Republicans Beware !! The Libertarians !!

  For many Republicans the name Republican has meaning in regards to our values and principles. It is more than the name of our party. And while we share some values and principles with our second cousins, the Libertarians, we do not share them all, and certainly we cannot abide by their views on some very important social and foreign affairs issues.   There seems to be an attempt by libertarians to infiltrate the GOP, be it on the national level by the Paul family, or here on the state level by a young man named Will McVay.   Now Mr. McVay is very proud of his libertarian views and values, so much so he has chosen to run for the 32nd state Representative District as a “REPUBLICAN”!   That’s right he holds his libertarian views in such high esteem, that he has chosen to run as a Republican rather than as a Libertarian.   One has to wonder why?   I happen to be friended on Facebook with Mr. McVay and I noticed a large number of posting of political cartoons that held Republicans in low regard while praising Libertarians, so I ask Mr. McVay why he was running as a Republican if he held the party in such low regard. I had this to say to him,   “Then Will I would suggest you stop with the general condemnation of the name Republican, or run as a Libertarian and show a real difference. Some may feel that you are using the brand Republican because you feel you can’t win under the Libertarian brand.Either way,  postings like this,  that tout Libertarians while running down Republicans, by a candidate that is calling themself a Republican is beyond hypocritical. For some of us being a Republican means more than just a name, it has real meaning as to principles and values, some that we do not share with Libertarians, and certainly there are Libertarian “values and principles” that many Republicans can’t abide by. So if you are so proud of your Libertarian views, then run as one, have the courage of your convictions, instead of simply being an agent of destruction.”  To which his response was,   “Either you’re wrong, and I’m an agent of renewal, or you’re right, and I WANT to be an agent of destruction. What the Republican Party has become by ignoring libertarians is something that warrants destruction. If it is by the GOP becoming more libertarian, fine. If it is by the GOP becoming irrelevant, fine.”   So I would say to all Republicans in the 32nd district, if you hold the values and principles of the Grand Old Party as important, then I would caution you against supporting Mr. Will McVay, who has on many occasions stated that he would be glad to see the GOP destroyed.   I would again suggest to Mr. McVay that if he loathes the GOP so very much, then hold to his Libertarian views and run as one, if those values are as strong as he feels, then he and his like should have no trouble defeating Republicans.   One last thing, Mr. McVay also said,   “I’m running as a Republican at the request of Republicans” ,   well Mr. McVay would you like to name a few of those Republicans for us?

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  1. “well Mr. McVay would you like to name a few of those Republicans for us?”

    It was his Mommy and Daddy.

  2. So I would say to all Republicans in the 32nd district, if you hold the values and principles of the Grand Old Party as important, then I would caution you against supporting Mr. Will McVay, who has on many occasions stated that he would be glad to see the GOP destroyed.

    I’m not sure if I know what the ‘values and principles of the GOP’ are, other than appeasment (McCain and Romney).

  3. Rick the values and principles have to start with the voters, and they must demand more from their elected leaders, I just don’t happen to think that having someone like Mr. Mcvay calling himself a Republican helps us do that.
    If ever the phrase RINO fit anyone, it fits someone like Mr. McVay.
    If voters want libertarian values and principles then their leaders should be coming from their party not trying to co-op the GOP just for the brand and infrastructure.

  4. If Mike Castle could run as a Republican, why can’t Will McVay run as a Republican?

  5. Beware? Any possible damage he might inflict, supposing he would even do any at all, would be so inconsequential, why should anyone waste time worrying about it? There are much more important things to spend time on. (Case in point, I’m wasting valuable time by commenting here!)

    Every person in the party will not agree with one another 100% of the time, guaranteed. However, there are common areas of agreement where we can make a powerful difference by working together.

    Let’s focus on bringing more people into the party and building it in a positive way.

  6. “If Mike Castle could run as a Republican, why can’t Will McVay run as a Republican?”

    Because Mike Castle IS a Republican and has been one his entire life. Many conservatives do not agree with many of his views, but neither did many Democrats agree with Zell Miller. But Miller was and remains a Democrat. Just as Mike Castle always has been and remains a Republican. He’s just not as conservative as the rest of us.

