Remembering Beau Biden

Today I lost a friend, Beau Biden​. He was a patriot, a good family man, and a fine soldier with whom I was privileged to serve. He lost his battle with brain cancer at Walter Reed Hospital. Our prayers and thoughts are for the Biden family.beau and i

Beau Biden started his public service with the U. S. Attorney’s office. He was commissioned as a Judge Advocate General officer with the Delaware Army National Guard and obtained the rank of Major. It was at the 261st Signal Brigade that I had the opportunity to know Beau. We were in neighboring offices. Our kids played together. Our wives spoke with each other. We often discussed just about anything except politics which we purposefully avoided. We came from different ends of the political spectrum, but had a strong mutual respect for each other. We were both patriots. We both believed in law and order. We both believed in America.

Biden could have shirked his duty to serve in Iraq legitimately. He could have requested a transfer before the unit was activated. After all, he had recently been selected by the people of the great state of Delaware to be their Attorney General. I was injured before Iraq and dropped 3 days before the deadline without my permission. I later had the opportunity to serve in Afghanistan. I had the opportunity to train with him for more than a year in the run up. His dedication to the unit, the Army, and the nation was first rate.

As Attorney General, Biden had a mixed record. His health seemed to allow the office to be on autopilot the last 2 years. Still, the office had its share of accomplishments. His father thought that he may follow Joe in the Senate. Beau had visions of being Delaware’s Governor. Neither turned out to be in the future. Cancer cruelly prevented his having the opportunity.

Delaware will mourn the loss of a great American and a patriot. I remember a friend.

7 thoughts on “Remembering Beau Biden”

  1. The loss of Beau Biden is a great loss for the state, the nation and his family. I will pray for his entire family. My deepest condolences for the Biden family.

  2. When it came to loving his family, public service, and America, Joseph R. Biden I I I was the real deal.

  3. As a memorial, David, I thought you’d re-run some of the words your blog has had to say about him over the years:

    “Beau Botches another Murder Case
    December 1, 2009”

    “Deputy Attorney General Accused of Rape
    May 4, 2014

    It’s going to be awkward, to say the least, as AG Beau has expressed deep concern about sex offenders. “

  4. One, those were not my words and it is my post. Two, I don’t think that he was great attorney general. The words mixed record and the office on auto pilot the last two years seem to suffice. I do think that he also had some significant accomplishments. I did not list accomplishments nor did I list what I consider insufficiencies. I left both out because I do not believe a tribute after someone’s death is the place to initiate political discussion.

  5. David perhaps you should inform your friend it’s in poor taste to use Beau’s death as a vehicle to advertise her campaign.

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