Safe and Legal?

We have the legal part down, but for the dead babies and in this case a dead mother, the safety part has a lot to be desired.  PA doesn’t like “late term abortion” and unlike Illinois where  State Senator Obama opposed a born alive infant protection act, delivering live babies and stabbing them with scissors until they die is frowned upon.
 A doctor whose abortion clinic was a filthy, foul-smelling “house of horrors” that was overlooked by regulators for years was charged Wednesday with murder, accused of delivering seven babies alive and then using scissors to kill them.In a nearly 300-page grand jury report filled with ghastly, stomach-turning detail, prosecutors said Pennsylvania regulators ignored complaints of barbaric conditions at Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s clinic, which catered to poor, immigrant and minority women in the city’s impoverished West Philadelphia section. Prosecutors called the gruesome case a “complete regulatory collapse.” “Pennsylvania is not a third-world country,” the district attorney’s office declared in the report. “There were several oversight agencies that stumbled upon and should have shut down Kermit Gosnell long ago.” Gosnell, 69, was arrested and charged with eight counts of murder altogether in the alleged killings of seven babies and the death of a woman from an overdose of painkillers. Nine of Gosnell’s employees – including his wife, a cosmetologist – also were charged.
Out of respect for those with a weak constitution more of the news article is below the fold. It makes me think that if abortion is too terrible for us to read about or watch, it is too aweful for us to tolerate.
At least two women died from the procedures, while scores more were injured from perforated bowels, cervixes and uteruses, authorities said. Under Pennsylvania law, abortions are illegal after 24 weeks of pregnancy, or just under six months, and most doctors won’t perform them after 20 weeks because of the risks, prosecutors said. In a typical late-term abortion, the fetus is dismembered in the uterus and then removed in pieces. That is more common than the procedure opponents call “partial-birth abortion,” in which the fetus is only partially extracted before being destroyed. Prosecutors said Gosnell instead delivered many of the babies alive. He “induced labor, forced the live birth of viable babies in the sixth, seventh, eighth month of pregnancy and then killed those babies by cutting into the back of the neck with scissors and severing their spinal cord,” District Attorney Seth Williams said. Gosnell referred to the practice as “snipping,” prosecutors said

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  1. Plessy v. Ferguson was ‘settled law,’ too.

    The prosecutor said that ‘Pennsylvania isn’t a third world country’…maybe not, but North Pillly comes close.

  2. Injustice is only settled when we accept it. Hold on to your seats, there will be more posts leading up to Sancity of Life Sunday. I am sure my compatriots will join me as it gets closer.

    The truth is that we have eroded Roe and Doe a fair amount. When President Huckabee or Palin whomever and get movement toward common sense.

  3. Thank you for posting this, David. Yes, I will certainly join you in defense of the unborn; and, now, the defense of the born.

    For the infants the doctor from Philadelphia killed were not aborted fetuses, but were babies who were born after he induced labor and after the umbilical cord was cut and the babies were gasping for air. The doctor then murdered the babies by severing their spinal cords with a pair of scissors.

    Oc course, this is not different from nor more horrific than partial birth abortion techniques.

    I remember the scorn and ridicule heaped on pro-lifers when decades ago they said abortion was a slippery slope which would lead to infanticide as well as killing of the deformed and weak.

    We there as far as infanticide is concerned.

  4. The only difference between partial birth abortion and infantacide is that the abortionist stopped the baby before it completely cleared the birth canal. In other words a couple of inches. This guy was too arrogant to trouble himself. Now that could be the difference between a couple of years in prison and life without parole.

  5. And an honest question for Karl Rove: Is infanticide a “non issue” as well?

    History shows that as long as politicians succeed or get power they typically do not care. The interesting thing these days is that a large segment of the population assumes that politicians care more about their retirement and health than they do and will manage it better than they would have.

  6. David, #6; and mynym #7

    I completely agree.

    The moral turpitude of those who consider abortion and infanticide a “non issue” is appalling.

    Who was who said that for most involved in politics, only power and money matter?

  7. …a large segment of the population assumes…

    That’s because ‘a large segment of the population’ is comprised of uneducated, propagandized dolts.