    Remember there was a time, not so many years ago, when folks who believed as Mike Castle does ran this party nationally and folks who think as we do were the RINO’s.

    Will McVay is another matter. He IS the vice chairman of the Delaware Libertarian Party. He IS an office holder of a political party that would gladly welcome our destruction. But he seeks our ballot line in the 32nd RD because he KNOWS that people will not accept a Libertarian, especially not people familiar with their entire national platform.

  7. Michael Borgia writes: “Remember there was a time, not so many years ago, when folks who believed as Mike Castle does ran this party nationally ”

    No, there wasn’t. Both parties were far more conservative in the past. Democrats in decades past were more conservative than Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, or Pat Robertson (who used to be a Democrat). Ronald Reagan used to be a Democrat. Jerry Falwell used to be a Democrat.

    The Democrat party was taken over by a self-proclaimed radical socialist / revolutionary movement calling itself THE NEW LEFT, who described among its goals the take-over of both parties.

    Fools who are RINO’s (but I repeat myself) follow the errors of THE NEW LEFT imagining that to be popular they have to copy the mistakes of those whom the voters of the country reject.

  8. # Frank,

    I sort of agree with your comment (at least the first sentence). What many people pay attention to is the brand – (D) and (R), instead of paying attention to the individual candidate. I am in McVay’s camp only to the extent that he disses and dismisses the brand, or at least makes a mockery of the brand. While I share many of the libertarian ideals, even libertarianism is a brand. I know that one must evaluate candidates based on what their positions are on a range of issues but too often campaigns are run based on the brand.

    To me it would be better if we could get down to specifics and were able to contrast and compare the candidates. I’m not in Booth’s/McVay’s district (I’m in 20), but if I were I would want to ask about those things that concern me the most rather than what brand someone is.

  9. I’ve been skeptical of the Libertarian Party in Delaware ever since , in my opinion, they colluded with the Republicans during the O’Donnell campaign. They ran Jim Rash, who seemed like a good Constitutionally minded candidate, who actually could have made a showing in the election, considering the two other choices.
    Instead they ran a non-campaign. I never saw any signs, or any other political advertising for their candidate. Not even a bumper sticker. I called the party headquarters to see if I could volunteer, and they had no interest what so ever. Very suspicious.

  10. “If Mike Castle could run as a Republican, why can’t Will McVay run as a Republican?”

    Beth Miller is the Delaware State GOP Treasurer.
    Miss Miller is a registered “Democrat”!!!

    WTF is the problem with Mr. McVay running as a “Republican” ?!?

    By the way, if Brent Wangen can call himself a “Republican” so can Mr. McVay.

  11. Thanks for the free press, Frank.

    I think Republicans, Libertarians, and even Democrats are concerned more about results than they are brands and party labels. Most importantly though, the role of a political party is to select, nominate, and elect candidates to political office that will best serve the interests and goals of its members. The process for doing that, according to Delaware law, is a direct primary election with the candidate winning a plurality of the votes receiving the nomination. My FORMER position as Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Delaware is not a consideration in my eligibility to participate, and I believe the voters of the 32nd District will evaluate me based on who I am and what I hope to accomplish in the General Assembly rather than a party label and a brand that has been failing them.

    On the other hand, if the voters in the primary do not choose to nominate me, then they have proven your point, that libertarians and Republicans are politically incompatible, and we should go our separate ways. I am willing to accept that outcome if it is the choice of the district’s voters.

    TW, cute.

