP; I despaired over the voters having such a small choice between 2 rotten apples.

    Until I heard of write-in candidate Andrew Webb.
    A “high-five” & salute to him for deciding to toss his name into the ring! I look forward to a personal meeting, like his advocate made when he reached out to the Sussex County chapter of the Libertarian Party of Delaware during their most recent 7:PM meeting on the second Monday of every month at the Seaford, DE, Grotto.

    Andrew Webb received the endorsement of the Sussex County Chapter of the Libertarian Party of Delaware after a vote of the attending Sussex Co. LPDE members.

    My own hopes for Andrew Webb’s continued success.

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