    I wonder when the ass-media is going to blame the actions of this lunatic on the ‘woman’s right to choose’ and other hateful pro-abortion rhetoric of the left? What’s good for the Palin-Limbaugh goose should be good for the NOW gander.

  8. I wonder when the ass-media is going to blame the actions of this lunatic on the ‘woman’s right to choose’ and other hateful pro-abortion rhetoric of the left?

    The Old Press would more likely manufacture stories about “the climate” of the pro-life movement in general if a doctor was shot by a boyfriend who didn’t like the fact that his kid was “chosen” to be killed than blame Planned Parenthood for its widespread “climate of hatred” toward babies.

    Note its origins:

    Existing survivals of low-type savage man, such as the Bushmen of South Africa and the Australian “Blackfellows,” have vegetated for countless ages in primeval squalor and seem incapable of rising even to the level of barbarism, much less to that of civilization. It is fortunate for the future of mankind that most of these survivals from the remote past are today on the verge of extinction. Their persistence and possible incorporation into higher stocks would produce the most depressive and retrogressive results. ….
    Not only have these stocks never originated a civilization themselves, but they also seem constitutionally incapable of assimilating the civilization of others. Deceptive veneers of civilization may be acquired, but reversion to congenital barbarism ultimately takes place. To such barbarian stocks belong many of the peoples of Asia, the American Indians, and the African Negroes. These congenital barbarians have always been dangerous foes of progress. ….. Today, the progress of science may have freed our own civilization from the peril of armed conquest by barbarian hordes nevertheless, these peoples still threaten us with the subtler menace of “pacific penetration.” …. The influx of such lower elements into civilized societies is an unmitigated disaster.
    (The Pivot of Civilization by Margaret Sanger, Edited by Michael Perry :160)

  9. Mynym,

    Yes, and it certainly seems Sanger’s dreams of keeping race pure were carried out by the aforementioned doctor, who is black and who, according to one semi-sympathetic article, carried out “abortions for the poor, immigrants and minorities” for 30 years, bless his noble heart. He made millions.

    It’s a dirty little secret that most Planned Parenthood clinics and most abortion facilities are located in urban areas populated by minorities. Further, blacks, though only some 12% of the population, account for some 37% of all abortions.

    At the beginning of the last century, blacks accounted for some 20% of the total population and now account for about 12% of the population. Abortion has been one means of reducing what Sanger deemed an undesirable race.

    This so-called doctor was located in the middle of a poor section of Philly and did his part in destroying black and hispanic infants.

    Here’s a link to the wall Street Journal article with a picture of the charnel house.

    And, BTW, I notice the sound of crickets chirping when it comes to liberal outrage concerning the revelations about the doctor and his “clinic.”

  10. This doctor was the subject of 40 malpractice lawsuits. As far as I know, Pennsylvania has not enacted Tort Reform to limit how a jury can punish the criminal. Hopefully the victims will be able to take this guy for all he is worth.

    In Delaware we have our evil pediatrician Dr. Brady. Hopefully he too will suffer the full wrath of justice when the victims take him to court for malpractice.

  11. As far as I know, Pennsylvania has not enacted Tort Reform to limit how a jury can punish the criminal.

    Would proposed Tort Reform limit both compensatory and punitive damages?

    Do you believe it is just to drag Beebe into the case because Bradley has little or no money?

  12. OK Faye – I’m “liberal” – here’s your outrage = OUTRAGE

    feel better? if these poor and immigrant women had access to safe and legal abortions, and cheap effective birth control, they would not have been driven to his “clinic” and babies not murdered so horribly.

    Of course, they would also not be raised, abandoned and abused themselves, abusing drugs and alcohol themselves, and maybe later murdering one of you of your family, all for the want of the “morning after” pill or just the pill, period.

    now show me all you anti-abortion activists that have adopted babies, abandoned and drug addicted – anyone in here? hmmm – crickets….

    While what this poor excuse for a human did is horrible and I would wish for the death penalty here, his race has nothing to do with it

    and I might add Dr. Bradley is white and ruined the lives of over 100 chidren – and of course Beebe should pay – they did afer all, know about it, place him on a year’s supervsied suspension and allowed him to continue to see patients in Beebe and never followed thru on their obligation to report him, so yes, they are culpabable as well

    but their silence, ensured more children were harmed and their bottom line was unaffected….too bad they were greedy

  13. …and of course Beebe should pay – they did afer all, know about it, place him on a year’s supervsied suspension and allowed him to continue to see patients in Beebe and never followed thru on their obligation to report him…

    If that’s the case, you’re right.