  12. I do not deny that libertarians and republicans share certain ideals and values.
    I do not have a problem with people who hold to those values being a part of the GOP.
    I do not object to people who in the past may have been a part of another party coming over to the GOP to work together to move the nation forward in a conservative direction.
    Brent Wangen is a very good example from comment #10, he ran as a Libertarian and still holds to many if not all of the principles and values that he did during that run. He has now joined the GOP and is again running for office, a run in which I support him.
    The difference between Mr. Wangen and Mr. McVay, (besides the obvious one), is that Mr. Wangen is not running around at every chance deriding the GOP, he is not posting anti GOP material on Facebook, he is not telling any and all who will listen that he would be happy to be a part of the destruction of the GOP. All things that Mr. McVay is proud to be doing, all the while seeking the nomination of the GOP. Oh Mr. Mcvay is very good at quips, but lacks any real substance for wanting to be a part of the GOP, what Mr. McVay is doing is what you do from outside the party, I know, I did the same before I became serious about working within the party.
    It is very easy to destroy something or to criticize, it takes maturity and real effort to actually try and make something better from within.
    Mr. McVay has refused to answer this question on his Facebook page so I will ask him here and see if he has the courage to answer, if you are so proud of your libertarian views, why did you not run as a Libertarian? If you feel the GOP is so corrupt and such a failure, why not work to improve the LIbertarian party?
    And please Mr. Mcvay, save all of the rhetoric about how you are doing the GOP a favor by running as a Republican, just tell us why you are admitting that the Libertarian Party is a joke, by not running as a member of that party.

  13. You just want Republicans who hold more libertarian views to sit down, shut up, and continue taking a back seat to the big-government agenda the DEGOP has voted for in the General Assembly. I get it.

    I support Mr. Wangen too, and if he loses his primary, I will consider that an indictment of the DEGOP more than an indictment of him as well. I wish him the best of luck, personally I can’t bite my tongue when I see bad candidates surrounding me. I question the process that made them the candidates, I question the people who promoted them and the people who financed them. I think that if those processes have led to those outcomes, they need to be reevaluated or replaced.

    If the process doesn’t even offer the possibility of nominating an acceptable candidate, though, how can you hold the process accountable for failure? I am in the Republican primary, so the Republicans in the 32nd district at least have the option of nominating a candidate who will fight, hard, against one party rule in Delaware, who actually knows the issues facing the General Assembly, and who is actually willing to debate those issues in public with his opponent or anyone else. If they decide they don’t want it, that will have been their choice, and I can live with it. You don’t have to like my answer, but I have given you an answer, the same one, a few different times. I’m really glad you posted this article to give me the opportunity to share that answer with a broader audience.

    Are you really so thrilled with the work the DEGOP’s been doing for the past few years that you don’t think they need to reexamine some things? If that’s your position, just say so.

  14. Will, everyone is scared of you. 🙂

    Frank and Will are both right in different ways.

    There are libertarians who are part of a long, honorable, intellectually-rigorous tradition (whether one might agree with them or not, they have often had extremely well-developed theoretical and intellectual principles, theories, and policies). These TRADITIONAL LIBERTARIANS certainly should be welcome within the Republican party, if they are willing to put up with the GOP.

    Note that the tea party generally describes itself as outside of the two major parties, disgusted with both, but willing to give the GOP one more chance. But most tea party members passionately want to SINCERELY try to reform the GOP and make it work. I have seen great hostility among most tea partiers to those who are not really trying to get the GOP on track.

    However, the tea party (generally speaking — it is not one monolith) reserves the right to abandon the GOP if the GOP does not shape up and fly right.

    On the other hand, there is a very distinct and growing group of libertarians who — far from following the proud academic and intellectual tradition of libertarianism — are just angry, bitter, divisive, nasty, no I mean unbelievably nasty, nasty, nasty, who are more interested in burning down the house — ANY house — than they are in fixing, reforming or building anything.

    These new Faux Libertarians are simply looking for an excuse for — at least metaphorically but we’ll wait and see — smashing store windows, burning cars, throwing rocks, etc. They strongly resist (I mean I’ve fought with them one on one) anything that might actually be constructive or helpful for the country.

    These new angry libertarians are lunatics who are insanely devoted to Ron Paul. There are many other Ron Paul supporters who are perfectly normal. But a big chunk of Ron Paul supporters are these lunatic libertarians of the vicious variety. Again: Other Ron Paul supporters are very different.

    But these are typically brainless, uninformed, unthinking people like the Occupy Wall Street crowd or anti-globalization protesters.

    In fact, I strongly suspect that these FALSE libertarians are simply far-left liberal loons who see an opportunity to cause maximum havoc by PRETENDING to be libertarians and MIS-USING Ron Paul’s name to bash the GOP over the war on terrorism and to push for legalization of marijuana, etc.

