Rubio Dominates Debate, Cruz scores big

Every focus group says Rubio won the debate. The debate actually addressed some serious factors that voters need to be taking into account. Rubio and Cruz were amazing. They addressed issues and finally stood up to Trump’s inconsistencies such as hiring illegals in the past.

9 thoughts on “Rubio Dominates Debate, Cruz scores big”

  1. Do you think that the debate changed any minds? I don’t.

    If any minds were changed- Trump voters- most will go to Cruz, not Rubio.

    What states will Rubio carry on Super Tuesday? Probably none. He can’t win the nomination without winning a single state.

    Will Rubio carry his own state of Florida? Probably not.

    Will Cruz carry Texas? 50/50.

    The only people talking about the debate are the Trump- haters on PMSNBC, CNN and so on. Like you, David, they think Rubio has turned the corner. He “won” the “debate” (actually, a two-against-one screaming contest).

    Let’s see what Rubio wins next. My guess; nothing.

  2. “He can’t win the nomination without winning a single state.”

    …and Trump can’t win the nomination without 50% of the delegates.

    So, how do you see that playing out?

  3. It could hardly be called a debate. All I viewed for two hours was two rabid dogs attacking Trump on the GOP establishment’s behest. This liberal based debate was a debacle and neither Rubio or Cruz looked presidential. They both showed their true colors.

  4. I certainly can understand why David doesn’t like Trump. He does not represent the gentility of old julip drinking Republicans.

    But masses of hurting people have spoken. I’d have to agree with Rick, that Trump totally won the debate. Crus and Rubio showed they cannot succeed. It is a sad commentary when pundits simply count blows laid in any boxing match, without taking any consideration whether or not they had any effectiveness. You don’t win battles by punching someone in the shoulder.

    (Long ago) I originally thought it was going to be Scott Walker who would emerge unbeatable after Super Tuesday. It now appears that Trump will be the one to take that role and march his way to the acceptance podium at the convention.

    The reason? He is what MOST Republicans want.

  5. Most Republicans don’t want him. The question is will most Republicans get their act together or have our party hijacked by an angry minority?

    You are right, I don’t want someone who doesn’t reflect the dignity of the office. Rubio exudes it and is willing to fight. I like it. He will fight for us because he is one of us. Like me, I did not work 33 years to have my movement hijacked by a pretender when we are on the verge of taking everything from the Presidency, the courts, the governorships, the Congress, and the state legislatures. NO WAY are we going to throw it away!

  6. He will carry Florida. A better question is why is he struggling and running 2nd in the polls in Florida? One, a lot of Northeastern Republicans know Trump better than Rubio. Two, Rubio screwed up when he listened to leadership and was a representative of the GOP in the gang of eight. It was supposed to show that he was an adult and willing to go beyond dogma to solve intractable problems. That’s not what primary voters wanted. They want someone adult enough to depend upon to fight for them. He repaired bridges enough to be reelected to the Senate, but a sizable percentage are not over it enough to vote for President. Three, Carson divides the local vote.

    That may not be the PR answer but it is the real answer.

  7. …and Trump can’t win the nomination without 50% of the delegates…

    Remember, many states are winner take all.

    Most Republicans don’t want him.

    And even more Republicans don’t want Rubio, Bush, Carson….

    He will carry Florida.

    He’s 20+ down to Trump the latest poll. He has a Florida problem- they know him there.

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