Representative Don Blakey is still……….ALIVE

Camden Republican Don Blakey has been the focus of some rumors that he passed away. One rumor was that he had a Heart attack while driving a school bus. This was something he has not done in decades. The other was that he passed away last night at home. Kent Republican Activists wisely responded in two directions. One direction was to determine what was true. The other direction was to develop a short list of who would be the best candidate in the event of a vacancy. In the second case the top name was readily apparent. That choice was the effusive wife Delores Blakey. One activist stated “Heck, we should have been running her for the last 20 years. She sings better, is better looking, and must be 25 years younger than Don.” According to the records the last assertion is not true. But, I think the records should be checked when Delores competes in Senior Olympics. In some establishments, she would be carded when buying a drink. With all of that said, Representative Blakey, who regularly shows up at his Dover Office to deal with constituent concerns, ended all discussion by entering Legislative Hall. The phone calls about the mechanics of replacing a candidate ended and Republicans breathed a sigh of relief. The Origin of these rumors are suspect. Blakey will win this race and he is neccessary if the Republicans have a prayer of getting a House Majority. Blakey is a Conservative with Moderate leanings and vice versa. He is personally very popular in his district and in Kent County. For years Blakey and his wife ran summer programs for kids introducing those children to the theater and performance Arts. Those kids who performed at DSU for the DonDel Enterprises are now voters with children of their own. One of the things the radical Ideologues don’t get is that the Don Blakeys of the world will get elected to office regardless of party affiliation. In addition, to his numerous efforts at improvement of his community through his volunteer efforts, Don has always made himself available to any endorsed Republican candidate who needs Don’s help in his district. So if you need proof that Don Blakey is still with us, just show up at the next Caesar Rodney Home Football Game. He will be the guy with the most people around him as you walk in.

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  1. Mr. Blakey is showing no signs of dotage. We’ve met in three candidates forums, and I introduced myself to him on June 30th and wished him the best of luck in the upcoming. I respect him and can confidently state that my relative youth is no advantage. The man is a rock physically and mentally sharp. His health appears to be better than excellent.

    Mrs. Blakey would be an excellent second choice. The Blakeys built their support the old fashioned way, by giving service to their community. He’s nearly impossible to defeat in an election which is why I decided to run against him after I left the democratic party.

    As the old saying goes, nobody learns faster than when they are getting their butt kicked. I’m learning at a very fast rate.

    Mr. Blakey and I have a very good relationship and I’m gratified that my respect for him seems to be mutual. I certainly won’t shed any tears if Mr. Blakey trounces me, which he is expected to do.

    I don’t think Ted Yaccucci is behind the rumors, but wouldn’t put such a ploy behind the DeDNC power structure. There’s a reason I left the democratic party when friends on both coasts were organizing fundraisers to pay my filing fee.

    Having said all that, it’s ironic that DeGOP folks are rightly crying foul in light of where we seem to be getting rumors on a certain race downstate… what goes around comes around and it saddens me that a man like Don Blakey is subjected to this sort of thing.

    I really don’t mind when bloggers at DL post some outrageous lie about me, I’m okay with a ‘streetfight’ (metaphorically speaking of course) and don’t mind getting right in there with folks like that. Don Blakey is truly above that sort of thing and those attacking him like this will experience the boomerang effect IMO.

    I would encourage all republicans over age 28 to take a daily aspirin if they are concerned about heart attacks. Don Blakey is a man at peace with himself and his surroundings making him the least likely person I know to suffer such an event.

    To those spreading these rumors, they would do well to avoid me finding out who they are at all costs. Mr. Blakey and I are both from Southeast D.C. and he’s my elder. I am allowed to run against him, it’s okay to respectfully disagree with him on policy and platform.

    I don’t get to, nor do I have any desire to attack the man. We have rules where we are from. Somebody wishing something like this on one of my community elders? We are talking about douggie unplugged if they bring it to me.

    I suspect that those behind the rumors understand that and there’s a reason that I get this kind of information from the blogosphere and not from a phone call or chance encounter. They will get sloppy if they continue, and I’ll be right there for them. Promise.

  2. Maybe I am confused Doug but, I don’t recall saying any political entity was behind the rumors. I only posted because the rumor came up twice within a week.

    For the record, it is one easy rumor to destroy. Just show up and people can see you are still alive.

    Or as Mark Twain opined. “The accounts of my demise are greatly exagerrated.”

  3. TW, I didn’t say it came out of a political entity either.Given my experience earlier this year when I was exploring a primary against our esteemed incumbent Governor, I wouldn’t be shocked if it was coming from power players in our Democratic machine.

    I don’t think they are coming from the democratic candidate in the race.

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