  15. Many libertarians have put up with the GOP for a long time, but I don’t think they’ve gotten much out of the deal. The tea party seems willing to give the GOP “one more chance”, so I am too. I certainly feel no loyalty towards them though. They have done nothing to warrant it. There’s only so long libertarians should put up with the GOP when the result of their doing so has been the situation we find ourselves in presently.

  16. I think Republicans, Libertarians, and even Democrats are concerned more about results than they are brands and party labels.

    Maybe so, but we are a two-party nation- thank God.

    In multi-party nations, you have Nazi’s joining communists, gays colluding with Bible-thumpers and other absurd deal-making allegiances as a means of electing officials, appointing committees and enacacting legislation. Hence, you have chaos.

  17. Wiil, you thank me for giving you this forum to answer my question and then fail to do so, instead you deflect and avoid, are you sure you wouldn’t be more comfortable in the Democrat Party?
    Please point me to the part of your comment where you tell us why you “DID NOT” run as a member of the Libertarian Party.
    You say, “You just want Republicans who hold more libertarian views to sit down, shut up, and continue taking a back seat to the big-government agenda the DEGOP has voted for in the General Assembly. I get it.”
    No I think I pointed out the difference, if you were truly wanting to be a part of the GOP and wanted to make a difference, then you wouldn’t need to deride the party in the manner that you do. As for the “ONE” cartoon you linked to, well that was one of many, it was merely the one I chose to post a comment on. You Facebook reads like nothing more than an anti GOP website. You are not trying to improve the GOP, you think that you are some kind of libertarian hero. Obviously the smoke is getting in your eyes as well as your brain.
    You and your like are angry because your high minded rhetoric gets no real traction with mainstream America, you are the fringe of the fringe, and so you now want nothing more than to break the toy of the kid who has more than you do. Will, when you grow up a little and get some real life perspective, you may grow out of this behaviour, until then you will remain nothing more than a spoiled child acting out their fustration.

  18. 2008: GOP Presidential candidate John McCain gets 36.9% of the vote in Delaware. GOP Senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell gets 35.9% of the vote in Delaware. GOP Gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee gets 32% of the vote in Delaware. GOP Insurance Commissioner candidate John Brady gets 41% of the vote in Delaware. In 31 slots the GOP does not even have a candidate.

    2010: GOP Senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell gets 40% of the vote in Delaware. GOP House candidate Glenn Urquhart gets 41% of the vote in Delaware. GOP does not have a candidate for Attorney General. GOP Treasurer candidate Colin Bonini gets 49% of the vote in Delaware. In 10 other slots the GOP does not even field a candidate.

    You voted out Mike Castle, the only Republican in the State actually capable of winning a statewide election, deciding it was better to send Chris Coons to the Senate than suffer to have a GOP moderate there. How’s that working out for ya?

    Even by waiving filing fees, your party can’t find candidates for enough races to win back the General Assembly if everybody won.

    Your own Treasurer accidentally became a Democrat by using the same party-switching maneuver that many Libertarians are using against a corrupt two-party system.

    Your party issued a statement saying it would support a suspended attorney in continuing his candidacy (although, fortunately, he had the integrity to pull the plug).

    You condemn Ron Paul supporters for wanting to work inside the party to increase the libertarian influence, and you condemn the Libertarians who won’t work inside your party. Face it: to you, Libertarians are like the LGBT vote has been for the Democrats, a captive vote, cause what are Libertarians going to do when you diss them–go join the Democrats?

    So when Libertarians stage guerilla actions against a party that has actually ceased to be a truly major party, and which has given up on even trying to win back a majority in either House of the General Assembly, or of grooming candidates who could actually make a challenge in statewide races, what do you do? You whine.

    And you guys are calling other people “fringe”?

  19. One of these days you guys will have to do better than rely on my age to come at me. I’m sure that line of attack really helps you appeal to the younger folks and bring them into the party.

