Ruger suspends sales. Out of Product

There is one industry that Obama has stimulated even though he gave them no money.  Obama has attempted to destroy the Gun insdustry thru his corrupt Fast and Furious Operation.  People have taken note and gun sales are on the upswing.  In fact, despite the fact that New Hampshire manufacturer Ruger has continually expanded their factory capacity, Ruger has reached the stage where they can no longer fulfill current orders with current manufacturing capacity.  For this reason Ruger is no longer accepting orders from gun dealers.  Of course, Obama and Delaware’s own economic development people would rather waste taxpayer dollars by throwing it at failing green busiesses such as Fisker.  We could have tried to make a deal with Ruger to expand into Delaware.   They can’t expand quick enough.  Ruger’s announcement: After note.   For the record Ruger has received zero government dollars.  Anyone who actually reads the link, that I have provided,  will realize that Ruger’s sales have increased exponentially.  All Gun manufacturers, ammunition manufacturers, and the NRA have done well in the Obama administration due to Obama’s aattempt to destroy the industry and the rights of gun owning. Rep. Issa has established that the Fast and Furious program was put into place to increase the regulation of gun ownership.

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  1. How is making a deal with a gun manufacturer any less corporatist than making a deal with a green energy company? I mean, I get that one of them actually sells right now and the other doesn’t, but isn’t the whole point of free markets that governments don’t make those decisions?

  2. Well, yes it is about free markets, except….

    Things certain groups like – legitimate role of government
    Things certain groups don’t like – government overreach

    Sorta like that man who stood up at a town hall meeting and said “Keep your government hands off my Medicare!”

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Apparently so are free market principles.

  3. Well I know that there are some out there whose reading comprehension skills are so weak that they see one word such as “stimulate” and they automatically assume that Obama is giving money to gun manufacturers such as Ruger. They make this asssumption despite the fact that I say in the very same sentence Obama gave no money to Ruger.
    I made a bad assumption here. I assumed that people have the background knowledge that gun sales have been on the rise since Obama’s election. Ammunition manufacturers have had to expand production capacity and the NRA’s membership has increased. All of this has been the result of the fear of Obama’s anti-gun policy which includes Fast and Furious. By this standard Obama is also stimulating ammunition sales and the NRA. Stimulate has more than one meaning and it does not just reference giving government money to private firms.
    It is always dangerous to write or speak with irony as some people are humorless and won’t get it.

  4. Please, by all means list all the laws Obama has, as president, passed in the effort to control guns. Thanks.

    Because you are habitually fact-challenged, I will note for you — I’m sure you just “forgot” — that Fast and Furious was also run during the Bush administration, no doubt with the same goal in mind.

    Though seldom acknowledged by conservatives, the biggest supporters of gun-control laws tend to be the law enforcement community.

    That is all. Please resume you fact-free, foam-mouthed screed.

  5. Had ‘Fast & Furious’ occured during a Republican administration, the furor within the ‘mainstream’ media would be deafening. Under the auspices of Our Little Red Star, our big-media quislings consider it to be a non-event.

    Journalists? Try Soviet-style media apparatchiks.

  6. Rick: Why don’t you stop being so lazy and look it up? It started — different code name, same program — in 2006.

  7. Incidentally, the Ruger P95 is standard issue by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, so your statement that Ruger doesn’t get federal money is a lie.

  8. Rick: Why don’t you stop being so lazy and look it up? It started — different code name, same program — in 2006.

    I checked the DOJ wensite, but Holder said he’d never heard of it.

    ‘Different code name, same program?’ Pure BO Bulls#!t, as phony as his Photoshopped ‘certificate of live birth.’

  9. “as phony as his Photoshopped ‘certificate of live birth.’”

    Yeah, baby, Full Metal Birther! Yee-Hawww!

  10. “but isn’t the whole point of free markets that governments don’t make those decisions?”

    Uh… The federal government is the single largest purchaser of guns and ammunition.

    Maybe some of you have heard of an outfit known as E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company. You see, there was this French guy who had the choice of getting his head eventually chopped off because of unlucky political connections, so he came to Delaware and set to making gunpowder. Well, before long we had a Civil War, a Mexican War, a World War and then not only did we have another world war, but we outlawed the production of hemp just about the time them duPont fellers came up with dandy stuff for making rope. Lots of government money all the way up. I’m pretty sure Seaford is down there somewhere. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

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