Red Cross Right

The International Red Cross is a non-partisan, non-sectarian, impartial humanitarian organization. They were established to bring humanitarian aid to all nations. There is some controversy about the fact that they taught first aid to the Taliban terrorists recently. First Aid training is not some secret that changes the war. It is available to everyone. The International Red Cross has always helped people who were injured on both sides of the battlefield. It has helped people in disasters in almost every nation. The U. S. government actually helps wounded Taliban and treats them medically which is far more than the Red Cross is doing. I do not understand the controversy.  We do not expect background checks before classes.  We have a long tradtion in America regarding the provision of care to all.  The International Red Cross grew from it.  It is something worth keeping.

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  1. Your illiterate contributor below should know that is it Democratic Legislators. Not Democrat Legislators. Unless you are illiterate.

    NOTE from David: The term Democrat legislators was part of a direct quote from Mr. Hudson. It would have been improper to change it especially sense it is a common term. She was just exercising proper journalism.

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    BBC trying to get in touch with you about your possible participation in a global radio debate on the Taliban and Red Cross. Please email me a number to ring you if you’d like to discuss further. Thank you.


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