    I’ve answered the question, Frank, you just choose not to accept the answer. Still, let’s try again using smaller words. I’m offering to work with the GOP if they’re willing to work with me, but when the GOP screws the pooch, I’m going to tell them so. They’ve been doing that a lot lately. I’m also not going to surrender to the GOP without some sort of demonstration that they’ve actually learned something. The DEGOP in particular, through its actions, has demonstrated that it has no use for libertarians. Maybe you’re not privy to all that they’ve done, but they have made it very obvious both through the actions of the party and the votes of the legislators that they are not looking to represent us, regardless of our party registrations.

    Meanwhile, they have collaborated with the Democrats to effectively shut out any alternative parties via ballot access laws and political infrastructure (check Steve Newton’s article about how “nonpartisan” the Center for Political Communication at UD is for an example). Again, Frank, I don’t know how much of this you actually know, since as you said, you are just a party member, not someone who is in any position to speak for the party.

    When the Democratic and Republican Parties collude to shut everyone else out, and vote the same way in the General Assembly, the only way left to fix the one-party state might just be to join it. Do you even know who my opponent is? Do you think that he’s going to represent the particular strain of “Republican” that you are? Do you think he’s capable of doing so effectively? Maybe you should think a little harder about what exactly your options are before you start throwing rocks.

  20. Steve Newton writes “You voted out Mike Castle, the only Republican in the State actually capable of winning a statewide election”

    Mike Castle was NOT capable of winning a statewide election…. not in 2010. Democrat Party registration was soaring from election to election, and Mike Castle only won over token opposition. Mike Castle has not faced a serious opponent in probably a decade.

    Mike Castle enjoyed an uneasy truce in which Joe Biden did not face any serious opposition from the DEGOP and Mike Castle did not face any serious opposition from the Democrats. Trying to take Joe Biden’s US Senate seat away from the Democrat Party, Mike Castle would have been obliterated. He would not have been able to raise more than $1.5 million for the race, compared to Christine O’Donnell’s $7.4 million from enthusiastic conservatives nationwide. Conservative Republicans and non-Republican voters would have stayed home if Mike Castle was the nominee.

    Remember that Christine O’Donnell had been running for the US Senate seat from March 2009 if not December 2008. Mike Castle decided to create a train wreck by leaving a safe US House seat and disrupting and attacking Christine O”Donnell’s candidacy already underway for a year.

    Had Mike Castle stayed in the US House seat, we would have had Christine O”Donnell in the US Senate and Mike Castle in the US House — both.

  21. Jon, let’s get this straight, because your response pretty much indicates that you don’t reality test very well.

    Going back to 2008 the ONLY statewide GOP candidate to win an election was Mike Castle with 61% of the vote in 2008. The next highest was Colin Bonini with 49%, who ran a credible campaign but was unable to knock of Chip Flowers, a Democrat that many Democrats dislike almost as much as they dislike Karin Weldin Stewart. Soaring Democratic registrations meant less against Castle than against any other candidate you could have fielded, because Castle was the only candidate you had capable of capturing moderate Dem and Independent votes. Christine O’Donnell could have been running since birth and not have done so.

    The proof of that assertion lies in the fact that neither Beau Biden nor John Carney was willing to run for the Senate seat against Castle. Chris Coons was supposed to be the sacrificial lamb who took one for the team. And even with $7.4 million (I’ll take your word for it), Christine ran one of the worst media campaigns in Delaware history.

    But that’s beside the point: you are trying to divert attention from the DEGOPs descent into being electorally irrelevant by arguing the one tiny point upon which you think you can get traction. The truth of the matter is in your throwaway line that Dem registration was soaring prior to 2010. Why?

    There are two primary reasons driving that: either people are responding to their messaging or they are recoiling away from yours. I’ll give them this: their messaging is thoroughly packaged and their organization is tight–they are managing to sound like winners even though Markell is vulnerable on education and Fisker, even though they have disavowed their own insurance commissioner, and the fact that “progressive” Dems hate both Carper and Carney.

    The GOP, on the other hand, seems adamantly stuck on stupid in how it campaigns. Jeff Cragg, Kevin Wade, and Tom Kovach are all–as near as anyone can tell from media notices–running invisible non-campaigns. They are not doing any of the things necessary to break through. At least people did know that Christine was running. There are Carney signs all over New Castle County. Where are the Kovach signs?

