Rep. Sean Lynn endorses Carper Primary Opponent

For Immediate Release:

Lynn’s Stunning Far Left Turn blasted by opponent, Anderson

“Representative Sean Lynn has dropped any pretense of moderation. His endorsement of Kerri Harris, who is the darling of the progressive fringe in the Democratic Party, shows that mainstream Democrats like Senator Carper no longer have a place in his mind. Senator Carper certainly has his faults, but being too far left is not one of them”, Dover City Councilman David Anderson stated. “This is further evidence that Lynn does not even represent my Democratic friends, let alone Independents and Republicans”, said Anderson.

Anderson has endorsed and is endorsed by Gene Truono. Truono is a former Paypal executive and current philanthropist who is bridging the fissures in the Delaware Republican Party by his devotion to the Constitution and common sense policies.

“Anderson has worked with Senator Thomas Carper frequently on economic and veteran’s issues. I differ with the Senator on many issues, but he tries to work across the aisle to get something done, just as I do. I believe we need a Representative not a flamethrower who is wants to drive Delaware to the extreme left”, said Anderson.

Councilman Anderson has served on several committees for the city including some chairmanships and on several non-profit boards. He has also received national recognition as a national board member of the Christian Public Officials Caucus and in the National League of Cities (NLC) policy committee for Energy, Environment and Natural Resources. He is also a member of the NLC Military and Small City Councils. He was also the 2014 Delaware Republican of Year.