Romney v. Trump : A Party Under Siege

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

Yesterday, at the University of Utah, Mitt Romney, under the banner of the Hinckley Institute, ironically fired a political “shot” across Donald Trump’s “bow” and put up a lot of “Flak” in a vain attempt to “shoot down” the TRUMP campaign jet through a “barrage of character assassination”, while projecting himself as the “elder statesman” or “savior” of the embattled GOP. Media “scuttlebutt” and speculation has it that he may be the purported “last ditch” hope of stopping Trump in a brokered convention.

In reality, he placed himself in the disadvantageous strategic position between Trump’s political “panzer divisions” and the “Rocky Mountains” impending avalanche of genuine anger and frustration of masses of American voters. After all, the current GOP hierarchy and its governing special interests, currently under ” a state of siege”, have a lot to lose if Donald Trump is ultimately the nominee.

The event, obviously carefully planned in advance, actually had the opposite effect as the so-called GOP “establishment” clearly does not have an understanding of reverse psychology. Romney’s speech, while smoothly delivered by a two-time failed presidential candidate before a teleprompter, lacked persuasive impact. The idea of the GOP loser of the last campaign attacking the GOP front runner of the current campaign is silly from the outset. Mitt Romney has further divided the already fractious Republican Party (the party that it is its own worst enemy) in his subsequent diversionary attack interview, this morning.

We are witnessing a parapolitical scenario in which the intrigue behind the scenes is more interesting than the campaign itself in an environment in which practical day-to-day concerns are infinitely more important than partisan platforms.

It is not a major stretch of the imagination to think that Mitt Romney’s speech (with “plausible deniability”) was most probably initiated, scripted and executed at the behest of the GOP National Committee and its behind-the-scenes globalist “neo-con” pseudo-elite , who have effectively lost control of the party and its people.

This is clearly the first step in the renewal of the American Spirit. Transcendence of the bipolar ideological constraints of the two-party system is the second step. Election of independent candidates is the third.

We most likely have not heard the last of Mitt Romney, despite his deficiency of real stature in the 2016 campaign. Let’s see how many jet planes he boards on his national speaking tour if his activities evolve into a negative “shadow campaign” and assess its effectiveness in aiding the GOP establishment in its attempt in to “DUMP TRUMP”. In any event, his action, illustrating the Peter Principle, will inevitably aid the evolution of Independent alternatives, following the Law of Unintended Consequences. In any event, don’t be surprised if a new song comes out: “ The End of the GOP as WE Know IT” *.

Fast forward to last night’s debate: the “Top-3” candidates, in a” three ring circus” , complete with elephant droppings, again engaged in a two-hour sophomoric personal free-for-all political cafeteria “food fight” at public informational expense. In contrast, John Kasich (in fourth place) demonstrated that he was the “only adult voice in the room”.

Clearly, this sort of immature and divisive behavior does not bode well for the GOP, but will ultimately benefit the American People in the long-term when the two-party façade crumbles in favor of a more creative, common-sense independent approach to governance in the greater public interest. Likewise, candidates Cruz and Rubio do not remotely understand New York City psychology that “Every knock is a boost” [for Donald Trump].

We, as a nation, face massive economic and social problems including but not limited to: a costly, ineffective and “dumbed down” educational system, a faltering economy, deep balance of trade deficit, crumbling infrastructure, loss of individual Liberty and freedom, defective foreign policy in the face of increasing international tensions, and a crushing National Debt. We are in need of serious solutions beyond rhetoric, slogans, gutter sniping, distortion and ideological limitations. We also need to move beyond polarization, reactive mindsets, exclusivism and clichés (as deliberately employed in this article to illustrate the sad and sorry state of national politics).

Albert Einstein once said that it is impossible to solve problems with the same consciousness that created them. This universal principle, unfortunately, has not been effectively applied to American Politics. If politics was physics, we would have a classic case where “irresistible force meets an immovable object. However, there are much more complex emergent human economic, environmental, technological, geostrategic, socio-political and cultural factors at stake, so the impact cannot be reduced to a simple equation.

By maintaining a cool head, refraining from personal attack and offering constructive rational policy-based approaches to major problems in the face of a virulent and rabid political “slugfest”, John Kasich has set the tone for what the presidential campaign can and should be. Whether his long-term signal prevails over the other candidates’ short-term noise remains to be seen. Whether information ultimately prevails over entertainment is a critical test of the American People. The future of the Republic depends upon it.

* © 2016 Wolfgang von Baumgart