    Time to stop having blind faith in your message and realize that, as a party, you’ve been thoroughly pwned.

    Then maybe you can get back on your feet, but as Celia Cohen points out, you’d actually have to have candidates to do that.

  22. The majority of the voters in Delaware are stuck on stupid. It dosen’t matter state wide as long as you are a democrat. The Lord himself could run state wide as a Republican and lose. however there are parts of Delaware where the voters actually think before they decide who to vote for. The true Republicans will not vote for an imposter running as a Republican. Enough said!!

  23. Steve Newton, please learn to read and read to learn. I have already stated that I have no problem with people joining the GOP, whether they hold to libertarian views or not. I do have a problem with someone such as Mr. Mcvay taking on the name “Republican” and then doing his best to trash the name. If he feels so strongly that the GOP is a waste of time maybe he could try one more time to tell us why he did not run as a Libertarian.
    Will, it is not your age that is holding you back, it is your maturity level, the two are totally different.
    You speak of ballot access, yet I seem to remember seeing Libertarian on the ballot nearly every election.
    What really burns your cookies is that they can’t win. That has nothing to do wiith ballot access, it is that your “do it if it feels good” agenda does not seel well with mainstream America. So what do you do? You try and fool Republican voters by calling yourself a Republican. But you, and I mean you personally, can’t pull it off, because you have to go on Facebook and attempt to show how smart you are by trashing the very party you seek the nomination from.
    That my friend is childish no matter how old you are.
    So again, please break it down for me smart boy, why didn’t you run as a Libertarian? No I’ll tell you, because you are about tearing something down, than you are about building something.
    Will, if you really believed in the things you say you believe, and if you hold to your libertarian views, then I would suggest that you rejoin the Libetarian Party and work to defeat the GOP. Then you could be true to yourself, true to the voters and you wouldn’t have to lie to yourself or the voters about who you really are. That my friend would be the mature thing to do.

  24. Hey, Frank, cry about it. I’m complying with election laws. I didn’t write them. Didn’t vote for any of the legislators who did either.

  25. Clearly I didn’t fool you. Posting that I’m still a libertarian all over the internet just didn’t get past you did it. Damn, you’re too clever for me.

  26. Steve Newton writes “Going back to 2008 the ONLY statewide GOP candidate to win an election was Mike Castle with 61% of the vote in 2008”

    Against whom?

    Mike Castle’s oppoent was KAREN HARTLEY-NAGLE, who spent a whopping $16,440.94 to run for US Congress against an incumbent.

    Had the Democrat Party actually run a candidate for real against Mike Castle, he would have spent 2009 and 2010 touring the world’s golf courses having lost election in 2008.

    But why would the Democrats want to run a Democrat against Mike Castle when Mike Castle is basically a Democrat already?

    Face it: Mike Castle could not win a primary with the game rigged in his favor. All of the Delaware and national machinery was behind Mike Castle. The rules were rigged in favor of Mike Castle. The DEGOP Chair savagely attacked the candidate who had been in the race almost a year before Mike Castle. The media lied about O’Donnell. The DEGOP filed a complaint with the FEC. All sorts of lies were thrown at O’Donnell.

    So Mike Castle must be a pretty crappy campaigner if he could not win a primary with all the rules rigged in his favor and the deck stacked in his favor.

    The whole rationale for Mike Castle was that he was such a good campaigner.

    Trouble is: He wasn’t.

  27. This is very interesting to a historian, who has looked at why parties die in the past and new ones rise up… Gleaned from this thread is the idea, now growing that the Republican Party as lost touch with American voters, so that it has now become possible that a Libertarian, can simply walk through the open holes, and sign himself up as one and run for that office and win. If he wins, he has no qualms or loyalties to other Republicans, he was elected as a Libertarian, and can easily disassociate himself away from the Republican Party any time he wishes and list himself as an Independent. If voters like what they hear, and he does resonate with them far better than any Republican today can, he will become the New opposing force against the liberal Democrats. The money WILL flow to him because of it.

    The only threat the Old Republicans have against Will, is because he is “not a true Republican. he won’t get their votes …. All 5 of them…

  28. Even if I lose, my primary opponent will have won the primary based on being a “true Republican”. I’m not sure how well that will fly in a district that is overwhelmingly Democratic and Independent…

    Then again, I’m not HIS campaign strategist, now am I?