  14. #14

    Planned Parenthood has offices in Wilmington and in Philadelphia which provide all the services you mention, including cheap birth control.

    I’m glad you are horrfied. Does your horror about the murdered babies extend to those who are murdered while within the womb? As you may know, unborn infants are routinely dismembered and taken out piece by piece. The gestational age doesn’t matter if you can find an abortionist who will do it. And there are those who will do it, as the article in question points out. For abortion is, as you may know, legal throughout term due to the Roe vs. Wade decision of the early seventies.

    So, do you wish for the death penalty for those doctors who dismember late term babies as you do for the doctor who murdered the late term babies he delivered and killed? Is killing the baby of similar gestational age different within the womb than from outside the womb? Baby A in the womb and sven moths gestation can be killed; but Baby B born at seven months by induced labor cannot be killed? Please clarify.

    Now about the red herring of adoption: Adoption waiting lists are long. There are couples who wait for infants for years and years. They are be glad to take any infant, and do. It’s just that abortion takes the lives of so many infants the supply is limited.

    I mentioned the doctor is black, as he was taking the lives of black and hispanic infants, thus murdering babies of his own race.

    Finally, is there any reason for abortion you would object to? Would you, for instance reject sex selection abortion, which is now legal in Sweden? Would you stand up for the right of females to be born?

  15. How many adults were murdered in Wilmidelphia last year? It’s peculiar how high murder rates and Socialist-Democrat administration go hand-in-hand.

  16. Is this a case where public health officials were heeding the wisdom of the day? Not to come between a doctor and his patients. Not to over regulate, over inspect. Maybe health department inspectors could not find in the Constitution where is says they can go into a doctors office and ask whats up. Do we need to make this public health regulatory part of government “smaller”?

  17. This abortion doctor is evil. A disciple of the Whore of Babylon – a Christian allegorical figure of evil mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Some think whore of Babylon references an evil world system, controlled by the Antichrist, during the last days before Jesus’ return. This doctor, peddling his illicit services is tantamount to a medical whore of Babylon. Snipping the spines of unwanted babies. Refrigerators and sewage pipes filled with the product of his evil hand. Could this portend the end times? We need bigger government to police this. Perhaps a public inspector present at each and every site where abortions are performed. A barrage of red tape, more forms to fill out, notarized, acting as hurdles to be overcome before abortion.

  18. Think123, you seem to have a gross misunderstanding of the role of state government which has police power and is charged to protect public health (in its constitution) and the federal government which does not. The founders specifically wanted police power to be under local control and reserved to the states.

  19. Anon2, sorry your comment doesn’t seem serious enough to merit much of a response except for there is no question that evil was present in a man who makes a living killing viable children. How do you take a child just born and partially decapitate it then go on to the next one? How does a government agency ignore obvious health violation complaints because it is a poor neighborhood while women are getting sick until someone dies?

    There is definately evil on display. Call it whatever metaphor you like.

  20. Laffer says poor urban minority children are better off tortured and killed before they can grow up. I don’t think much else needs to be said there. We recognize that attitude of social darwinism.

  21. Laffter,

    Nice delflection, but no go.

    Also, nice stereotyping of me according to your prejudices–prejudices you hope will immediately dismiss the legitimacy of both my reasoning and my questions, as I am in your eyes merely a “Middle aged, suburban, white woman.”)

    I guess that description is supposed to automatically refute your “arguments”?

    That stereotype is an arrogant and, I might add, a racist and misogynist dimissal of rational argumentation as well as a means of not having to answer questions–questions you still haven’t answered, such as “Do you see a difference between infants of seven months gestation whereby one can be killed but the other should not be; and “Do you think sex selected (or let’s add race selected) abortions should be permitted?”

    Liberals are always outraged over the abstract good(like the entire environmental picture you, like a god, omnsciently create, complete with absolute, infallible certitude of what inner city chldren’s lives will be like if they have the horrible misfortune of actually being born); abstractions which enable you to keep from dealing with the hideously evil reality of the Hannibal Lector abortionist types who are committing infanticide.

