SB 5: Delaware’s Late Term Abortion Bill

Democrats unable to find ways to pass a budget that people will like, are trying to find a distraction. Unfortunately, one of these is at the expense of innocent, viable babies. SB 5 would end Delaware’s ban after 20 weeks, which is a national trend, and go the other way. It would allow abortion before viability instead but redefines viability so that viable children would die.

Even worse, it allows abortion after viability for a woman’s health without defining health. Do they know that health can be physical, mental or even familial? It gives no limit on the level of health threat. Even a minor problem would be grounds for abortion after viability. Worse still, it would allow that judgment to be made by the person paid to do it. No independent review is necessary under this bill.

How can good hearted men and women in our legislature justify going against the trends of science, human rights, and modern medicine and sponsor legislation to make late-term abortion on demand the law of Delaware? Currently, abortion is not endorsed after 20 weeks. SB 5 strikes those positions. That flies in the face of most of the civilized world and puts in line with 7 of the almost 200 nations that have the most egregious abortion laws. Even Russia, facing a demographic crisis has restored a 12-week limit.

Most people don’t want late term abortion. If you haven’t chosen to have an abortion after 20 weeks, you have made a choice.

SB 5 would allow abortion after viability in spite of language to the contrary because viability is defined without the use of technology. What are extraordinary means? Is it unnatural or is it commonly used technology for someone in similar circumstances? There is no medical review beyond the doctor profiting from the action. Did they read the bill beyond the synopsis?

The bill references Roe, but Casey and Gonzales are the governing precedents for abortion. This bill is decades out of date. It does not consider the new technology that allows babies born early to thrive. It does not consider the Casey decision which notes that states have a legitimate duty to protect fetal life as long as it does not unduly burden a woman’s rights and the right becomes significant at viability. Most of us believe viability is when the child can survive outside of the womb not when the child can survive with 200-year-old technology.

This bill is wrong and not worthy of Delaware’s character. It is a disgrace and out of step with the civilized world.