  29. The values and principles of the GOP vary with which wing of the party you belong to. In NCCo, many of the republicans eat at the same table as the democrats. In Kent County, the party starts to become more conservative and strong personalities define the party more than political position.
    In Sussex County, there is open warfare between moderate (RONO’s) and conservative republicans but Sussex has the best chance of electing republican candidates.
    The primaries could do one of two things in Sussex; it could eventually unite the downstate party or it could splinter it beyond repair.

  30. If and only if Sussex GOP can attract independent voters. Considering the open warfare between the Sussex moderates and the hard right, the chances of attracting independents is pretty slim.

  31. Will, I know short term memory loss is a problem you may suffer from due to your personal choices, but you once again fail to answer a direct question, is this what the voters of your district can expect if you are elected?
    By pretending to be a Republican you are admitting that the Libertarian Party is a joke, you are telling everyone that a true Libertarian can’t be elected. So Will, what you are really showing is that not only are you not a real Republican, but that you are afraid to be a real Libertarian as well. You are nothing more than a fraud to both parties and I see no reason why Republicans should vote for you. You ar counting on and selling nothing more than negative ideas, you have nothing positive to say because you can’t stand the very party from which you seek the nomination.
    Even in this conversation you can’t put together any argument beyong, “GOP BAD”!
    You would come across as a much better candidate if you were in the Libertarian Party and were telling people why they were the better choice.
    Well I should really go cut the grass and I am sure you have something to do with grass as well.

  32. It is hard to win any office without saying what you WILL do, not just what you won’t do. These things WILL get done with WILL, not just why everyone else is bad.

  33. You have also not answered my question. Why are you shilling for my opponent? Do you even know who you’re defending?

    Why doesn’t he defend himself?

  34. Will, you seem to be having trouble following a simple line of thought here, I am not here to defend your opponent, if you are having trouble getting him to take you seriously look inward and consider what I have been trying to point out to you.
    I have been trying to point out that if you want to be taken seriously then you should try acting as if you take running for office seriously, because right now you seem like little more than an Eric Bodenweiser type, who is about nothing but drawing attention to yourself.
    As for answering the question, well really you have, by avoiding it.

  35. I am curious why Will McVay won’t tell the Republican voters of the 32nd district why he is in favor of gay marriage?

  36. I’ll tell all the voters of any district what I believe and why any time they ask. I’m curious what my opponent’s latest excuse is for not participating in a debate and sending anonymous lackeys to carry his water for him.

  37. “I’m against state marriage entirely, actually.”

    That is a distinction without a difference.

    Are you going to claim that you have never advocated for the “right” for gays to be married?

  38. Nope, what they do in their communities without state involvement is none of my concern. They have the right to exercise their faith any way they like. As do you, Mr. Anonymous.

  39. Will McVay still acts like a political hack by not answering direct questions.

    He refuses to say who the Republicans were who asked him to run for office

    He refuses to admit that he is in favor of gay marriage.

    He refuses to admit that he is pro abortion.

    Instead he filibusters.

  40. “Even if I lose, my primary opponent will have won the primary based on being a “true Republican”. I’m not sure how well that will fly in a district that is overwhelmingly Democratic and Independent…

    Then again, I’m not HIS campaign strategist, now am I?”

    The 32nd district was represented by a “True Republican” from 1994 to 2008. Once again Will McVay proves that he is incapable of gathering basic facts.

  41. “How many primary elections did Donna Stone win by pandering to social conservatives?”

    Donna Stone won elections because she was a long time respected member of the community. Donna Stone was also a very successful businesswoman in two different types of businesses. Donna had the respect of people in the District due to her long term commitment in business and local charities.

    Now anyone who examines the resumes of Will McVay and his opponent know that Will McVay is not the caliber of candidate that Donna Stone was. Will’s opponent actually has the kind of resume that reminds me of Donna Stone.

    In order to win in a District with a Democrat plurality one needs the kind of person who personally is well known and respected in the District. This is not Will McVay.

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