Republican Primary Results

Winners: Kevin Wade Ken Simpler Jack Peterman Losers: Vance Phillips Jeff Christopher Don Blakey Biggest Winner: Ken Simpler Biggest Loser: Christine O’Donnell: How do you endorse only one candidate and then let him get clobbered 3 to 1 without giving him an ounce of material support? Carl is a decent guy and deserves better.

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  1. Interesting, but reasoned analysis. It is like she started marching in the parade and saw no one followed her when she turned. Then she shrugged and went home. Leaving Carl by himself. It was a shame, but Kevin was a better candidate who will give a solid base for local Republicans.

    I don’t think she is ready yet to get back into the system. She dips her toe in and pulls it out. She was really hurt in 2010 at a deep emotional level by the stupid stuff like Gawker and the international smear campaign of distortion. It would be more than most people could handle. I think she can, but apparently 4 years is not long enough.

  2. You may be right David. My criticism, however, is based on the need of COD to protect her brand. This may sound cold but if she endorses someone than it is important that that person makes a decent showing.

    Right now, the takeaway on COD in 2014 is that she endorsed someone who subsequently got shellacked 3 to 1.

    The good news is that her involvement was so minimal that most people don’t know she endorsed anyone.

  3. Tennessee Walker September 10, 2014 at 12:10 “My criticism, however, is based on the need of COD to protect her brand.”

    I do think that such thinking has dominated Christine’s political career WAY too much and with very harmful results to her (back-firing badly) — but even more so the thinking of many highly-regarded “experts” and consultants who have given Christine really bad advice in my opinion.

    But at the present time, I don’t think Christine is even that engaged in the process, to even be thinking about her brand. I believe that she has completely “checked out” and was recently on a cross-country trip with her mother and sister. And that is probably a good thing because if her mother succumbs to the illness she is fighting, Christine will value and cherish the time spent with her ailing mother while still possible far more than which candidate Christine endorsed.

    I find wasted opportunities extremely frustrating. But knowing that one made the most of time with a parent will mean much more when it is too late to go back and change that decision.

    It is not what I would like to see, politically. But I can understand it.

  4. Christine O’Donnell has no “political career.” She won a single primary election. She has been crushed in every general election in which she has run. She has no actual job related to politics, other than her imaginary “consultancy.”

    Yesterday marked the end of the madness that took down the Delaware GOP. Goodbye, Mr. Moseley. You have been rejected by the conservatives you supposedly know so well.

  5. I am really pleased that one of the most prominent liberal voices in the state just said that “yesterday marked the end of the madness that took down the Delaware GOP”. I expect an endorsement or two of the “newly” sane GOP. Welcome to the party. LOL

  6. Nobody September 10, 2014 at 13:17 “Christine O’Donnell has no “political career.”

    If a person doesn’t show up for work, they won’t have a job for long.

    That has nothing to do, however, with what could have been if Christine had actually continued with her opportunities instead of walking away in the Spring of 2011.

  7. Goodbye, Mr. Moseley. You have been rejected by the conservatives you supposedly know so well.

    Unfortunately Kevin Wade has chosen to keep Moseley involved in Delaware Politics. I used to trust Wade’s judgment, but those days are over. If people like Wade and David Anderson truly want to heal the party, purging Moseley would be a good start, as long as Moseley has his finger in our party, the rift will never heal.

  8. Nobody September 10, 2014 at 13:17 “Goodbye, Mr. Moseley. You have been rejected by the conservatives you supposedly know so well.”

    This is not a rational comment, Nobody.

    First, I was not on the ballot on Tuesday. If the DEGOP cannot field candidates for all of the offices up for a vote, I may have to move to Delaware and show you how to run an election. But I wasn’t on the ballot on Tuesday. So what the blazes are you talking about?

    Christine O’Donnell endorsed Carl Smink and I have tried to help Kevin Wade (after encouraging ANYONE good to run, including Charlie Copeland and Colin Bonini).

    So HOW have I been rejected, much less rejected by conservatives?

    Again, the attempt to portray yesterday’s primaries along conservative / establishment lines is a knee-jerk habit but I think it is erroneous. It could apply perhaps only to the Christopher / Lee race.

    Ken Simpler would not agree that he was any less conservative than Sher Valenzuela. Heck, about a year or so ago liberals and anonymous posters here were trashing Sher for being a pro-choice moderate.

    So not only haven’t I been rejected, but nobody has been rejected “by conservatives.”

    The DEGOP had a lot of good, strong candidates and only one can be the nominee in each race.

  9. Kevin will get 37% of the vote. He has mine. He’ll get no money nor volunteer’s which is a shame because he’s a good guy.

  10. But notice (1) the tactics and (2) the intensity of the effort to define what the election was about.

    Pay attention: Notice how the liberal spin machine is always trying to tell us what we just saw and tell us what we just did.

    Don’t be fooled.

    The tactics of trying to redefine yesterday’s election to fit liberal narratives and liberal strategies is the same spin that we always see.

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