Same Sex “Marriage” Passes in Delaware

Senator Chris Coons called it “an historic day”.  I see it as one as well, more leaning toward infamy as the General Assembly decided to play GOD.  The vote was 12 to 9 with Republicans against it except for Cathy Cloutier and Democrats generally for it except for Senators Venables and Ennis.   What’s next?
Blevins Y Hocker N Peterson Y
Bonini N Lavelle N Pettyjohn N
Bushweller Y Lawson N Poore Y
Cloutier Y Lopez N Simpson N
Ennis N Marshall Y Sokola Y
Hall-Long Y McBride Y Townsend Y
Henry Y McDowell Y Venables N

61 thoughts on “Same Sex “Marriage” Passes in Delaware”

  1. Note only is the relationship of Christ to the church reflected in the singular nature of the marriage of the male and female, it’s already enshrined in your national monuments too.

    Yes… birds didn’t fall from the sky and so on… but if the nature of male and female are not important and no one needs to be concerned about how their marriage creates a “more perfect union” and communion then how is it that it has always been ABSOLUTELY central to both your faith and is even established in your national monuments?

    At least face facts instead of trying to deny it, you’re radically changing people’s perceptions of the foundations of civilization. The curious thing about it, those foundations and monuments to knowledge and reality won’t go away… and people will have to pay for any type of entertainment and illusions that make them happy and gay. Unless Americans establish a global Empire and basically rape the rest of the world in order to pay for their entertainment and epicenters of paper ponzi. Establishing and maintaining an Empire will come at the price of changing their nature as a people and remaking the American people into brutal sadists, etc. Birds don’t fall from the sky like some ill fated omen… but the trends of an almost totally corrupt Empire and a less and less “perfect union” can already be observed in America. And there is a reason for this beginning with that which creates life and civilization as we know it in the first place. Marriage.

  2. With all due respect today’s vote demonstrated that God afford’s me the same respect as heterosexual people.

    I wasn’t aware that some politicians could give the respect of God to you.

    Regardless, God already respects you the same as anyone else with any other type of emotions and romantic or sexual desires.

    The sun will rise tomorrow and I will still support GOP incumbents who voted against how God created me.

    There’s nothing new under the sun.

    But imagine this… if “it was written” in the Bible or in our DNA or rigorously specified in some way that “Straight and gay, He created them.” then it’s likely that there would be mass movements emerging from the bowels of the body politic based on the idea that the categories of “straight” and “gay” didn’t even exist. Meanwhile, people would begin trying to invent their own categories and identities even if they had to essentially mutilate themselves, focus on deformities in form or find ridiculous excuses to come to the position that “gay” and “straight” were equivalent and interchangeable. Actually, they might even be led through a series of totally random events in their brains and bodies and mass politics to try to call their new and totally immutable categories of people “male and female” and then we could imagine this imaginary scenario coming full circle back to some semblance of…. reality.

    Imagine that.

  3. I wonder if any corporation/government nexus will ever find a way to create more intersexuality and gender identity disorders and so on in a population. If they did then it might be a good way to undermine or overthrow a civilization while raising another up, etc.etc.

    I don’t think the psychopaths in charge are doing that. They don’t need to. But given their track record with respect to social engineering and the eugenics movement and so on and so forth, they may eventually. In any event.. like it or not, male and female are “important” to your civilization.

    But no, birds won’t fall from the sky immediately… etc. Give it another iteration or generation.

  4. A word of encouragement: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, >>>>nor is there male and female<<<<, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." Galatians 3:28

    So you see how He ultimately doesn't care about the basic natural categories upon which our civilization rests and upon which the symbolism of your faith is grounded more than the Son cares about you as an individual.

    But where we live on this side of the heavens there is nothing new under the sun. So we have to take basic natural categories into account with respect to the foundation of our civilizations, etc.

  5. “the relationship of Christ to the church reflected in the singular nature of the marriage of the male and female”

    Why do we let Jews get married, then?

  6. Nitpicker, great question. Those who actually take the time to understand Christianity would know the answer, but that would be very few people. Jesus said Matthew 7:13-14 ‘ “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. 14 For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.’

    So we are warned that the vast majority of people who think they are on board really are missing it.

    But here is a very simple overview:

    1) All human beings are descended from Adam and Eve. ALL. Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Voodoo followers, Christians, and all others — by religion.

    So God instituted marriage for ALL humanity, not just for followers of Christ.

    2) The design of the world includes hints and lessons to POINT to Jesus Christ, so that EVERYONE can see the truths.

    Romans 1:20 “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.”

    So God created the entire universe to SPEAK to EVERYONE — whether they are followers of Jesus Christ or not.

    The nature of what has been created is to speak to all human beings — 100% — and to help them understand God’s plan, including in Jesus Christ.

    This is why many religions have some similarities — which should be expected.

  7. “the relationship of Christ to the church reflected in the singular nature of the marriage of the male and female”

    Why do we let Jews get married, then?

    Better question, why have Jews always seen the singular nature of marriage? E.g. the framing of Solomon’s polygamy, Abraham’s relationship with Hagar, etc…. as basically disastrous events that shaped world history in disastrous ways according to them?

  8. With all due respect today’s vote demonstrated that God afford’s me… respect…

    If that’s correct then one can only conclude that the State is his god.

    That’s pretty common these days.

  9. Weird, just had 2 calls about the news in Sussex. I live in Bear and said I had no idea. Something about an AP story. Does the AP even cover Sussex……

  10. Yes, but the story has no facts attached even who filed it and where. We are not going there.

  11. Hmmm, I just left 7:00 Mass and the homily was on the early ministry of the Apostles. Not one word castigating the ‘sin’ of gay marriage.

    Maybe that will happen next week?

    Oh…..the sun is still out and the birds are still chirping and since it became legal over a week ago gravity still works, the rain still falls, Hilary still lies, and real unemployment is 13.3%

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