Rubio Reminds Rush, “Obama’s Not Going To Be President Forever”

“Obama’s not going to be president forever,” said Florida’s Junior senator, Marco Rubio.” Rubio sounded like a GOP Presidential Candidate, when appearing on Rush Limpaugh’s Radio show Tuesday. ““It’s easier to sell cotton candy than it is to sell broccoli to somebody, but the broccoli is better for you. And it’s the same thing with limited government,’’ Rubio told Limbaugh. “Yeah, it’s a lot easier for a politician to sell people on how a big government program is going to make their life better. But I think ours, once we sell it, is more enduring, more permanent and better for the country.’’ (Newsmax reports) Rubio said while the GOP supports immigration reforms to make it easier for illegal immigrants to remain and prosper in the United States, the party sometimes is seen as against it because of different approaches. “Our point has always been we understand we have to fix this problem. But just because we’re not for what you’re for doesn’t mean that we’re anti-immigrant and anti-immigration,’’ said Rubio, a Miami-born Cuban-American. “And it’s certainly hard to make that argument to me, someone whose family are immigrant, married into a family of immigrants, my neighbors are immigrants. I’ve grown up around it my whole life . . . “I’ve seen the good that legal immigration has done for our country and I see the strain that illegal immigration places on our country.’’ When Limbaugh pointed out that Democrats seem less interested in border security as the No. 1 priority than Republicans, Rubio said immigration reform must not only focus on the border, but should also incorporate workplace enforcement and a visa tracking system. “You know 40 percent of our illegal immigrants or undocumented people that are in this country, they didn’t cross the border?’’ Rubio said. Read the whole story

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  1. Here’s a link to the 70% foreign worker reference:

    There is a page that shows about 50% unauthorized.

    That blows John’s BS out of the water.

    And here’s a link to the Liberal rag The Atlantic crying that the Superbowl commercial didn’t feature enough Hispanics. I think the Atlantic misses the point that the Farmer owns the land, it wasn’t a commercial for farm workers.

  2. Oh, Sussex, you are citing UC Davis? Are you kidding me? Do you know anything about UC Davis? The presentaton is drawn from a random sample.

    The US Census Bureau — which asks EVERYONE (100%, not a random samle) directly — found that only 4 job categories have less than 50% native-born US citizens working in them, and the lowest participation of native-born US citizens is 47%:

    However, you are confusing yourself as usual.

    If 30% of those picking produce are native-born US citizens, this means that:

    o Americans WILL do those jobs. 30% of the jobs are being done by native-born US citizens right now.

    o Americans COULD do 100% of those jobs if employers simply pay enough to attract job applicants.

    o US citizens PAY to get exercise and go on rigorous outings like mountain climbing, hiking, etc.

    There is absolutely no reason that 100% of all produce pickng could not be done by the 88 million working age US citizens who do not have jobs today.

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