    You prefer to be outraged about your own projected scenarios, about future crimes.

    Get back down to reality and make a moral judgment once in while; a judgment based on actual rather than on future crimes.

    [And, on a side note, don’t be so condescending toward inner city women, who though they may not own cars, prove exceedingly intelligent and resouceful when they want to go somewhere.]

  22. And, BTW, did you know it’s liberals who prevent white couples from adopting black kids because they think black children should be raised in their own “culture” and by adults of their onw race? Same with children of Eskimo heritage.

    Multi-culturalism at its very best.

    So it’s not white couples who are refusing to adopt minority or mixed heritage children. It’s liberal ideology that stands in the way.

  23. Some think whore of Babylon references an evil world system…

    Some might think the only unifying aspect of those who built the Tower of Babel was arrogance, pride and a fetish for technology, yet weren’t they rather quickly reduced to babbling?

    We need bigger government to police this.

    Perhaps a taller tower, representing more total power?

    A barrage of red tape, more forms to fill out…

    More babble? Your memes seem to be good at creating babble. What if the American system was designed to resist the patterns of thought that inhabit your imbecilic mind? Most of the Founders knew that there is an all seeing eye at the top of the “total” tower and Franklin noted that “the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this Truth–that God governs in the Affairs of Men.” “I also believe,” Franklin continued, that “without his concurring Aid, we shall succeed in this political Building no better than the Builders of Babel.”

    So perhaps Lady Liberty was created based on the proverbial wisdom of the sort that knits babies together in the womb. But one shouldn’t need the wisdom of Solomon, Franklin and others acquainted with whores to know that those willing to stand back and allow a baby to be torn apart are the enemies of liberty.

    You may not understand any of this symbolism due to illiteracy of biblical proportions combined with the fact that pearls of wisdom must not be literally cast before swine and so on. But wouldn’t it be interesting if it could be shown that your memes are more goal directed than you are, due to your limited intellect? Perhaps juggling metaphoric pearls before symbolic swine is okay… after all, it’s not as if swine have the wisdom to know the difference between a pearl and their own excrement.

    I’m only kidding anyway.

  24. Liberals are always outraged over the abstract good (like the entire environmental picture you, like a god, omnisciently create….

    Some view their knowledge/scientia as increasingly total or inevitably progressing toward a total knowledge of things even when the existence of the pyramids and other ancient towers show that mankind is perfectly capable of going for thousands of years with little or no progress. And this despite the fact that it took advanced technology to build them.

    It seems inevitable that people in ivory towers will begin to murmur about who should be sacrificed based on Leftist superstitions. Notice that from the ancient priest sacrificing babies so that the crops would come in, to the eugenics movement and on to the modern abortionists that their pseudo-science and total knowledge of what is best never seems to show that they should be the people sacrificed!

  25. This Philadelphia case shows exactly why abortion should be funded by insurance and performed in regulated hospitals.

    It is abortion opponents who have defunded legitimate avenues and turned abortion into a cash-and-carry business, which attracts shady operators. I hope you are happy with your handiwork.

    if you like these kind of sleazy abortion operators that pop up when you restrict abortion, you will just LOVE the bucket shops when abortion is totally illegal.

    Most pro-choice advocates would gladly accept some form of restriction on abortions. It is only the hard core activists who insist on total abortion on demand. Yet the activists are winning their case among pro-choicers, based on the “slippery slope” argument – if pro-choicers give in to some restrictions, that will be the gateway to a total ban.

    And that is a valid argument for opposing any restriction on abortion, based on the triumphalism of pro-lifers over every restriction that is won.

    Knock off the triumphalism, and you will be able to win solid restrictions as long as you leave it at that.

  26. I hope you are happy with your handiwork.

    If only everyone said it was a good thing, then good people in Christian hospitals would be able to help! It’s all the fault of people who say it’s not a good thing. Say, maybe everyone should be encouraged to say it is a good thing?

    …if you like these kind of sleazy abortion operators that pop up when you restrict abortion…

    If you love the hospitals that generally came about as a result of the Christian call to hospitality and the rejection of pagan barbarism and hedonism then why go back to that?

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